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June 4, 2016



Bath Kohl


Angel of Prophecy; Voice of God




Celestial Angel; Female human form on Earth


Mental Powers



Energy Projection

Tactical Skill



Power Rating: 1 – 100


Bath has massive spiritual powers derived from Heaven; though when on Earth in human form, her powers are greatly diminished.


In the earliest moments of time without definition, as God reigned supreme over all things inconceivable to the human mind, angels were created. Filled was the hierarchy of celestial beings, made for an innumerable amount of purposes whose nature was only known to the Creator. They praised the Lord, as the one true reality encompassing all space and time was masterfully constructed.

Amidst this moment of glory, our world was formed, and the wheels were set in motion which would eventually produce the modern day. As we came to be, God appointed specific angels to oversee certain aspects of reality. Some were to intervene in our lives, and some were meant to solely exist in Heaven. It was the former who were ordained for a greater responsibility. These angels were to be an extension of the Lord, and appear and exist in our world when ordered by their Creator, or when called upon by worthy and/or anointed beings. They are the the Voice of God, and their ordained duty is to speak the Lord’s will, and know all things of all time: prophecies and revelations. One of these angels is Bath Kohl.

HEIGHT: 5’5″
WEIGHT: 119 lbs.
SKIN: White
HAIR: Brown
EYES: Green

In the aftermath of an epic battle at St. Peter’s Cathedral in Platinum City – in which Seraph Solomon, along with Disa Philadelphia and other Veil hunters, eventually defeated an army of ghost-orphan-possessed priests led by the sinister Bishop Cornelius A. Grippa, who himself had been possessed by the ghost orphan Semi Phoras, and the demon king Paimon – the lethally dangerous renegade ghost orphan, Virginia Ice had resurfaced.

The victory over Bishop Grippa had effectively ended the threat of the Age of Serpents, and prevented the prophecy bringing about the end of days, however, Seraph Solomon’s spirit had not yet been called away. Normally, after his service is done in our world, Solomon’s spirit ascends to Heaven, while ushering the soul of the individual he inhabited to a special place in everlasting paradise. Thus, the fact he remained in the cathedral meant something else was amiss. Furthermore, the presence of Virginia Ice was an extremely ominous omen.

Seraph Solomon, Disa Philadelphia and the other members of the Veil regrouped at a secret penthouse base atop a skyscraper not far from Platinum City University. There, Solomon explained the dangerous significance of his own continued existence in the natural world, and they all began to speculate what it could all mean. Peter Philadelphia then reminded them all of the Seven Week Walk that was currently taking place at Platinum City University, in which thousands of ghost-orphan-possessed humans were marching around the Central Administration Complex of the school. It had been sparked by an ominous prophecy by a young ghost orphan, who claimed that after seven weeks of silent marching, the ghost orphans would watch as the walls of Platinum City University fell. That was significant, because the Veil’s main base of operations for years had resided in the facilities of the school. And with the Veil being the main threat to ghost orphans, it would be a significant blow.
At this point, they were midway through the seventh week.

Solomon surmised another great demon must be coming forth – as he did not detect a current demonic presence – and that was why he was still present. Another great battle seemed to be on the horizon involving Hell’s royalty, ghost orphans, Solomon and The Veil. The seraph was determined to get ahead of their enemies this time, as opposed to being reactive to their every move. Alas, help needed to be called in.

Solomon told The Veil members to step back and give him adequate space. They did so, and once clear, the seraph’s body elevated in the air, and exploded into a ball of light. At first it was blinding, but after a few moments The Veil gazed upon Solomon in his true angelic form. His wings spanned thirty feet, his height grew to nine feet, his physique grew massively in proportion, and he donned white armor, as his skin was absent of pigment while beaming in an array of semi-transparent whites, blues, silvers and golds. His spirit pulsated as his celestial body hovered above them, and The Veil members looked on in absolute amazement. It was a defining moment for them, as their entire lives were dedicated to liberating spirits to Heaven. It was not until that day they were actually able to witness Heaven’s existence in a tangible way. After a few more moments, Solomon returned to his human form and descended back to the floor.

Disa inquired what happened, and Solomon explained he needed to access a reservoir of Heavenly power only available to him in his natural state; he was certain the battle ahead was going to take an immense amount of holy spiritual energy. Also, while he was recharging, he requested the help of a higher angel to provide them with the information they seek. This angel was Bath Kohl, also known as the Voice of God, and the Angel of Prophecy. If anyone could communicate what the future held for them with Virginia Ice’s plan, it was Bath. The seraph told them they needed to hurry, because the angel’s time on Earth was extremely temporary, and just as the presence of demons taking human form triggered Solomon’s return to hunt them down, an angel taking human form triggered Hell’s warriors to come to Earth, and kill the angel.

Disa commanded the other Veil members to return to Platinum City University in order to regroup while Peter and Valerie accompanied her and Solomon to find Bath Kohl. The Seraph asked Disa to lead him to a set of tunnels beneath the city. The Veil leader then turned to her daughter, Valerie Philadelphia, as she was more familiar with the underground then any of the other hunters.

Once they had navigated through the initial maze of tunnels and passageways, Solomon was able to take the lead, as he tracked down Bath following her spiritual signature. She was a slight distance away, so the seraph told Disa, Valerie and Peter they needed to run to find her before the spiritual signature dissipated. Thus, they began sprinting through the tunnels. When they were about a minute out, Solomon sensed another spiritual presence. It was demon hunters looking for Bath! The seraph told The Veil members they had no time to waste – they had to run faster! When they arrived, they found Bath hiding behind a huge boulder. She was safe, but the demons were only a few minutes away.

The Veil hunters thought they were going to see another angel upon their arrival, similar to what they witnessed at the penthouse. However, Bath had inhabited a human body; that of a woman. She seemed anything but majestic and ethereal. She was simple; ordinary; underwhelming, even. But she was also immediately relieved to see them, stating she knew she’d only be able to hold off the demon hunters for a short time once they found her.

Peter was perplexed, and asked why she would fear her enemies when she was a higher angel. Bath explained that her powers were greatly muted once in human form; she could only slightly increase her host body’s physical prowess, and her holy spiritual energy immediately began subsiding the moment she came to Earth. It went from God-like levels to nearly nothing over the course of her stay, and her clock was winding down quickly. She further explained her transference to our world was unlike Solomon’s, since her stay was only ever meant to be extremely short. Furthermore, unlike when Solomon exorcises demons and sends them to Hell, demon hunters seek to capture angels and return them to the underworld for an eternity of torture, as opposed to sending them back to Heaven. This makes the risk much greater for angels to visit.

Solomon hurriedly asked Bath what was keeping him tied to his fleshly existence. She answered that a demon greater than all others in Hell, with the exception of the Fallen One, was preparing to incarnate himself into human form. The Age of Serpents prophecy was prevented, but the overlord of demons still planned on beginning the end of days by joining with the most powerful ghost orphan, Virginia Ice. Together, they would command the forces of Hell, the reapers, and all the ghost orphans. Disa and Peter immediately realized that this could be what the Seven Week Walk was leading to!

Bath insisted they had to be stopped, or the universe, and everything in it would be overrun with evil. Solomon processed her information, and said it finally made sense why Virginia Ice was at Walter Tubbs‘ house when they arrived to exorcise Egyn, and was again present at the cathedral after they defeated Paimon, Semi Phoras and the ghost orphan priests. However, before they could get any more information, the demon hunters swooped down upon them!

The prize of capturing the higher angel of God’s voice was beyond rare, so Hell sent a massive force to do so. The angels and Veil hunters would not last a minute with the sizable demon army charging for them, so with only a few feet of space, Solomon raised his ring, and blasted holy energy towards their attackers. The first wave of demons was incinerated, and their evil spirits were sent back to Hell. Alas, the maneuver only bought a few more moments, as multiple waves of demon hunters followed behind the first. Bath informed Solomon, Disa, Peter and Valerie how to find Virginia Ice. Then she looked at the Veil hunters with intent, and told them to hold on tight to one another as the fight would continue, before transporting her spirit, and that of the woman she inhabited, back to the safety of Heaven.

The event created a ripple of holy spiritual energy, which leveled the next wave of demon hunters. More precious seconds were bought, but the next wave was already rapidly approaching. The Veil hunters all wondered what Bath meant with her specific message for them, but could not stick around to figure it out. Solomon grabbed Peter and Valerie, and told Disa to grab on. They complied, and in an instant the seraph teleported them to safety at The Veil headquarters in Platinum City University.

The other elder Veil hunters were waiting for them when they arrived. Disa looked around at the wondering and war-weary faces in the room. She knew the words of Bath Kohl would not bring any of them the comfort they needed at the time. But those words were the key to everything that had happened, and everything that was about to happen. So with only three days left until the end of the Seven Week Walk, Disa and Solomon began laying out the plan to bring Virginia Ice and the ghost orphans to heel, and in turn, stop the coming of the apocalypse.

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