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June 26, 2016

177. AMMAN






Planet Tromokrate; Skotadi System (Core Reality); Mid-19th century


Tromokratesian; male


Mental Powers



Energy Projection

Tactical Skill



Power Rating: 1 – 100


Amman possesses enhanced strength, speed, agility and durability. He’s also trained in hand-to-hand and weapons combat. He carries two massive longswords.


Amman is a Tromokratesian warrior, who has been exiled from his home world to serve on Earth. He, along with Haris, and a third lieutenant in the brutal and dominate intergalactic Tromokrate military by the name of Masahk, were appointed to command over the planet of Siopi in the Monaxia System. They enslaved the native people there, and forced them to mine their planet, so the Tromokratesian empire could benefit from the natural resources unique to the planet. This, however, came to an end after what would come to be known as a legendary revolution. Naturally, when the Tromokratesians were overthrown, the responsibility landed squarely on Amman and his two comrades. They did not receive the death penalty, though, for their contributions to the empire had been extensive. They had very impressive military records, and had overseen numerous planetary conquests. They also possessed three of the highest kill counts in all of the Tromokratesian Empirical Forces. It would have been a waste to eliminate such great assets. Their failure, however, could not go unpunished. Thus, Emperor Kako forced them into a position of servitude under an alien ally.

HEIGHT: 6’5″
WEIGHT: 271 lbs.
SKIN: Pitch black
HAIR: White
EYES: White

This was an enormous disgrace to a warrior of Amman’s caliber. However, the disgrace of failure – especially the size of the blunder in losing Siopi – was even worse. He was to redeem himself through service and humility, after which he would be able to take advantage of entering the lower ranks of the Tromokratesian Empirical Forces, with the chance to work his way up again. First, though, he had to go work for one of Earth’s most notorious and dangerous arms dealers, Ramses “The Pharaoh” Hondo.

Ramses was the sole human to ever make contact with the Tromokratesians after untold ages, by deciphering the alien language, and activating an ancient communication device. He was eventually welcomed with open arms by Emperor Kako, and as a blessing, Ramses’s anatomy was genetically spliced with Tromokratesian DNA. Additionally, many secrets of their technology was revealed to the arms dealer. He was then sent back to Earth with Ligselzus, aka Ashtar, another Tromokratesian who had failed the emperor, and was forced into servitude under Ramses, to workwith ruthless business mogul and international crimelord, Edgar Lockhart.

Amman’s assignment was to be stationed in the labyrinth of Edgar’s space station, to guard the holding cell of Edgar’s sister, London, who had been deemed a vulnerability for not only her brother, but by proxy, every other hyper-villain, crime lord, international terrorist and intergalactic warlord he was associated with. She had remained a secret for many years, until Lt. Rashard Bonds and the Alpha Initiative discovered her existence and whereabouts. One group of the superhero squad, led by Liberty Star, had already attempted to free London at a compound in the Amazon forest, but they failed to secure her, before she was teleported to the orbiting fortress.

Lt. Rashard Bonds, along with another group of Alpha Initiative team members, Musashi, Interface and Brolic, had traveled to the space station, in order to be ready for the contingency. And when they got the word that London was there, they launched an all-out attack. After entering into the labyrinth they’d have to navigate in order to reach London, they came face to face first with Haris, – whom they barely defeated – then with Amman. The Tromokratesian warrior would finally have a chance to redeem himself.

Already furious at the prospect that his comrade and friend had been slain, Amman prepared to take out all his aggression on the advancing heroes. He ordered the squad of mercenaries under his command to go out into the maze, and engage Bonds and his teammates; and for good measure, he also unleashed a horde of attack monsters – an alien species, bred specifically for war. The Alpha Initiative, however, was more than prepared – as they made quick work of the mercs, and managed to overcome the monsters as well.

Eventually, they battled their way into a courtyard area, and came across Amman. They took a moment to size each other up, then the battle was on. The huge alien charged with ferocity. Lou fired off numerous shots, and Interface launched throwing needles. But Amman blocked everything they sent his way with his massive swords, then moved in with aggressive and lethal strikes, in an attempt to take off their heads. The heroes were able to avoid their demise with well-timed parries, but the alien warrior found and opening, and smashed into Musashi with a shoulder-block, which sent him back against the labyrinth wall.

Brolic swooped in and landed a crashing blow to Amman’s ribs, then a vicious uppercut to the jaw that rocked the Tromokratesian back on his heels. This gave Lou an opportunity to rush in and land a combination of punches to the alien’s midsection, followed by a powerful left hook, which subsequently opened his face up to a roundhouse kick from Interface. For a split second there was an opening for Musashi to lay a fatal blow, but Amman recovered just enough to block Musashi’s blade with his own. This, however, left him vulnerable to a smashing kick to the alien’s chest that sent him flying across the courtyard. The heroes now held the momentum.

Amman rose to his feet, and spat on the ground in frustration. He had never been bested by warriors he thought of as inferior. However, he was by no means done. He charged at the Alpha Initiative again, but this time he switched up his tactics, and used his size and length to keep the perfect distance from his adversaries. This allowed him to masterfully wield his massive swords, forcing the heroes to break ranks, as Musashi and Interface were pushed to one side, and Brolic and Lou to the other. With the heroes unable to coordinate their attack as effectively, they were left vulnerable to Amman’s blades, and were gashed a number of times by the Tromokratesian warrior.

The battle had evened out again, and continued to go back and forth for several minutes. However, Amman’s strength and size, combined with his deceptive elusiveness, was beginning to overwhelm the heroes. Lou realized the only way to counter Amman was to chain their attacks together, however, the warrior had been strategic in how he split the heroes up, allowing him to easily anticipate blades and swiftness from Musashi and Interface, while efficiently dealing with the strength-based brawling styles of Lou and Brolic on the other side. Lou sought to remedy this, and ordered Brolic to work his way around to the pair of martial artists. The supercop did as he was told, ducking a sword strike from the Tromokratesian, rolling through the opposite side of the fray. This left Lou alone for a moment, which Amman saw as his opportunity to get his first kill. He charged the super-soldier, but Lout met him head-on, and the two exchanged massive blows. Lt. Bonds’ supercharged nanocells pushed his body beyond any conceivable natural limits, and he was able to throw the alien swordsman off balance with an incredible 12-hit combo. The flurry was devastating, and sent the villain crashing to the ground; but as he fell, he was able to land a devastating kick of his own to Lou, knocking the hero back against a wall.

The exchange, however, provided an opening for Brolic – he ran in and pounded Amman in the back of the head with a flying elbow. Interface leapt in next. with blindingly fast sword slices to Amman’s torso, leaving the alien prone for Musashi to finish him off. The Tromokratesian warrior blocked the first swipe at his neck, but was helpless against the lightning-quick second strike, in which the samurai superhero impaled his chest with a short sword. Finally, the heroes thought they had won!

The Tromokratesian screamed in pain, as he reached for the weapon lodged in his heart – but instead of dying, Amman slowly began pulling the blade from his body! The heroes could not believe their eyes. Any normal human, or any creature, for that matter, would have died instantly. Amman was still fighting, though. Then, in a flash, Lou leapt into the fight again, and blasted the Tromokratesian with a punch to the face. The alien warrior stumbled, before a kick from the super-soldier launched him toward Brolic, who, in turn, finally ended the battle by punching the handle of the sword in Amman’s chest through his body, leaving a gaping hole in his chest cavity. Amman had finally been dispatched and defeated.

The heroes’ quest, however, was far from over, as they entered into the next section of labyrinth, one step closer to freeing London Lockhart.

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