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April 24, 2016



Tamara House (maiden)




Philadelphia, PA, USA, Earth (Core Reality); Late 21st Century


Human; female


Mental Powers



Energy Projection

Tactical Skill



Power Rating: 1 – 100


Tamara is a strong, educated, independent mother and wife. She has no additional hyper-abilities.


It was a typical day in northern Philadelphia. Tamara Bland sat by the television in the apartment she grew up in, with her eyes glued to the news. She was a ways removed from her luxury condominium in Platinum City, but PC seemed to follow her on this day. She had spent the morning taking her daughters around to see the sites, but she has not been able to escape hearing about her second hometown all morning. Finally, she had decided to run back to her mother’s place where they were visiting, and watch for herself. She and her mother were shocked when they turned on the television, and saw that a zombie apocalypse was indeed ravaging Platinum City!

The villainous super-mummy Sarcophagus was raising the dead and wreaking havoc. Zombies were mauling people, and destruction was everywhere. Fearing for the life of her husband Martin, who had stayed home in Platinum City because of work obligations, Tamara tried to call him. She knew he was in the area of the city that was under attack. He did not answer, however, because he was out on the frontlines, using his hyper-abilities to battle the zombies! Tamara was unaware of Martin’s super-powers, and had no idea that he spent time fighting super-villains under the name “Frequency”. So she began to fear the worst.

HEIGHT: 5’4″
WEIGHT: 139 lbs.
SKIN: Brown
HAIR: Black
EYES: Light brown

She tried dozens of more times. Still, no answer. At that point she was a nervous wreck. She wanted to venture home and find him. However, the entire area of the city was completely quarantined. All Tamara could do was sit back and watch as the PCPF, the National Guard, and a bevy of superheroes fought to regain control. She prayed for her husband’s safety.

After the danger zone in PC was reopened, Tamara returned home, while her kids stayed in Philly with their grandmother. When she arrived at their condo, however, Martin was nowhere to be found. Furthermore, he was still not answering his phone. She immediately went to the area that was previously quarantined, but there was no sign of him, nor was his name on any list of deceased. He had seemingly disappeared. Her fear was starting to overwhelm her, but she did not want to give up hope and continued searching.

Weeks later, however, she still had not found him, or any trace of him. She was sitting on her sofa one night, weeping, while looking at pictures of the two of them together, when suddenly there was a knock on her door. Tamara composed, herself and went to look through the peephole. Whom she saw almost made her faint. It was Martin!

She opened the door, and threw herself in his arms. He hugged her tightly and squeezed as if he would never let go. They kissed and held each other for a few minutes exchanging sentiments, before Tamara asked what happened and where he had been. Martin was finally forced to reveal that he was a hyper-being, and that on the day of the zombie apocalypse, he was one of the heroes out in the streets, fighting to bring Platinum City back to order. He told her how he came across a woman and her children who were cornered by a crowd of zombies. He jumped in and put the creatures down. He then excitedly recounted how he’d met the Hero of Heroes, Captain Noble, who had flown in to assist, and subsequently compliment him on his work. It was a proud moment for him. However, after Captain Noble had flown away, a trio of Platinum City police officers arrived on the scene, and mistakenly thought Martin was harassing the family he had just saved. Realizing how things looked (he was black, and the family was white), he quickly tried to defuse the situation. However, in all the chaos, the officers opened fire and killed him.

Tamara looked dumbfounded. She inquired how he could he have been killed, if he was standing before her. Frequency told his wife that Sarcophagus found him and reanimated his body, turning him into a zombie. He said he felt imprisoned in his brain, as if he were looking through the window of a car someone else was driving. He had no control over any aspect of himself.Sarcophagus made him slaughter the officers who shot him. Tamara’s mind was blown. Everything she heard was impossible to fathom, and she had so many more questions, which Frequency took the time to answer. They spent all night talking, and by the morning Tamara still could not wrap her head around the chain of tragic events, including an incredibly wild story about how he was rescued from an eternity as a zombie. All she knew was that her husband was alive, well and at home. At least for a few more moments…

In the midst of their reunion, someone began banging on their door. A voice yelled it was the PCPF. Tamara was scared, and Frequency was shocked. He asked them what they wanted through a closed door, and they told him he was under arrest for the murder of three PCPF officers. Tamara and Frequency could not believe it. She looked at him with an expression to imply he should use his powers against them. She then grabbed her car keys, insinuating they could flee the city. However, Frequency shook his head no. He knew that would only make her and the kids fugitives, and he did not want that type of life for them. So, he opened the door and surrendered himself.

A few days later, after learning more about the charges against Frequency, Tamara went to seek legal representation for her husband. The prosecution said they had footage of him killing the officers, and intended to have the book thrown at him. He and Tamara argued that 1) the officers attacked him first, 2) they shot him dead, and 3) he was a zombie being possessed by Sarcophagus, and had no control over his actions at the time. The prosecution did not care, though, and said they were going ahead with the charges, with no plea deal on the table. They were seeking a term of life in prison. Thus, with the seriousness and extremely peculiar nature of the charges against Frequency, Tamara knew she needed the best of the best. So, she went straight to the law firm of Greenwood, Archer & Pine (a trio of lawyers who double as the superhero squad known as the The Platinum City Knights: Metro, Black Jag and Night Bird, respectively).

When Tamara walked into the office, however, she saw a huge, imposing man and a teenage girl. It was the super-soldier Lt. Rashard Bonds, and the psionic Nigerian teenager Chineke. They had just returned from Africa, and were talking with Night Bird and Metro about helping a hyper-being in need by the name of Gary Allen. He had been found and captured, after also committing a number of crimes while under the influence of mind control. They were working out a legal course of action to keep him out of prison, as well as a metaphysical course of action to break the mind control over him.

Night Bird and Metro began getting the details of Frequency’s case, while Lt. Bonds and Chineke left to join Black Jag, who was holding Gary Allen at an undisclosed location. The two attorneys were flabbergasted by what they heard, and told Tamara they would represent her husband pro bono. They knew without a doubt she was telling them the truth, as the Knights were there in the heat of battle against Sarcophagus and the zombies.

The lawyers then told Tamara the simple fact the district attorney would even prosecute the case was mind-blowing. It involved a man who was shot down by PCPF officers, after saving innocent lives, then was turned into a zombie by an undead supervillain, before being possessed and forced to kill. As the attorneys went over the facts with Tamara again, though, one key question remained. They needed to know how it was that Frequency was alive and normal, after everything that transpired.

Tamara still didn’t quite understand that herself, however, she sat them down and began to tell them about a special woman Frequency had encountered. Her name was Mictlan….

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