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June 1, 2016



Emerald Boyce


Bajan Emerald


Bridgetown, Barbados, Earth (Core Reality); Mid-21st century


Human; female


Mental Powers



Energy Projection

Tactical Skill



Power Rating: 1 – 100


Emerald has mastered the magical powers of Obeah, which is a West African religion very similar to voodoo.


Emerald was born and raised in Bridgetown, the capital of Barbados. Her family was a large one, as she was the fourth of twelve children. Her father worked as a field hand and a farmer, while her mother stayed home with the kids. Life was tough, as they didn’t have much. Food, clothes and resources were scarce. So, when Emerald turned 18, she decided to escape her cluttered life, and ran off to live with her boyfriend.

HEIGHT: 5’2″
WEIGHT: 114 lbs.
SKIN: Brown
HAIR: Black
EYES: Emerald green

She moved in with him right away, in a house he shared with two of his friends. All of them were hustlers and lived the fast life. They had money to spend, and loved drinking. As such, for a while Emerald was finally able to party and go crazy, like an average teenager. However, the party was short lived, as her boyfriend expected her to wait on him and his friends constantly, by cooking, cleaning, doing the laundry, etc. She refused, saying that she helped her mother toil over her entire family for years, and she was done with being a slave, doing mundane housework. This caused a fight between them, and her boyfriend became physical with her. She fled the house, and ran back home to her family, sobbing to her parents about what happened. However, they refused to take her back. They had pleaded with her to stay before but she still ran away, so now they expected her to make it on her own.

Emerald was dejected, and filled with sorrow. She retreated from Bridgetown out of shame, and looked to move to a different city to find work. On her way to the next town she came across a small house in a secluded area. Starving and dehydrated, she knocked on the door, and asked for help. A tiny old woman named Zwena answered, and let her in. She fed Emerald and gave her as much clean water as she could drink. Emerald was extremely grateful, and the woman even offered her a bed to rest on as well, which she gladly accepted.

That night the two talked for hours. When Zwena heard Emerald’s story, she grew very interested, as the girl expressed her pent up rage towards her ex-boyfriend and parents. The woman then showed Emerald something astonishing. She closed all the window drapes, and began conjuring spirits and casting spells. Emerald was terrified at first, as Obeah – very similar to voodoo magick – was highly frowned upon in Barbados. However, the woman explained that she had the power to use the spirits and spells however she desired; that it could be used for good, evil, and other things, like protection. It liberated her from being controlled or hurt by anyone. That was when the idea to seek revenge crept into Emerald’s mind. She was young and emotional, and Zwena knew this, smiling as she sensed the wicked notions overcoming the girl. The Obeah priestess was a dark practitioner of the religion and had lured Emerald in, feeding her hopes of revenge. Thus, Emerald decided to live with Zwena and become her apprentice.

For years they practiced the dark art together. Emerald took to it naturally, and at the age of 24 she became a full-fledged priestess herself. Emerald grew very powerful in her skills, and the two wreaked havoc on the island of Barbados for years. The more evil Emerald did, the more tainted she became by the darkness of Obeah. However, not all love was extinguished from her, as one day Zwena fell very ill and weak. She was dying rapidly from an unknown ailment, and as she laid on her deathbed, Emerald desperately sought a cure to save the mentor she loved like a mother. During her training she had discovered the power of certain spirits to cause and cure certain illnesses and conditions, and so she began conjuring up a variety of spiritual entities. That was when the Demon King Oriens came to her. He said he would spare Zwena’s life if Emerald became his devoted servant. She immediately agreed. However, she had to prove her loyalty to him by offering a great sacrifice. Emerald was commanded to kill her ex-boyfriend, his friends, and her parents.

At first she struggled to decide, as loving memories of her family rushed through her mind. She remembered many good times with her ex-boyfriend, too. Nevertheless, the beating he gave her, and the emotional scars of abandonment she suffered from her parents overruled the good, and she ultimately gave in. Emerald felt the only person who loved her in the world was Zwena, and she had to save her. So, Emerald placed the necessary talismans around her in order, and drew a magick symbol of death on the floor, enacting a murderous ritual. Then she took a frog she gathered from outside, and slit its belly open. With the pool of blood, Emerald wrote the names of her victims in the death symbol, while reciting a curse. When she was finished, her ex-boyfriend, his friends, and her parents all dropped dead where they stood. Oriens had his new servant.

Mere moments later the demon king revived Zwena, much to the delight of Emerald. However, their reunion was short-lived, as he told his new servant she had to move to Platinum City in the USA as her first act of servitude. This saddened Emerald, but she knew the cost had to be paid, since Zwena was saved. The two said their goodbyes, and Emerald left for the US.

With little money she settled in the King Projects of Platinum City, as directed by Oriens. There she helped prepare for his incarnation, as part of the Age of Serpents prophecy. After meeting Andre Leonard many years later, she helped initiate Oriens’ possession of him, in order to take advantage of the ghost orphan Antonious Braccus, who already inhabited Andre’s body. Together they reigned terror over the King Projects, eventually and ultimately clashing in a massive turf war with respected drug lord Spliff and his hyper-powered crew. Bajan, Andre, the spirits that inhabited him, and his crew were on the verge of taking sole control of the narcotics trade in that section of Platinum City. However, Seraph Solomon arrived with Veil warriors Peter and Valerie Philadelphia, to annihilate the ghost orphan army Oriens had built while possessing Andre. An exorcism ensued, during which Emerald was crippled and crushed by the holy power of Solomon. She grew terrified, as she had never experienced any magick greater than that of her own or Oriens’s. So she fled immediately to save her own life, leaving Oriens to fight by himself.

Emerald did not return home. Instead, she fled directly back to Barbados to seek out Zwena. She needed to know how such a holy power like Solomon’s could exist in this world, and how to protect herself from it. However, upon Emerald’s arrival at her mentor’s small house she entered to a frightful sight. Before the demon king was exorcised by Solomon, he had stripped Zwena of the life he gave her, in revenge for Emerald failing him and fleeing. The woman was not dead, but a living dead, and before Emerald knew it, Cursed Zwena attacked!

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