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June 15, 2016



Raphael Grasso




Naples, Italy, Earth (Core Reality); Mid-21st century


Human; male


Mental Powers



Energy Projection

Tactical Skill



Power Rating: 1 – 100


Raphael has no hyper-abilities. He is very intelligent.


Raphael Grasso was in the life of the Godfather of Godfathers, Luca Bandoni, since he was born. He helped raise Luca and all his brothers and sisters, and was a close friend to his parents. Raphael was born and raised in Naples as well, and the Grasso Family went back with the Bandoni Family many decades. He loved them as if they were his own.

HEIGHT: 5’7″
WEIGHT: 229 lbs.
SKIN: White
HAIR: Brown
EYES: Blue

From the early days when he was simply a tutor for Charlie, Luca’s older brother, and Luca himself, until he became the consigliere, Raphael dedicated himself to making sure the Bandoni’s always received what they needed. Whether it was educating the kids, or organizing the day-to-day operations of the Bandoni enterprise, Raphael excelled in his role. It was for this reason Luca relied on him heavily after the assassination of his father and Charlie, leaving him to take over the family business.

When the time came for aggressive expansion into Platinum City, after conquering the old country, Luca made sure he brought Raphael with him. While getting settled in, the consigliere was key in making sure all of Luca’s needs and requests were met. He oversaw the building of Luca’s mansion in New Italy, and made sure the security specifications were exactly to the godfather’s details. He also ordered all the vehicles and weapons for the family, helped the godfather’s little brother, Anthony relocate to handle the family’s finances, as well as helping with the relocation of the rest of Luca’s forces.

This seamless transition facilitated by Raphael, along with his invaluable counsel, was instrumental in the dominance of Luca and the Bandoni Family over the existing mafias in Platinum City. And after they obtained a firm grip on the territory and all the mob business, Raphael began helping Luca navigate the relationship with Edgar Lockhart during the process of transitioning into his global consortium. All in all, Raphael’s expertise as consigliere was essential to Luca’s success.

Thus, when a situation arose during Luca’s meeting with Yakuza boss Daichi Matsuzaki and the informant known as “Confidential”, Luca made a call to Raphael to help organize extraction for his top bodyguard, Jupiter Brigante. As a trio of heroes, Lt. Rashard Bonds, Musashi and the Iga Clan ninja Faceless, arrived on the scene, it was Brigante who engaged the do-gooders in battles while his boss escaped.

Luca’s expert driver Johnny Flash was sent in to extract Brigante from the fray, and Raphael coordinated the subsequent rendezvous. The consigliere next took some men to pick up Theresa Bandoni, Luca’s little sister, who also happened to be an incredibly talented surgeon, and traveled to one of the Bandoni Family’s underground medical facilities to prepare for the arrival of Brigante, who’d been injured during his battle against Bonds and Musashi. Raphael expertly and seamlessly orchestrated the pick-ups and drop-offs and not a single call could be traced, tapped, or wired. As always, his work was a thing of beauty.

Jupiter was ushered inside the Bandoni medical facility by Johnny and some bodyguards, while Theresa and a team of nurses prepped to remove the bullets and shrapnel from the monstrous enforcer, before sewing him back together. Brigante’s hyper-human healing ability greatly aided the process.

Meanwhile, Raphael continued to make phone calls to locate any of their men who were arrested, and subsequently dispatch their legal teams to get them out of jail. He also organized a complete sweep of the meeting place where everything went down, to eliminate as much evidence as possible by having dirty cops and detectives on the Bandoni payroll corrupt and alter the crime scene.

Furthermore, Raphael began contacting informants throughout Platinum City to try and get a lead on the files “Confidential” was supposed to sell them. What he found out was intel suggesting that Edgar Lockhart had suffered a security breach of his top secret business and personal files, which could potentially expose the Bandoni Family. Therefore, Raphael instructed Johnny Flash to escort Jupiter back to the Bandoni mansion, as soon as he was done getting patched up. They would need to meet with Luca to discuss their plan of action…

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