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June 25, 2016

176. HARIS






Planet Tromokrate; Skotadi System (Core Reality); Mid-19th century


Tromokratesian; male


Mental Powers



Energy Projection

Tactical Skill



Power Rating: 1 – 100


Haris possesses enhanced strength, speed, agility and durability, and is trained in hand-to-hand and weapons combat. He is an expert with a pair of specialized, long, purple-black energy whips with metal handles.


Tromokratesians are bred warriors. Their entire culture is built on strength, dominance and conquest. The most powerful ascend the ranks, while the weak are left down in the lower caste of society. From a very young age, they are taught to fight and handle weaponry. Combat is second nature to them. Along with their naturally bigger physiques and advanced athleticism, this makes their race one of the most formidable and elite in all of the universe. Anyone would be hard-pressed to find a race clearly above the Tromokratesians in these aspects. Furthermore, their technology is incredibly advanced. Shortly after mastering the tech needed for interstellar travel and warfare, they began conquering and assimilating many other alien races into their empire, taking everything that advanced the Tromokratesian existence, and discarding all else. Thus, they started greatly developing their technological prowess by learning from other alien races they conquered.

All of these things were embodied by no Tromokratesian better, than their unquestioned leader, Emperor Kako. He was pure Tromokratesian, as he came from a long line of warrior legends, and surpassed them all in feats and prowess. He was also incredibly intelligent, and had a vast knowledge of the universe, and all the technology in it. Therefore, he accepted nothing but success from those under his command. If anyone fell short of the mark, they had a great price to pay for it, for Emperor Kako did not tolerate failure. Doing so typically meant death. On a rare occasion, though, he would spare those who had proved to be a valuable asset to the empire. Such was the case with Haris.

HEIGHT: 6’4″
WEIGHT: 254 lbs.
SKIN: Pitch black
HAIR: Stark white
EYES: White

Tromokrates ruled the planet of Siopi, in the Monaxia System, for generations. They enslaved the native people there, and forced them to mine their planet, so the Tromokratesian empire could benefit from the natural resources unique to the planet. This, however, came to an end after a legendary revolution. Haris was one of three lieutenants Emperor Kako appointed to run the planet. Naturally, when the Tromokratesians were overthrown, the responsibility landed squarely on Haris and his two cohorts. They did not receive the death penalty, though, for their contribution to the empire had been extensive. Each owned very impressive military records, overseeing numerous planetary conquests, along with three of the highest kill counts in all of the Tromokratesian Empirical Forces. It would have been a waste to eliminate such great assets. However, their failure could not go unpunished. Thus, Emperor Kako forced them into a position of servitude under an alien ally.

This was an enormous disgrace to warriors of their caliber. However, the disgrace of failure – especially the size of the blunder in losing Siopi – was even worse. Haris was to redeem himself through service and humility. After which he would be appointed into the lower ranks of the Tromokratesian Empirical Forces, with the chance to work his way back up the tiers. First, though, he had to go work for a human by the name of Ramses “The Pharaoh” Hondo.

Ramses was the only human to ever make contact with the Tromokratesians after untold ages, by deciphering the alien language, and activating an ancient communication device. He was welcomed with open arms by Emperor Kako, after being thoroughly vetted and studied by Tromokratesian doctors and engineers. Eventually, Ramses’s anatomy was genetically spliced with that of Tromokratesian DNA as well, and he was shown all the secrets to their technology. Then, he was sent back to Earth, with a very specific mission as a Tromokratesian agent. This was when he partnered with Ligselzus, aka Ashtar, another Tromokratesian who had failed the emperor, and was forced into servitude under Ramses.

Another member of this evil cabal was none other than the mastermind criminal himself, Edgar Lockhart, to whom Haris would answer directly. Haris’ assignment was to be stationed in the labyrinth of Edgar’s space station, to guard London Lockhart‘s holding cell. Edgar had kidnapped his own sister, (who, like him, possesses telepathic hyper-abilities) and kept her in secret captivity, with the hopes that no one would ever use her against him. Haris had been stationed at the post for more than a decade, and had seen no action whatsoever – that was, until Lt. Rashard Bonds and the Alpha Initiative discovered London’s existence, and made an all-out attempt to free her.

One half of the hero squad, led by Liberty Star, had attempted to free her at a facility in the Amazon rain forest, but they had triggered a security protocol, which caused London to be teleported to the orbiting fortress. The Alpha Initiative, however, was ready for this contingency, as Lt. Rashard Bonds, Musashi, Interface and Brolic had were already approaching the space station.

A quick dog fight took place between their ship and fighter space crafts defending the space station, but the Alpha Initiative’s pilots and gunners were too good to be stopped. After shooting down their enemies, the Alpha Initiative boarded the space station, along with a group of ex Navy SEALs, and they proceeded to to go for London. It wasn’t long, however, before they were attacked by several squads of heavily armed mercenaries. It was an all-out firefight, as the SEALs battled fiercely, laying down enough cover fire to allow Bonds, Musashi, Interface and Brolic to fight their way toward the entrance of the labyrinth, in which London was hidden.

The labyrinth was massive, and surely would take much skill and cleverness to navigate. Therefore, the entire team was equipped with tracking devices, in case anyone was lost or separated. Interface would plot their, route allowing anyone on the team to look at the HUD on their personal CPU wrist-devices, and follow the correct path to the center, once it was mapped out. The walls were 15 feet high, and made of a type of stone that none of them had ever seen before. They were reinforced with steel beams as well, making it incredibly difficult to smash through them, a method that Brolic initially attempted, but of which he quickly realized the futility. In other words, the heroes would be afforded no shortcuts. Periodically, they would run into mercenary groups patrolling the labyrinth, but the Alpha Initiative made short work of them, and continued to move on. Yes, they made wrong turns, and had to work together to negotiate obstacles, but they were making excellent time. That was, until the team entered a courtyard area, and ran into Haris.

The Tromokratesian warrior stood, awaiting the Alpha Initiative squad to come around the corner. He had hoped they would make it to him, as he had not seen any action in forever. The heroes were caught off-guard by Haris’ appearance, as none of them had never seen a Tromokratesian before. The jet black skin and contrasting white hair were a striking sight. Another thing the heroes had never seen before was his weaponry. He unleashed his unique whips in preparation for combat, and as he did, the heroes could feel the force of the energy ripples from at least twenty feet away. The heroes knew they were in for a tough fight.

Interface unsheathed her swords, while Brolic and Lou took on fighting postures. Then, the super-soldier grabbed his guns from their holsters, and fired off a dozen rounds, all of which were blocked by Haris using his whips. While at first it seemed a waste of bullets, Musashi deduced a host of useful information – most notably the fact that earthly firearms were useless against their foe’s technology, and that the enemy employed head-on tactics rather than evasive, despite the fact his armor and anatomy had vulnerable spots. Lou reloaded his clip, and intimated that Haris was powerful, but not invincible. And that if he could bleed, they could kill it. All of the heroes concurred, and advanced.

Haris whipped his weapons ferociously, forcing the heroes to duck and dodge. Interface dropped to her knees, and slid underneath them, while Brolic and Musashi rolled out of the way. Then, Lou fired his guns with deadly accuracy, forcing Haris to defend against the incoming bullets. This allowed the heroes to get closer. All four began launching massively powerful punches and kicks with incredible speed, but the Tromokratasian warrior was not phased, as his massive muscular frame allowed his body to absorb many of the blows. Haris then fired back kicks of his own, putting the heroes on the defensive. This allowed the Tromokratesian to swing his whip at them once more, and this time, he landed strikes against them. The energy whips cracked like lightning, and sent the heroes crashing to the ground. They had to recover quickly, though, for more attacks from Haris’s whips immediately followed.

Lou reloaded with incredible speed, and fired more shots at Haris. Again, the Tromokratesian blocked them with his weapons, but again, this allowed Brolic to get inside, and land a crashing blow to Haris’ face. If it were any other man, he would have had his head knocked clean from their body. However, Tromokratesians were known for their superior durability. Brolic’s punches merely made Haris stumble, which shocked the hero. This moment of surprise gave Haris an opening, and he cracked Brolic with a whip strike, which sent him flying.

Interface went in next, and she was able to gracefully move in and out of the villain’s defenses. She landed numerous kicks with great speed, which was followed by sword strikes, cutting Haris deeply. Lou tag-teamed him by jumping in with a flying punch, sending Haris stumbling backwards, and continued with attacking pressure alongside Interface. Haris quickly thrashed his whips about to gain some space, and when he had it, he landed vicious whip attacks to Lou and Interface, sending them flying back. Haris instantly charged his whips with incredible energy, and blasted the three felled heroes again. This time, they were not so fast to get back up. The heroes were badly hurt.

Lou gritted his teeth, as he overcame the excruciating pain firing all throughout his body. He brought himself to his knees and crawled in front of Interface to shield her, before unloading another clip at Haris. The Tromokratesian deflected the bullets, then turned to see Brolic had recovered, and was advancing. A quick snap of his energy whips put Brolic back on the ground again. The onyx-skinned warrior walked towards Lou, anticipating victory. The super-soldier’s clip was empty, and his body had not yet recovered enough to provide him with enough strength to reach for another clip. Haris stood over him, and uttered something in Tromokratesian. Lou could not understand it, but he knew it was arrogant and insulting. The end was near.

Then, just as Haris raised his whip to land a fatal blow to Lou, the super-soldier’s face was suddenly covered in black liquid. Lou cleared the dark fluid from his face, and that was when he saw something had been plunged through Haris’ stomach! But whatever it was, neither Lou, nor Interface, nor Brolic could see it. The Tromokratesian dropped his whips, and grabbed the invisible weapon in shock. The mystery object then ripped upwards through the alien’s torso, splitting him in two. Haris fell to the ground, dead.

A moment of silence passed, as the heroes were utterly confounded. Then, before them materialized Musashi out of thin air. Their eyes did not believe what they had witnessed. Realizing the confusion on their faces, the samurai told them he had finished some new technology before embarking on their mission. It was a dielectric multi-surface cloaking technology: an extremely thin and lightweight material, synthesized to be applied to any object, substance or element. It allowed his armor and weaponry to bend light and electromagnetic waves, rendering him and his gear virtually invisible, as well as undetectable by any radar or monitoring system. His teammates were beyond impressed, but more grateful to him for saving them from death.

They took a moment to catch their breath, allowing Lou’s hyper-healing factor to kick in; Brolic’s strength-diamond in his chest to facilitate the mending of his bumps and bruises; and Interface’s chi to replenish her energy. Then, they took off into the next section of the labyrinth.

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