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August 13, 2016



William Thomas




Charleston, SC, USA, Earth (Core Reality); Mid-21st century


Human; male


Mental Powers



Energy Projection

Tactical Skill



Power Rating: 1 – 100


Willie has an above average IQ.


Willie Thomas is an anthropology professor at Emory University, who has worked closely with Dr. Jessica Beck to research the effects of accelerated hyper-human integration into society and the workforce. Dr. Beck used Willie’s extensive research as a foundation for her own work, as he had spent several decades studying the Cradle of Life – a portion of the Middle East, believed by many to be where life on Earth began millions of years ago.

HEIGHT: 5’7″
WEIGHT: 176 lbs.
SKIN: Brown
HAIR: Gray
EYES: Brown

American society had become split over the effects of hyper-human integration. And with the recent discovery of Edgar Lockhart as a hyper-human mega-villain, as well as the rise of London Omega as a worldwide hyper-villain menace, tensions between the two opposing sides seemed to be at an all-time high. President Enid Remington attempted to quell the animosity, however, her complicity in the Project INTEL government program, implemented by corrupt official Knox Hyde, had caused lots of people to sour on her.

Willie Thomas was one of the academics who actually agreed with the Project INTEL initiative, and was first in line to have an intellicap implemented into his head, which allowed the INTEL team to monitor his brain activity, and consequently shut it down if any signs of evil intent became apparent. Dr. Beck vehemently disagreed with his position on Project INTEL, but ultimately respected his work and his position. Plus, as a brilliant mind herself, the government mandated that she, too be intellicapped.

When it came to hyper-human integration, Professor Thomas was a lot more moderate in his beliefs. As a student of social-human evolution, he felt it was important to continue moving into the future; but he also believed it had to be done at a sustainable pace. In other words, he saw the need for hyper-human integration, while also seeing the dangers of its current acceleration. Which is why he was able to see the merit in Dr. Beck’s expedition back in time, in which a team of scientists, scholars and historians would attempt to study the period of time in the early 21st century, when hyper-human integration started.

A large vessel called the Interceptor was built, and a hyper-being, Cynthia Quantic, who had the ability to travel across the space-time continuum, was recruited to assist with the journey. After a few months of prep, Dr. Beck, Professor Thomas, and nearly a hundred others boarded the vessel, and began the journey back in time. However, something went wrong, and they ended up being slung back over five hundred years. Furthermore, the Interceptor was knocked off the Core Reality timeline, and onto an alternate timeline, and consequently an alternate Earth.

The planet, which would come to be known as Super Earth One, was uninhabited by any living creatures, (other than plants) and it was full of untapped resources. Which was good, because the journey back in time knocked Cynthia unconscious, leaving the expedition team stranded. Under Dr. Beck’s direction and leadership, they began to establish a new society, however, Willie Thomas disagreed with the idea of giving up hope of a return and he, along with a small group of others, consistently pushed for her to dedicate more resources to trying to get back to the future, and their own timeline.

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