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June 11, 2016



Daichi Matsuzaki


The Shogun


Tokyo, Japan, Earth (Core Reality); Mid-21st century


Human; male


Mental Powers



Energy Projection

Tactical Skill



Power Rating: 1 – 100


Daichi has no natural hyper-abilities, but he is very intelligent, a great tactician and a criminal mastermind. He is also a master of the Aikido and Bushido fighting techniques.


Daichi Matsuzaki was born in the heart of Tokyo, Japan. His father was the former leader of the Matsuzaki Clan – the most powerful Yakuza family in existence. Daichi is the eldest of eight siblings, all of whom are involved in the family business. He is the criminal mastermind behind the empire, and after a few years at the helm following the passing of his father, Daichi expanded the Matsuzaki Clan’s reach to New Japan in Platinum City.

Daichi rules his Yakuza empire with an iron fist. He is ruthless, having been raised in the old, traditional ways of Japan. He believes in absolute order with an uncompromising resolve. As such, he demands unwavering loyalty to his command. Any instance of insubordination or weakness is met swiftly with his wrath. Daichi had been trained in Bushido – the way of the samurai – ever since he was a child. His skills with a sword are masterful, and he is also trained in the martial art of Aikido. These two facts help enforce his ruthlessness, as he will not hesitate to behead a Yakuza member who has failed him. He has also challenged and defeated other Yakuza family leaders in fights to the death, resulting in the Matsuzaki Clan absorbing all of the forces, lands, businesses and resources of the defeated. This led him to becoming known as The Shogun. The other families still have their own leaders and operate their own businesses, but they all give a percentage of their earnings to the Matsuzaki, as well as follow all of Daichi’s orders.

HEIGHT: 6’1″
WEIGHT: 182 lbs.
SKIN: Light tan
HAIR: Black
EYES: Brown

This is not the first time the Matsuzaki Clan has organized the Japanese criminal organizations. Many centuries ago, one of Daichi’s ancestors , who sat at the helm of the Matsuzaki Clan, joined the Yakuza families against one common enemy: the Iga Clan. The Yakuza targeted the entire network of ninjas, resulting in the near extinction of the Iga. Only two ninja escaped alive. They were Danzo – the Iga Clan grandmaster, who fought his way to freedom – and the father of the Iga Clan hacker, Interface, who used cunning to escape. Thus, the elimination of the Iga’s presence allowed the Yakuza to flourish for ages.

Danzo did not give up, though. Once he established himself in the New Japan section of Platinum City, he slowly rebuilt the Iga Clan empire, through Danzo’s Temple and the recruitment of orphaned and lost Japanese kids. By the time the Yakuza families realized this, it was too late. The Iga had grown large in numbers, and were powerful once again. Danzo never forgot the Matsuzaki Clan’s act of war, either, which meant the two sides remained enemies. Alas, when Danzo discovered Daichi was behind a series of evil plots to kill city council members on behalf of Edgar Lockhart, he immediately declared war on the Matsuzaki Clan, and any other Yakuza families that got in their way.

This topic of discussion just so happened to arise one night, when Lt. Rashard Bonds showed up to Danzo’s Temple, alongside the samurai superhero Musashi and his protégé, Yoshi. They were escorted by Iga team leader, Nana and her protégé, Chiyo. After a near-battle with Iga swordmaster Tomo and his elite swordsman class, everyone was a bit on edge. They all cleared their heads, though, for they were about to be in the presence of the grandmaster.

When Nana arrived with her guests, Danzo’s most trusted ninja, Interface, received them. A thorough explanation of how the parties came to be together through a series of events that included a prophecy from the Zhibdean monk, Hosho, as well as a visit to Tylda Durden’s Underground Fighting League, took place before Interface relieved Nana and Chiyo back to the training facility. After that, the ninja took Lou and the two samurais to meet Danzo.

As they entered Danzo’s chambers, the guests were amazed at the sight of the Iga grandmaster. They knew he was hundreds of years old, but he stood before them, looking fresh, and in phenomenal shape. His chi emanated from his body, which was noticeably felt by Lou, Musashi and Yoshi. His eyes froze them in their tracks, as he assessed their intentions through a mere gaze. Then, after a few moments, Interface rose from bowing to her master, and filled Danzo in on the recent events that had led to this very pivotal moment.

When the grandmaster learned of Hosho’s dark prophecy, he was taken aback by the emergence of the Zhibdean monks. It was as serious as an omen could be. Thus, Danzo expressed his understanding of Lou’s mission to form a team of superheroes to prepare for what was coming. He also relayed his desire to see Edgar Lockhart brought down, as Edgar secretly oversaw all the criminal organizations in Platinum City, including that of the Iga’s eternal enemies in the Matsuzaki Clan. The only problem was, the Iga’s resources and members were primarily focused on their war with Daichi and the Yakuza. The ninja would have to resolve a vital issue first, before they could even begin thinking of pledging any allegiance with the super soldier and his team. Additionally, Danzo had recently learned of the return of Virginia Ice and the ancient lost souls known as ghost orphans, and for the next few weeks he would also be preoccupied with backing up Disa Philadelphia and the Veil, in order to keep the orphans from once again gaining a solid foothold on the world.

Lou understood, as did Musashi. The samurai had been fighting against the Yakuza for years, in an attempt to make New Japan safe. He told Danzo that despite their checkered past together, the enemy of their enemy was their friend. Musashi gave Danzo and the Iga his sword in service, if it meant helping take down Daichi and the Yakuza, and allowed the Iga to join their team in return. Yoshi followed the lead of her master and did the same. Danzo thanked the samurai for their pledge, and replied if they were to help with a pressing mission of the utmost urgency and importance, the Iga would immediately return the favor.

Lou, who also agreed to join in the fight, inquired how they could help.Interface then explained how someone had gained knowledge of the Iga Clan’s secrets. This individual knew Danzo’s Temple housed the ninjas’ base of operations, the layout of the entire place, how many of them there were, all of their plans, everything. The person was going to sell the secrets to Daichi and the Italian mafia the next night. The transaction had to be stopped, and the secrets needed to be recovered.

Next, Lou asked what the Italians had to do with anything. Danzo explained Daichi had his men pose as ninja and attack New Italy, in order to trick the mafia families into joining the Yakuza’s fight against the Iga. Knowing the incredible size of the combined Yakuza and mafia forces, Lou queried Danzo how they intended on completing their seemingly impossible mission, and that was when the ninja master Faceless entered. Interface told them her counterpart was going to infiltrate the sight of the meeting where the transaction was set to take place, and that they could help him in stopping the transaction and retrieving the secrets. Lou, Musashi and Yoshi agreed, and began going over the plan, before gathering their weapons and tools and heading out with Faceless.

Meanwhile, Daichi continued to gather his forces and prepare his troops, to protect the informant who had the information he would need to bring the Iga Clan down once and for all. It was about to be a very wild night.

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