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June 27, 2016







Tromokrate, Skotadi System (Core reality); Mid-19th Century


Tromokratesian; male


Mental Powers



Energy Projection

Tactical Skill



Power Rating: 1 – 100


Masakh possesses enhanced strength, speed, agility and durability. He’s trained in hand-to-hand and weapons combat. His arms and legs are covered in Tromokratesian metal and are adorned with razor sharp claws.


Masahk is a Tromokratesian warrior who was exiled from his homeworld and forced to serve as a guard on a space station where London Lockhart is being held captive. He, along with Haris and Amman, had previously been appointed to command over the planet of Siopi in the Monaxia System. They enslaved the native people and forced them to mine their planet so the Tromokratesian empire could benefit from the natural resources unique to the planet. This, however, came to an end after a legendary revolution. Naturally, when the Tromokratesians were overthrown, the responsibility landed squarely on Masakh and his two cohorts. Their punishment was not the customary penalty of death, for their contribution to the empire had been extensive. Masahk and the others all had very impressive military records, overseeing numerous planetary conquests along with three of the highest kill counts in all of the Tromokratesian Empirical Forces. It would have been a waste to execute such great assets. Their failure however could not go unpunished though. Thus, Emperor Kako forced them into a position of servitude under his human ally Ramses “The Pharaoh” Hondo.

This was an enormous disgrace to a warrior of Masakh’s caliber. However, the disgrace of failure – especially the size of the blunder in losing Siopi – was even worse. He was to redeem himself through service and humility, after which he would be able to take advantage of entering the lower ranks of the Tromokratesian Empirical Forces with the chance to work his way back up. First, though, he had to complete his new assignment working for The Pharaoh.

HEIGHT: 6’10”
WEIGHT: 304 lbs.
SKIN: Pitch black
HAIR: Stark white
EYES: White

It wasn’t normal for a human to be accepted as such a close ally of the Tromokratesians. But Ramses had been welcomed with open arms by Emperor Kako after proving himself worthy, and as a blessing Ramses’ anatomy was enhanced through being genetically spliced with that of Tromokratesian DNA, and additionally, the human warlord was shown all the secrets to their technology. Then, he was sent back to Earth with Ligselzus, aka Ashtar, another Tromokratesian who had failed the emperor and was forced into servitude under Ramses, to work with the ruthless businessman and international crime lord Edgar Lockhart.

Masakh’s assignment was to be stationed in the labyrinth of Edgar’s space station to guard one of London Lockhart’s holding cell. She was considered to be the one vulnerable spot for Edgar, and if he ever became compromised, all of his international and intergalactic associates and partners-in-crime would also be at risk. Keeping London secret and stashed away was of paramount importance. So when Lt. Rashard Bonds and his superhero squad, The Alpha Initiative, discovered her existence, they immediately set out to find her and use her to facilitate Edgar’s downfall. Stage one of the rescue happened in the Amazon on Earth, where London was initially being held. A portion of the Alpha Initiative, led by Liberty Star, infiltrated the jungle facility and found London, but before they could secure her she was transported to the space station.

The second half the Alpha Initiative, lead by Lt. Rashard Bonds himself, were there waiting. The heroes were forced to battle troops and monsters while navigating the labyrinth that surrounded London’s cell. They barely won battles against Haris, then Amman. And now they had entered into Masakh’s section of the maze. The Tromokratesian warrior would now have a chance to redeem himself – and was he ever read. He knew that the presence of the heroes before him meant that his cohorts had been slain and would not have a chance to regain their honor. This infuriated him to no end.

But Masakh, being a wise warrior, did not immediately fly off into a rage. In fact he had already put out a call to Ramses and Edgar to send reinforcements – a point of fact he relayed to Lou and the Alpha Initiative as the two sides sized each other up. Bonds knew that if they did not free London before the arrival of additional enemies, they stood no chance. Therefore, he turned to Brolic, Musashi and Interface and told them to continue on without him as there was no time to waste. Musashi, however, refused to leave the super soldier’s side. As he unsheathed his swords and stood next to Lou, Brolic and Interfaced nodded their heads, reaffirming they could handle things on their own. Lou acknowledged them back, and with that they ran off to continue their journey into the maze.

Masakh tried to intercept the two fleeing heroes, but he was held off by a barrage of throwing stars from and bullets from Interface and Lou, respectively. The Tromokratesian warrior was forced to block the projectiles with his metal arms and legs, which allowed the super cop and ninja to escape. So, the alien turned to Musashi and Lou and charged.

Masakh swiped at the samurai with his metal claws on his hands and feet. The sharp edges scratched against Musashi’s armor as he moved out of the way, causing sparks to fly in the air. Lou shot at the alien’s back and head, but the Tromokratesian warrior turned quickly to block them. The metal on his limbs were impenetrable, and the bullets ricocheted once more. Musashi sliced at the enemy with lightning speed, cutting open gashes on his back, but Masakh swung around and hit the samurai with a closed fist, making Musashi stumble. Lou, now out of ammo, went to reload but was caught with a kick to the stomach causing him to drop his guns and fall to the ground. Masakh then kicked the weapons to the side and went to stomp on the super soldier, but was met by a flying kick to the face. Musashi’s attack knocked the Tromokratesian warrior out of Lou’s path, allowing him to get up. The heroes then stood side-by-side while Masakh wiped blood from his mouth. But the fight was far from over.

The alien swung and kicked with his claws, and most of his attacks were blocked or dodged. A few landed though, and they created gashes in Musashi’s and Lou’s bodies. The heroes landed their own strikes as well though. Lou pounded Masakh with vicious punches and kicks. The speed combined with the power of his attacks caused the alien to crumble too. Musashi also landed strikes with his swords, cutting open the thicker Tromokratesian skin of Masakh, spilling his blood. The fight was brutal, and grew deadlier as both sides remained lethal but grew tired and became more vulnerable.

At one point, the heroes seemed as if they were running away with the victory. Their perfect harmony of coordinating strikes, defending, and countering was allowing them to overwhelm Masakh. That is when the Tromokratesian warrior kicked his attack into high gear. He pressed buttons on his arms and legs that illuminated them with energy. When he struck the heroes, the charge from his limbs blasted the heroes back several feet. Even when they blocked, the force slammed them into the ground. Thus, Masakh continued to bash Lou and Musashi into oblivion. They countered every time they were able to slip the alien’s attack, and their counters hurt Masakh. But the Tromokratesian’s strikes were much more deadly. Eventually, he beat the heroes to a standstill. That is when Musashi activated his cloaking technology and advanced.

For a minute, he landed crippling slices to Masakh’s torso, spilling even more blood. However, Masakh had fought in some of the harshest environments space had to offer. He was a master at finding the enemy in foreign terrain while they were camouflaged and hoping the invading Tromokratesian forces wouldn’t discover them. So, with a bit of concentrated focus, the alien easily spotted the movement of the cloaked Musashi. The ripples in the samurai’s cloaked armor caused by it bending light and the electromagnetic waves from Masakh’s limbs, gave the hero away. Thus, the Tromokratesian landed a crushing kick to Musashi as he leapt in for an attack. Additionally, the energy from the alien technology disrupted the cloaking system, disabling it. Musashi hit the ground next to a recovering Lou and was now in plain sight.

The samurai writhed in pain while his ears rang but he quickly tried to get up. Lou outstretched his hand and stopped Musashi from rising though. The hero looked at the super soldier confused and anxious as Masakh was charging to finish them once and for all. That is when he heard some chatter – the group of Navy SEALs that had accompanied the Alpha Initiative had finished their portion of the mission and made it through the first sections of the labyrinth. Their own reinforcements had arrived!

As Masakh charged, he abruptly stopped and looked forward. A wall of armed soldiers stood before him at the entrance to the courtyard. The Tromokratesian screamed in a rage, and after a moment Lou spoke into his comms device telling them to fire. Thousands of bullets engulfed Masakh. He blocked some with his arms and legs, but he could not block them all. The alien’s torso and head were decimated!

Masakh knew in that moment that his chance at redemption had slipped away. With seething anger on his face, he looked to Lou, who gave the order to finish him. And with that, one of the SEALs fired a missile from a rocket launcher exploded the Tromokratesian into bits.

Lou and Masashi picked themselves of the ground and took a moment to let their cellular and chi regenerative restore their anatomy and energy, respectively. Then Lou gave the order to move out to the final section of the labyrinth. Edgar and Ramses were coming with more troops and there was absolutely no time to waste.

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