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June 13, 2016



Vincenzo Brigante


Jupiter; Dolore


Naples, Italy, Earth (Core Reality); Late 21st century


Hyper-human; male


Mental Powers



Energy Projection

Tactical Skill



Power Rating: 1 – 100


Brigante possesses extreme hyper strength and incredible durability. He also has enhanced speed and agility. His weapon of choice is a pair of customized 9mm handguns.


Vincenzo “Jupiter” Brigante is the head bodyguard and hitman for the Bandoni Family, which heads up the Italian mafia conglomerate. Like Luca Bandoni, he was born in Naples, Italy, where he rose to notoriety as a bruising, crushing enforcer-for-hire. Little is known about his childhood, except that he was always taller, bigger and stronger than his peers. It was when he was about 14 years old that he began working for a small-time boss in the Bandoni Family. They brought him on to enforce for them, after witnessing him routinely beat grown men in bare-knuckle boxing matches. The mob boss gave him the alias “Dolore”, which means “pain” in Italian. His friends continued to call him Brigante, though, and the only people who were allowed to call him Vincenzo, or any variation of that, were the women he loved. Anyone else who called him that had their teeth knocked out, and the bones underneath their gums shattered.

HEIGHT: 6’10”
WEIGHT: 361 lbs.
SKIN: Cream white
HAIR: Black
EYES: Brown

By the time he was 19, Brigante had moved up the ranks, and began working as a bodyguard for Luca. No longer working for the small-town leader, his name traveled far and wide, as tales of his physical and tactical prowess became legendary. One of the most well-known stories was the time he thwarted an assassination attempt on his boss. This was not the first time someone had tried to the kill the Godfather of All Godfathers, and it wouldn’t be the last. But it was the first time Brigante’s hyper abilities were revealed.

A man named Lorenzo Marinaro had lost his business to Luca. It was an import/export operation that had been in his family for generations, and he’d believed he had been cheated out of it. So, one night Lorenzo ran into Luca’s favorite restaurant while the boss was dining, and opened fire with a tommy gun! Brigante leapt over Luca and shielded him. A dozen bullets tore through tables and ripped into Brigante’s body. Nevertheless, when Lorenzo ran out of ammunition, Brigante stood and charged right at him, lifting him by his neck, and launching him through the bulletproof glass window at the front of the restaurant. Lorenzo hit the street, and died on impact.

Luca stood up to see Brigante standing in the midst of the shattered window, breathing heavily, overcome with rage, while blood oozed out of the twelve wounds in his back from bullets meant for the godfather. He was flabbergasted, for even after Brigante’s adrenaline subsided, he remained in decent health. From that moment on, his legend grew even more, as many believed he was immortal. They said he was the reincarnation of the master of the ancient Roman gods. Henceforth, Luca replaced Brigante’s alias of Dolore with “Jupiter.”

For years, Brigante struck fear into the hearts of other mafia families and civilians alike. Along with being cold-hearted and fiercely loyal, he possessed mega strength and durability. Before long, the Bandoni family had gained considerable power in Italy and the US. When it came to conquering New Italy in Platinum City, however, it would take more than a few guns to ensure their success against the already established Italian mafia families there.

That meant Luca would have to go to New Italy himself. Naturally, he brought Brigante with him. For years, they engaged in warfare with the other mafia families. Blood flooded the streets, and the body count rose. At times, it seemed like the Bandoni Family was facing defeat, but Brigante routinely came through, achieving key victories with his forces in overtaking territories to gain his boss strategic leverage, which was desperately needed. The Bandoni Family name, meaning “sheet of iron”, began rising through Platinum City as the top mafia organization. The only thing left before Luca would have the most powerful mafia in Platinum City, was to eliminate the few remaining bosses.

However, with the years of war, the other godfathers went into hiding, and were virtually impossible to reach. That was when Luca turned to his new associate, Edgar Lockhart, to discover the locations of the mob bosses. Edgar used his telepathic powers and his considerable resources to find the remaining godfathers. Then, Brigante coordinated a simultaneous attack on them, to ensure none of the hiding bosses would hear of the assassinations and try to flee. After they were all dead, Luca became the most powerful godfather in Platinum City. He also became the head of the Italian mafia conglomerate in Edgar’s burgeoning crime syndicate. Consequently, Brigante grew into one of the deadliest men in the world. And as such, he made sure he was always at Luca’s side in case a threat emerged – such as the time when the heroes Lt. Rashard Bonds, Musashi and Faceless arrived to stop a very lucrative transaction from taking place. Apparently, Luca, and Yakuza head Daichi Matsuzaki, were prepared to pay a mysterious informant millions of dollars for information that would lead to the demise of one of their greatest threats, the Iga Ninja Clan.

The heroes immediately jumped into action, and came face to face with Brigante! Lou and Musashi engaged the brutal hyper-being; Luca and Daichi fled in one direction, and the informant in the other. The ninja Faceless decided to go after the informant, for he still had the compromising information with him.

The other heroes, however, would have to get past Jupiter. Lou and Musashi used their advanced combat skills, and worked together perfectly to attack their giant enemy. The super soldier sent thunderous punches at him, while the samurai assaulted him with a vicious onslaught of kicks. Brigante blocked as many strikes as he could, but the heroes’ superior speed and training saw many attacks creep through his guard to cause damage. The heroes hit harder than any opponent Brigante had ever faced, and he felt every blow. This enraged the mobster, and after a while of the heroes dominating the fight, Brigante unleashed the full extent of his fury!

The Italian monster ran through numerous strikes from Lou, and landed a punch that caved the soldier’s chest in, and sent him flying back. Musashi ran up and kicked Brigante in the back of his leg, dropping him to one knee. The samurai then launched multiple kicks at the mobster’s head. The first three landed, but the fourth saw Brigante catching Musashi’s leg, and tossing him clear across the room into the wall. The monster stood up, shook his head to gather himself, and then ran at Lou. The soldier jumped out of the way as Brigante charged, but was met by a spinning backhand. Lou blocked it, but the strength of the strike made him stumble. Brigante followed up with more punches, all of which rocked Lou’s guard. This forced the soldier to jump and kick Brigante in the chest with both legs. Once he created some space, he pulled out his guns and began firing multiple rounds. The mobster turned to use his back to shield himself, as the bullets tore through his body. He was not weakened, though.

Musashi then unsheathed his sword, and began slicing Brigante to shreds, before impaling his katana in Brigante’s stomach. The sword went all the way into the mobster’s body, with the edge of the blade protruding from the backside of Brigante. Lou stopped and looked on, as Musashi jumped and kicked the hilt for good measure, further impaling Brigante. The heroes stood and watched, as they expected their enemy to fall dead. That, however did not happen.

Brigante breathed heavily, as he slowly pulled Musashi’s sword from his body. In anger, he snapped it in half, then took a moment to gather himself. Musashi and Lou were beyond shocked. If bullets and driving a sword through him didn’t kill Brigante, they didn’t know what could. That was when reinforcements from both the Bandoni Family and the Matsuzaki Family arrived. They unleashed a barrage of bullets, forcing Lou and Musashi to run for cover. The giant mobster seethed with fury as the heroes retreated. Knowing he could not catch them, Brigante hopped in a car, and rode off to meet with Luca and seek medical attention.

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