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August 8, 2016

220. SLATE




Samita Slate; Empress of the 5th Oblivion


Formed in the 5th Oblivion in the mid-22nd century




Mental Powers



Energy Projection

Tactical Skill



Power Rating: 1 – 100


Slate is all-powerful when she is in her home realm of the 5th Oblivion. Outside of the 5th Oblivion she has limited matter-manipulation abilities, as well as the ability to fly, move at high speeds, and exist and breathe in harsh conditions, such as space, extreme heat, and underwater.


Slate is the third goddess of the alternate realm, the 5th Oblivion. She was created by the realm’s original rulers, Sedah and Nevaeh, and is slated to watch over the realm when they are gone, and eventually succeed them as its empress, once their own existences come to an end.

Slate was created in the form of a young girl with unlimited potential, but her growth, development and training became a source of disagreement for her creators. Sedah believed she should be surrounded by extraordinary beings and influenced from an ocean of outside sources, while Nevaeh believed she should be kept isolated from the potential corruption of the outside world, so that she could develop in her own, natural way.

HEIGHT: 4’4″
WEIGHT: 89 lbs.
EYES: Light blue

As Nevaeh and Sedah were accustomed to do whenever something needed to be decided, they created a huge event that would go a long way toward determining Slate’s fate. This event was called The Empress Wars. The two goddesses would each teleport a group of women from all over the universe, multiverse and space-time continuum to fight on their respective behalves, and the winning army would signify which of the goddesses’ methods would be followed.

The women summoned by Nevaeh were led by Enid Remington, and they formed the Daughters of Deborah. They would be tasked with guarding a giant ornate palace, in which Slate lived happily and healthily with every amenity a burgeoning goddess could ever want or need. Sedah’s army, the Chainmail Militia, was led by Ebony Raven, and they were tasked with storming the palace and breaking Slate out.

Over fifty hyper-beings, superheroes, mega-villains and female warriors were called to participate in the Empress Wars, and none would be permitted to leave the 5th Oblivion until the conflict had come to a satisfying end. The battles would end up lasting for what felt like a year to most of the women involved, and after a series of brutal encounters, rousing victories, crushing defeats and devastating casualties, the Empress Wars culminated in a showdown between the supremely powerful hyper-cogs, London Omega and Francine Frey, also known as Placebo.

But before the two of them could melt the brains of each other, and the rest of the women in the 5th Oblivion, the goddesses decided to end the Empress Wars, with Nevaeh conceding to Sedah, and agreeing to allow all of the women who had been brought to the 5th Oblivion to imprint their skills, abilities, powers and essences onto Slate.

Slate, however, after watching and being utterly riveted by the extraordinary exploits of these women, decided she did not simply want to be imprinted upon, she wanted to actively embody the essences of them all. And so, the young goddess suddenly took control of the realm, and brought all of the Empress Warriors – dead and alive – over to where she stood. Sedah and Nevaeh then watched, as the young girl went to work in building her own, perfect self.

She took on the raw physical strength of Madam Deadhead, Tectonica and Lady Paige; she embodied the light-bending skills of Lightrider; she acquired the ability to create force-fields from Magnifica, and the ability to teleport from Cliché and Encore; she took the ice-manipulation powers of SubZeera and Thundersnow, and the fire-manipulation powers of Ember Brook and Summer Sage. Her hair became a sentient meta-physical conductor like Balayage’s, and her skin gained the ability to become hardened and impenetrable like Tylda Durden’s. She gained the power to multiply herself like Girl Six, the ability to morph into other creatures like Fata Morgana and Autumn Violet, and she acquired control over plants like Rosa Petál, as well as the ability to emit and manipulate poisonous gasses, like Chaos Kao Kwan and Paradise.

She acquired the sheer tactical hand-to-hand combat skills of Nana, Carina, Qadira Azizi, Militia and Shanga, as well as the the extreme agility of Kray Kray and Mania!. She took on the talents of expert swordswomen, such as Paula Thyatira and Sultana, and the tactical weapons expertise of Attrition and Brandi Beretta.

She acquired the ability to become invisible like Blindspot, and the power to emit and manipulate energy like Visor. She also gained control over other types of energy, like the black energy of Ebony Raven, and the galactic star power of Twinstar. She developed the technical and digital skills and abilities of Interface, Terrabyte and Cybernetica, while also taking on the meta-perception skills of Rosko, and the power-muting abilities of Deleria and Ebb.

She developed power over an astral version of herself, like Virginia Ice and the other ghost orphans, while gaining some access to the spiritual and mystical battle realms with the likes of Bajan Emerald, Mictlan, Valerie Philadelphia, Nirmala Sardis, Diabla Diaz, and the reapers Alva Devine, Jezabella and Ravana.

She gained the precognitive abilities of Kharma Lucky, and the mind-altering talents of Hysteria, and copied Lydia McManus’s ability to protect her own mind from psionic attacks, while also acquiring the full range of hyper-cognitive abilities from both Placebo and London Omega, along with and the ability to instantly comprehend and learn anything like Virtuosa.

But most importantly, she took on the leadership talents and ambitious minds of Enid Remington, Liberty Star, Makeda, Orenda, Shadow Star, and all of the other extraordinary women who had been summoned to the Empress Wars.

Slate was now a fully formed goddess of the 5th Oblivion, with a nearly unimaginable plethora of talents and abilities. But, like her creators, the scope of her powers would be greatly diminished outside of her realm, and so she would need to remain cautious when traveling to any other parts of the universe. Either way, it was now time for the young goddess to carry out her first official act – return all of the Empress warriors back to their own realms and respective states of being. With a fond farewell and a snap of her fingers, Slate did just that. She then joined her creators, Sedah and Nevaeh, and took her place as the heiress and future empress of the 5th Oblivion.

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