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August 2, 2016



Summer Sage




Southern Continent, Super Earth One (Infiniverse Reality)


Hyper-human; female


Mental Powers



Energy Projection

Tactical Skill



Power Rating: 1 – 100


Summer Sage has the ability to absorb energy, and redirect it in kinetic concussive bursts. She also has the ability to fly, and possesses enhanced strength, speed and agility.


Summer Sage was born on a planet which came to be known as Super Earth One, in an alternate realm called The Infiniverse Reality. Among other reasons, it gained its name because the most powerful being in that Reality is a hero named Captain Infinity, and Summer Sage was part of his heroic team, The Infinity Force.

HEIGHT: 5’7″
WEIGHT: 131 lbs.
SKIN: White
EYES: Green

When Summer Sage was born, it was just a few quantics (what we on Earth would refer to as a year) before the Hyper-Human War that ravaged the planet, and wiped out all humans without natural hyper-abilities. Captain Infinity had abstained from participating in that war, and exiled himself from the planet. But after a collection of evil hyper-beings, led by the treacherous CodeName Zero, took charge of the planet, Captain Infinity was forced to return. He recruited men and women to join the Infinity Force, and the War For Eternity ensued.

Summer Sage has been involved in hundreds of battles against CodeName Zero’s Army of Shadows, however, her allegiance is not as pure as it may seem. In fact, she is, and has always been, a double agent, working mostly on behalf of the shadows. But in order to pass as a hero, she has cultivated an incredibly heroic persona and resume, including the times when she led missions, in which the successful outcomes badly crippled the Army of Shadows. It would be many, many quantics, (nearly the end of the War for Eternity) before anyone discovered her duplicitousness.

However, it would be well before that, when she found herself transported to the strange realm called the 5th Oblivion. The two goddess of the 5th Oblivion, Sedah and Nevaeh, were involved in a conflict with one another, and in order to bring about a solution, they had each summoned respective teams of powerful women to fight on their respective behalves, in what come to be known as The Empress Wars. The goddesses had specific reasons for choosing certain women – Nevaeh had selected women who believed in the power of destiny, while Sedah subscribed to the idea that a woman’s future is what she chooses it to be.

Summer Sage was very much of the mindset that waiting on destiny is for losers, and so it made sense that she was chosen by Sedah to fight with her Chainmail Militia, under the command of the cosmic hero, Ebony Raven of Earth, against Nevaeh’s Daughters of Deborah. The conflict between the two goddesses centered around a little girl named Slate, who was being held in a palace, and guarded by the DoD. The Chainmail Militia was tasked with storming the palace, and retrieving Slate. Only after the Empress Wars were over, would the women be released back to their respective worlds, realms, timelines and realities.

Ebony Raven was eager to get things rolling, and determined to end the war quickly, so she organized a full-frontal assault on the palace, which would be led by the flyers. Summer Sage joined her in the air, along with Cybernetica and Thundersnow, while the alien super-warrior, Carina led the ground forces. They approached the palace, and found a squad of Chainmail Militia warriors awaiting them on the ground and in the air.

As Carina’s forces engaged below, Ebony Raven, Summer Sage, Thundersnow and Cybernetica were met in the air by Ember Brook, Lightrider, Magnifica, Lady Paige and Twinstar. But as Summer Sage was preparing to unleash her flaming firepower, she noticed that both Thundersnow and Cybernetica were hesitating. It soon became apparent to Sage that they were about to come to blows with women they’d known from their own worlds. Ember Brook was a teammate of Cybernetica on the heroic Sista Clique squad, and Thundersnow had fought – and actually died – alongside Magnifica and Twinstar, as part of the Diamond Alliance. Interestingly enough, the warrior who had brought their lives to an end – Carina – was leading the ground assault.

Summer Sage quickly reminded her fellow Chainmail Militia teammates that in the 5th Oblivion and the Empress Wars, their previous alliances and relationships didn’t matter, and that if they wanted to escape the realm, they would have to end the war, which would only come with a victory or defeat. She then told them that it was time to make a decision – either choose to fight, or choose to lay down, and let the war destroy them. Summer Sage got her point across, as Cybernetica and Thundersnow decided to take their futures into their own hands, and went in for the attack! Magnifica, Twinstar, Ember Brook and the other flying Daughters of Deborah fought back, and the battle in the sky turned into a violent affair.

Ebony Raven saw an opening, and used her black energy to blast a hole into a section of the palace, allowing herself and Summer Sage to disengage from the fight and zoom inside. They landed in one of the palace’s great halls, and found themselves face to face with several more members of Nevaeh’s army. The first to attack was the chosen Bundjalung warrior, Visor, who unleashed a succession of concussive blasts from her eyes, forcing Ebony Raven to protect herself with a force-field. At the same time, Sage countered with an attack of her own. Visor was forced to jump for cover, but in an instant Sultana and Girl Six of the Sista Clique were there to back her up.

Though they were outnumbered, Summer Sage and Ebony Raven’s firepower gave them the advantage, and put them in a position to break through. But then another member of the Daughters of Deborah joined the fray, and this time it was Summer Sage who froze in her tracks, as she found herself standing across from her very own sister, Autumn Violet.

Before Summer could even process what was happening, Autumn attacked with insane ferocity. Additionally, she shouted out all of her sister’s weaknesses, allowing Visor, Girl Six and Sultana to coordinate strategies to keep Summer off balance, and eventually render her ineffective, as a perfectly placed blast from Visor took her down. Ebony Raven tried to call for backup, but the ground forces outside had failed to break through, and Thundersnow and Cybernetica were being overwhelmed in the sky by the brutal power of Lady Paige, Magnifica, Ember and Lightrider. The Chainmail Militia had been defeated in the first battle, and was forced to retreat.

Ebony Raven and Summer Sage, however, were surrounded and trapped, as more members of the DoD arrived. The Infinity Force fire-starter was now a prisoner of war.

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