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August 5, 2016



Terra Parkchester (Maiden)


Terra Collins; Terrabyte


Bronx, NY, USA, Earth (Core Reality); Late 21st century


Hyper-human; female


Mental Powers



Energy Projection

Tactical Skill



Power Rating: 1 – 100


Terrabyte can digitize and miniaturize herself into virtual matter, allowing her to travel into and through computer- and virtual worlds. She can also control and access digital networks with her mind, and her eyes can scan information, and feed it directly into her brain. Additionally, she can harness digital and virtual energy to create objects such as swords, whips, and other weapons. She can also emit limited bursts of virtual energy.


Terra Collins had been a low-level coder at a massively successful cyber-security firm in the Bronx, called Boogie Down Tech Bubble, when she was selected to be part of a new development team. They were working on the company’s newest marquee product – a revolutionary cyber-security program called Virtual CyberCeption. The experimental method created a way to actually miniaturize and digitize people, so that they could be sent into virtual networks to fight against hacker protocols and cyber attacks in a more detailed and hands-on manner.

When she got the email, she was excited beyond belief, as she was sure this would finally be her big break, and an opportunity to move up in the company. When she got to the first meeting, however, she was disappointed to learn that she was not being chosen for her coding skills; but she was actually being chosen as a sort-of guinea pig. They wanted to use her to test and improve the miniaturization techniques pivotal to the success of the program. She didn’t want to do it, but losing her job was the only other option, so she put her head down and went to work.

HEIGHT: 5’9″
WEIGHT: 141 lbs.
SKIN: Brown
HAIR: Dark brown
EYES: Digital blue

For the next several months, Terra was miniaturized over and over again, as the CyberCeption team worked to perfect the technology. At first there were no noticeable side-effects, other than some slight headaches and semi-regular bouts of nausea. It wasn’t much different from when she was pregnant with her first daughter, Star. Additionally, her husband, Raekwon was extremely supportive, and was always willing to do extra household chores and child-rearing, whenever she was feeling too drained to do anything other than sit on the sofa or lay down in bed.

After a while, however, it seemed like all Terra wanted to do was sit on the sofa and lay down, as it seemed the constant miniaturization procedures were beginning to affect her more and more. In fact, one Friday afternoon she came home from work, told Raekwon she was going to take a nap, and then didn’t wake up until Sunday evening. Her husband had tried to rouse her a few times, and outside of a few barely coherent phrases about “needing just a couple more hours”, he didn’t get much out of her. Once she did wake, he encouraged her to take the next day off from work, and go get checked out by a physician. But she refused, out of fear of losing her job if she missed even one day.

The next day she showed up at the lab, put on the specialized tech-suit she’d gotten so used to wearing, and began work as usual. She had just been miniaturized for the fourth time that day, when something went wrong. There was a massive surge of energy through the motherboard of the computer she was working inside of, and in an instant she was zapped with nearly a million terabytes of digital and virtual information. The CyberCeption team immediately went into emergency protocol, and worked to get her out… but after twelve unsuccessful hours, they were forced to give up. Fortunately for Boogie Down Tech Bubble, the surge did not damage the CyberCeption program, and no word of the incident ever reached the press, as everyone with knowledge of it were sworn to secrecy through confidentiality agreements, and those without knowledge of the incident were simply told she had quit, and moved out of NYC.

The head of Boogie Down Tech Bubble, Clifton Van Court, met with Raekwon Collins personally, and informed him of what had happened. Clifton, of course, was angry, upset, saddened, and everything else you can imagine a man in his position would be. But after several hours, the two men came to an agreement. If Raekwon agreed not to sue, Clifton would write him a check for enough money to take care of his and Terra’s four daughters, as well as the next four generations of Collinses. Additionally, two percent of all money made from the CyberCeption program would go to the Collins family, and Boogie Down Tech would take care of any taxes and accounting fees. The alternative would be a lengthy and ugly court battle, something Raekwon did not want to put his children through. He took the deal, and it was an even better deal than he thought, as CyberCeption would go on to be one of the most successful cyber-security programs in the world, making billions of dollars for Boogie Down Tech.

Star Collins was on the verge of graduating from a private and prestigious Southern California High School, when her mother suddenly appeared in the virtual reality display she was wearing. Startled by the vision, Star threw the goggles on the ground, and that’s when Terra fully materialized before her eyes. She was back!

That night, after an emotional reunion with Raekwon and all of her daughters, she explained to them that she had been trapped in miniature form, but that the incident had also given her a myriad of special abilities – including the ability to move in and out of the virtual and digital realm. She eventually learned that if she ever wanted to regain the size of a real human, she would have to find the proper digital info to reconstitute her anatomy. Each organ and piece of her body required a different type of digital code, so she had spent the previous five years collecting and storing the proper coding, and finally, she had everything she needed to fully return to the real world.

She knew all about the settlement that had been reached, and the massive amounts of money her family had been receiving from Boogie Down Tech. Initially she was angered by the deal, but eventually she had come to terms with it, and was happy that Raekwon had done what he needed to do to make sure their girls were taken care of. Terra, however, did want to pay a visit to her former employer, Clifton Van Court. She showed up at his home in the Bronx, and after scaring him half to death, explained to him what had happened as well. Clifton was thankful she was okay, and apologetic over what had happened. He was also happy to have Terra Collins back.

And that’s when she told him that she would not be coming back to work for Boogie Down and CyberCeption. She also told him that her name was no longer Terra Collins – she now wanted to be known as “Terrabyte”. As Terrabyte, she started working as a vigilante superhero, as her abilities made her valuable against tech-based hyper-villains, such as Fiasco and Labyrinth. She was also tapped from time to time by Cybernetica of the Sista Clique, to assist in some of their missions. Additionally, her family continued to thrive, as her daughters began going off to college, and her husband’s consulting gig for rap mogul AKA’s Jewel House record had established him as a respected businessman in his own right.

Terra was enjoying her new life immensely, when she was suddenly zapped by yet another jolt of electricity. This time, however, she was not taken into the virtual and digital world; instead, she was taken into an alternate universe, the 5th Oblivion. The goddesses who ruled the realm, Sedah and Nevaeh, had come into disagreement over how to best develop their protege and eventual successor, the young goddess Slate. In order to settle their dispute, they initiated the Empress Wars, in which both goddesses would bring a number of extraordinary and hyper-powered women to the 5th Oblivion, and pretty much force them to battle it out, until one side was victorious.

Nevaeh’s army was called the Daughters of Deborah, and they were led by Enid Remington, while Sedah’s army, which Terrabyte belonged to, was called the Chainmail Militia, and they were led by Ebony Raven. The Wars had been going on for what felt like nearly a year, as the Chainmail Militia attempted to free Slate from a giant palace, guarded by the Daughters of Deborah. During a recent siege Ebony and her army had been easily defeated, as it was discovered that the Iga Clan ninja-hacker Interface, with the help of the Platinum City vigilante Night Bird, had managed to retrofit the palace with artificially intelligent defense mechanisms. Combined with the might and skill of warriors like Brandi Beretta, Orenda, Lightrider, Lady Paige and Magnifica, the palace was now impenetrable.

It was up to Terrabyte and Cybernetica to hack the system and break it down, for the Chainmail Militia to have any chance at winning the Empress Wars. During a series of attacks over a week’s time, Cybernetica would probe the system for soft spots to link up to, while Terra would miniaturize herself into a digital form, and attempt to infiltrate the system. Interface, however, was true technical master, and would constantly manipulate the system to adapt to their movements. It was a true game of chess, as Interface played cat-and-mouse with Terrabyte inside the system. Eventually, Terra was able to outmaneuver the hacker by using a surge of energy to create a dozen digital clones of herself, and spreading them throughout the system. Interface deftly snuffed out the majority of the clones, but one of them was able to get through her firewalls, and proceeded to overload the defense-system. Within minutes, the palace’s artificial intelligence defenses fell, and the Chainmail Militia had an opening.

After another intense battle, however, the Daughters of Deborah were able to barely hold the palace yet again. But although Terrabyte and the rest of the Chainmail Militia was forced to retreat, they knew they had struck a crippling blow. It would only be a matter of time, before victory was finally theirs.

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