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May 4, 2016

124. TOMO


Tomo Nobunga




New Japan, Platinum City, USA, Earth (Core Reality); Late 21st Century


Human; male


Mental Powers



Energy Projection

Tactical Skill



Power Rating: 1 – 100


Tomo is a master swordsman and extremely skilled in a number of martial arts techniques.


Tomo Nobunga was once a great warrior. He sat near the top of the Iga Clan roster as a team leader and fierce fighter. Very few ninja have as decorated a career as Tomo. He has achieved the unthinkable for his master, the supreme Iga ninja, Danzo, on both solo missions and leading a team. His skill with a sword was magnificent, and his close combat skills were masterful. Often, ninja from other teams would seek Tomo’s tutelage, despite already having a leader. Hence, his team was always the most desired when it came time to be appointed to a group. Other Iga team leaders were envious of his status as well. Male ninja wanted to be him, and female ninja wanted to be with him. That was, until he suffered a catastrophic injury.

HEIGHT: 5’11”
WEIGHT: 187 lbs.
SKIN: Beige
HAIR: Black
EYES: Gray

While on a mission, Tomo faced impossible odds. He had infiltrated an enemy warehouse, sabotaged their entire drug plant by polluting their chemical mixtures, but eventually became trapped. Normally, he would have fought his way out and returned to Danzo’s Temple without a scratch. This time, though, he did not make it out unscathed, as a bullet ripped through a weak spot in his armor, created by chemicals that unknowingly splashed onto him and eroded his protective vest. Feeling himself lose stability in his legs, Tomo channeled his chi and balanced them while fighting his way to freedom. However, after fleeing for a few blocks and expertly camouflaging himself, he lost all functionality in his legs. He signaled his distress beacon and was carried home by rescuing ninja soon after.

From that day forth, Tomo was paralyzed from the waist down. The legendary ninja was confided to a wheelchair, no longer able to serve in the field, or as a team leader. He slipped into depression. His whole identity was built upon being the greatest he could be. But when his team was appointed a new leader, he no longer felt that way. The adulation ceased as well. No longer were other ninja envious. They pitied him now. It was a living hell for Tomo. He even contemplated suicide. That was, until Interface came to his aid.

Noticing his rapid downward spiral, Interface knew something needed to be done to help the former ninja leader. So, she tasked her team of Iga techs to create a set of nodes, capable of emitting a sub-electrical pulse with a very specific range of output. Once they completed their task, Interface designed a software program which enabled the nodes to shock the damaged nerves in Tomo’s lower half back to life temporarily. This would make them strong enough to sustain the electricity firing between the nerves upon the brain’s command to move his leg muscles. The setbacks were, the charge from the nodes only lasted for 8 hours, and they were not able to restore his legs back to the level of functionality he once possessed. Nevertheless, after Interface presented the nodes to Tomo and helped him gain the ability to walk again, the former great ninja was elated.

Soon after, Tomo assumed a teaching role in the Iga Clan. He taught ninja trainees the art of the sword. The nodes on his legs enabled him to not only instruct his pupils, but to also demonstrate and engage in sparring. It was not long before ninjas were clamoring to be his students once more. Tomo felt like himself again, and reveled in being able to contribute to his clan. Yet, deep down inside he yearned to return to live action in the field, even though he knew it was not an option. Alas, it was during one of his classes that live action came to him.

The doors to the Iga Clan training facilities deep within the Temple opened, catching the attention of Tomo and the members of his elite swordsman class. Then, the samurai superhero, Musashi and his protégé, Yoshi entered. Tomo could not believe his eyes. His pupils were shocked as well. There was a moment of tension-filled silence as the two sides stared at one another. Tomo told Musashi he made a mortal mistake finding himself lost inside his classroom, as the samurai’s presence was deemed an act of war. Thus, Tomo and his students all brandished their lethal katanas and prepared to engage.

Musashi and Yoshi did not have time to explain. The samurais both pressed a button located on their belt buckles. Instantly, an energy force-field spread between a series of nodes they had placed on their attire; they were located in their cuffs, collars and shoes. The samurais’ entire bodies were protected. Next, they each pressed a button on their watches, which was linked to a bracelet on their other wrist. Yoshi’s hands were equipped with energy nunchaku, and Musashi was armed with dual samurai katanas. They were ready for battle.

Tomo instructed his students to fan out and surround the samurai. As they did, Musashi clashed his energy katanas together, signaling to Yoshi he was ready. Yoshi banged the handles on her nunchaku, returning the sentiment. Both sides were anxious to pounce, and on edge. Fortunately, Nana, the Iga Clan ninja member who had escorted Musashi to the temple, had caught up and arrived just in time!

As she walked through the door, she was alarmed at the scene. The ninja leader was followed by her own protégé, Chiyo, and Lt. Rashard Bonds, both of which were also caught off-guard. When Tomo saw Nana, he relaxed a bit and asked her what she was doing with their blood-sworn enemies. She replied she was taking them to see Danzo. Tomo did not like her answer, and neither did his students. They remained in position, not willing to let Nana and the group pass. That was when she pulled rank as team leader over the instructor, something she did not want to do out of respect for Tomo. However, she had no choice. Slightly embarrassed, Tomo knew he had to comply or potentially face punishment from Danzo himself. So, he instructed his students to lower their weapons and part.

Musashi and Yoshi kept their force fields up and weapons in hand as they walked through the crowd. Meanwhile, Nana expressed her great displeasure with the samurais, as a condition of them being able to enter the Temple was forfeiting their weapons. Musashi replied she was crazy to think he and his protégé would go deep into the heart of their enemy’s compound without being armed. Lou told them to disable their force fields and energy weapons once they cleared the crowd, which they did, and Tomo watched with incredulity as the group continued on through Danzo’s Temple to meet with the Iga grandmaster.

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