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June 28, 2016



William Holliday




Tucson, AZ, USA, Earth (Core reality); Late-21st Century


Hyper-human; male


Mental Powers



Energy Projection

Tactical Skill



Power Rating: 1 – 100


Weapons: Twin nickle plated revolvers. Utilize energy cartridges. Endless ammunition.
Doc has the ability to see great distances with perfect vision and can slightly zoom-in with his natural eyes on demand. He carries a pair of nickel-plated revolvers, which utilize energy catridges affording him unlimited ammo.


Since the time William Holliday was a child, there was not a single glass bottle in tact throughout the entire desert of Arizona once he’d gotten his hands on it. From a very early age, he was groomed in the family tradition set by a distant ancestor to be a quickdraw, marksman gunslinger. Thus, by the age of 7 he was shooting all the cans and bottles he could find. His aim was impeccable, as he only shot with the cleanest precision. It was apparent from very early on that William was something special. Alas, his parents, numerous siblings and friends gave him the highest nickname he could have been granted. Everyone started calling him Doc.

As he grew, Doc also had hyper abilities that grew with him. He was born with beyond perfect vision, as he even had the ability to magnify his sight and zoom in on the tiniest of objects several miles away. This enabled him to win every shooting contest he ever entered. He terrorized carnivals and cleaned out the shooting games of all their prizes. This, in turn, introduced him to his second great skill in life: charming the ladies. When he was younger, he would give them all the stuffed animals and woo them over ice cream cones on ferris wheels. As an adult, the ice cream cones became diamonds and jewelry. And the ferris wheels became five star restaurants and luxury vacations. Doc would mature into his adulthood utilizing his skills, parlaying them into a lucrative lifestyle.

HEIGHT: 5’11”
WEIGHT: 174 lbs.
SKIN: Tan white
HAIR: Brown
EYES: Brown

It was early on in his life, after his family had lost most of it’s money on a bad investment, that Doc chose to forgo his plans of becoming a dentist. They struggled to pay the bills, and even though he worked throughout high school and college to help his parents, and they both worked multiple jobs, it simply wasn’t enough to support the 7 younger siblings he had. Doc’s talent with numbers eventually lead him into the world of poker, in which he quickly began cleaning out casinos and underground games. He netted big paydays, which he would then send home to his parents. However, this also gained him enemies.

One night after easily taking a $500K purse in a private poker game at a casino in Vegas during a Spring break trip with friends, Doc was pursued by the people he beat. They were mobsters, and they were not the type to let some college kid come into their town and fleece them of half a million dollars. So, when the goons finally caught up to Doc in an alley off the strip, they planned on teaching him a lesson. However, what they did not realize is that Doc didn’t only pick up his cash winnings at the front cage, he also picked up his famous twin nickel-plated revolvers.

The goons moved in to take him down, thinking they had the kid right where they wanted him. However, Doc drew his guns in a flash and killed all 8 of the goons with one shot each right between the eyes. It happened so fast the boss of the goons was left standing there stupefied. Doc told the boss he was leaving and that he didn’t want to be followed, but the man panicked and drew his weapon, forcing the gunslinger to put yet another bullet between yet another man’s eyes. Doc had already planned to get out of town, but with the death of the boss, he knew he was now a marked man. It wouldn’t be difficult for whoever ran the crime organization these 9 mine belong to find out who had killed them, and despite his talents and hyper abilities, he would in no way be able to fight off the eventually waves of henchmen that would come his way.

So, Doc went into hiding. But without power he knew his money would soon run out. Thus, when his funds began to dwindle, Doc decided to work with a woman he was romantically involved with at the time who happened to be a prolific jewel thief and bank robber, who called herself Precious Stone. Together Doc and Precious they pulled off a number of incredible heists. She was the finesse and he was the hired gun. Their partnership was golden. That was until Doc’s past caught up with him.

One day after returning from getting some Chinese food for dinner, Doc walked into their hideout to find a well-dressed man sitting in his favorite chair accompanied by a dozen heavily armed thugs. Precious was bound and gagged as well. The man was Edgar Lockhart. He explained how he had been tracking Doc ever since he learned 9 of his mobster associates had been killed by some of the most incredible marksmanship he had ever seen. Then, Edgar praised Doc’s thieving skills in being able to pull off all the jewel heists and bank robberies. However, Doc was not moved by Edgar’s words as it was apparent the criminal overlord was not there to butter him up.

After a few moments, Edgar told Doc that he was willing to forgive the killing of his men if the gunslinger would join his group of personal bodyguards called the Lockhart Force. Doc hesitated to reply and slowly dropped the Chinese food. Then, he began buying time by small talking while inching his hands towards his pistols. That is when Edgar began to laugh and clap his hands, which confused Doc. The super villain had read Doc’s mind and knew his ruse. He explained that like Doc, he too was a hyper-human and had used his ability to learn learn everything about the gunslinger, first from Precious’s mind and then from his, once he’d arrived.

Doc knew he was at a disadvantage so he ceased his plan. He then asked what would happen if he didn’t join the Lockhart Force, to which Edgar answered by commanding his associate, a fellow gunslinger by the name of Rosalinda Kortellini, aka Rosko, to put a gun to Precious’s head. Edgar reiterated that he wasn’t just offering the chance to be free of his debt; he was offering him a lucrative job opportunity. As Doc turned the proposition over in his head, it was Precious who spoke up and urged him to take the deal. A few moments later, Doc was shaking hands with Edgar and kissing Precious goodbye.

Within days, Doc was upgraded with advanced versions of his favorite pistols. Edgar’s top weaponry scientists replaced the cylinders of his revolvers with alien technology provided by international (and intergalactic) arms dealer, Ramses Hondo, giving his pistols unlimited ammunition. Tiny reactors placed in the chambers synthesized atomic molecules in the air into small energy blasts that were just as powerful as traditional bullets. Doc loved it as he was now able to excel in his duties. He became an invaluable member of the Lockhart Force, which is why a couple of years into his service, he was chosen to accompany Edgar on a special and dangerous mission to battle the heroic Alpha Initiative aboard a space station in which Edgar’s sister London Lockhart was being held captive.

London was considered to be Edgar’s most vulnerable weak spot and the Alpha Initiative, lead by Lt. Rashard Bonds, was planning to exploit that weakness. By the time Edgar, along with Ramses, Doc and several other troops arrived at the orbiting Fortress, the Alpha Initiative had already launched a full attack and caused a great deal of damage to the station’s defenses and guards, including Edgar’s most powerful security personnel, the Tromokratesian warriors, Haris, Amman, and Masakh who had all been slain. Alpha Initiative members, Brolic, the Platinum City supercop, and Interface, the master Iga Clan ninja, had gone ahead of Lou and Musashi and the team of SEALs that accompanied them, and fought their way through mercenaries and monsters to London’s holding cell. Finally, it was time to acquire their target.

Interface hacked the holding cell’s operating mainframe using a living algorithm built into her custom artificially intelligent wrist tech. It was designed from the blueprints of Edgar Lockhart’s security system, which was created using the hypnosis abilities of a hyper-being called “Confidential.” Once connected, the algorithm used artificial intelligence to mimic the hypnosis effect to match the changing brain wave patterns occurring in the holding cell’s security mainframe, just as Edgar would do if he manually linked his brain. The process was grueling, as Interface had to continuously rewrite code on the fly to adapt her programming, but eventually she was able to unlock the holding cell!

London was in a comatose state. As the heroes entered the unit and unhooked her from the monitoring machines, she slowly began to awaken. Brolic and Interface tried to revive her gently, but their attempts were interrupted by a loud noise. Edgar, Ramses, Doc and their teams had just teleported to the space station! Doc immediately pulled out his pistols and opened fire, forcing Interface and Brolic to jump for cover. Interface got on her comms system and reached out to Lt. Rashard Bonds, Musashi and the rest of the the soldiers letting them know they had possession of the target but were under heavy fire and needed backup ASAP.

But ASAP may not be soon enough as Doc’s accuracy was beginning to cut to close for comfort! Not mention the fact that he was also accompanied by hyper-human cohorts, Askari Badru and Qadira Azizi. The super-mercs jumped in and try to capture London, but Brolic used his great strength to fight them off. Interface then told Brolic to take London and head back toward the ship. The super cop did not want to leave his comrade, but the ninja insisted, stating the entire mission was for naught if they didn’t leave with London. Not to mention, Doc’s bullets were getting closer and closer to finding their mark, So, Brolic agreed and fled with the target.

As he ran, Doc took aim and fired off a shot. It was perfect, and would have hit Brolic in the temple if Interface had not thrown a star to intercept the blast. The energy bullet exploded in the air well short of the mark, and as it did Doc glared at ninja for a heated moment before turning and unleashing a barrage of shots at her. Interface threw her remaining stars and leapt out of the way just in time. However, she was not able to stop all the energy bullets and was hit in the leg and arm as she dove to the ground. The wounds were bad but not serious. She instantly began channeling her chi, and her advanced ninja healing started working right away. However, she did not have a chance to rest as Qadira and Askari were attacking.

Interface jumped up and unsheathed her swords. She swung them at Qadira as she kicked with her metallic and powerful legs. Askari also jumped in with kicks and punches of his own. Interface dodged and blocked those simultaneously. Her phenomenal skills obtained through ages of ninja training under the supreme shinobi grandmaster Danzo were on full display. She even landed a number of sword strikes on Qadira and Askari, injuring them. However, the tides were about to turn, as Interface found herself outnumber 3 to 1.

Doc suddenly found his opening and fired off the perfect shot – it ripped through Interface’s right hand, forcing her to drop her sword. Before she had even screamed from the pain, though, another of Doc’s bullets ripped through her left hand. She was now weaponless and would have been totally helpless if not for her chi healing abilities, which quickly got her to the point where she could at least defend herself from the continuing onslaught of Qadira powerful metal-laden kicks. Additionally, Askari had used the combat simulator in his brain to map out and learn Interface’s techniques, and was now finding opportunity after opportunity to land devastating strikes. Interface fought back valiantly, but eventually Quadira landed and thunderous kick that sent the ninja back through the glass of the holding cell. She was bloodied, battered and too dazed to channel her chi. Doc, Quadira and Askari stood over the prone warrior. Edgar gave the Doc the order to finish her off, but as he raised his pistols to fire Lou, Musashi and the SEALs burst into the area and opened fire!

The villains were forced to take cover as Musashi swooped in and grabbed Interface. Ramses along with Qadira, Askari and his other minions engaged the Alpha Initiative as Edgar commanded his own squad of gunners to accompany him in pursuit of Brolic and London Lockhart. Doc fired off a few more shots, laying down cover for his boss, then gave Interface a wink and a snarky smile before disappearing down the corridor himself.

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