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August 14, 2016



Shay Daniels (Maiden)


Shay Adama; Dr. Adama


Springfield, MA, USA, Earth (Core Reality); Late 21st century


Human; female


Mental Powers



Energy Projection

Tactical Skill



Power Rating: 1 – 100


Shay Adama is an incredibly intelligent physician.


Dr. Shay Adama was born in Springfield, Massachusetts, and from an early age she knew she wanted to be a doctor. After graduating from Platinum City Medical School, however, she never thought she’d find an interest in hyper-human physiology. She spent several years studying under Dr. Elizabeth St. Pierre at New Hero Hospital, and before long became one of the foremost scholars and authorities on the subject.

HEIGHT: 5’6″
WEIGHT: 139 lbs.
SKIN: Brown
HAIR: Black
EYES: Light brown

It would only make sense that she became very interested, and subsequently very sought after once the black market hyper-serum epidemic hit the world. It began when hyper-human integration – a societal ideal that had been accepted, lauded and promoted by people like media mogul Laquacia Nightingale, and politicians like President Enid Remington herself – began to have negative effects on society. As pointed out by Powerhouse Network CEO Kat Haverford and hyper-anthropology professor Dr. Jessica Beck, the integration of hypers like Graphica, SubZeera and Rosa Petál into the workforce had caused unemployment to balloon to record numbers.

Along with the protests and backlash against hypers and the people who employed them, some people tried to take advantage by attempting to market and create hyper-serums to sell to desperate citizens, who thought the best way to gain viability in the workplace was to become a hyper-being. The problem was that there were only about four people in the world who knew how to produce actual hyper-serums; none of the stuff being sold on the black market was transforming anyone into a hyper. Furthermore, all of these phony hyper-serums were creating new diseases and deformities in humans all over the world. Shay Adama was suddenly the most popular doctor on the planet, as everyone looked to her for answers on how to deal with these new ailments and conditions.

She began treating hundreds of patients, and using them as test subjects to figure out what was going on. Dr. St. Pierre and Dr. Dennis “Destructo” Daniels allowed her to move her offices from Platinum City to New Hero Hospital in Seattle, where she would have much more space and resources to work. She secretly called in Vic Carnel to assist her. Vic was one of the few people on the planet who knew how to create viable hyper-serums, which meant that if anyone ever found out where he was, he would be practically hunted down.

The two of them worked round the clock to figure out how to fight all of these new illnesses, including a half-dozen forms of cancer that had never been seen before. Additionally, Shay would release daily videos on the internet, imploring people to stop taking black market hyper-serums. But despite her pleas, the number of serum-related ailments continued to rise.

Eventually, Dr. Adama was contacted by her friend and peer, Dr. Jessica Beck. Dr. Beck was putting together an expedition team that would travel back in time about a hundred years, to study a time period that was mysteriously missing from the historical archives of the world. Jessica believed that this time period could have the key to stopping the present from devolving into a cataclysmic future. With Vic Carnel continuing their work back at New Her Hospital, Dr. Adama agreed to join the team. After a few months of preparation they loaded a special vessel called the Interceptor and, using the time-travel hyper-abilities of Cynthia Quantic, set out on a journey to travel back to the early 21st century.

But something went wrong, and they all ended up over five hundred years in the past, and on an alternate part of the space-time continuum. Without a way to get back to the present (as Cynthia fell into a coma), Jessica Beck, Shay Adama and the other expedition members set out to create a new society on the planet that would come to be known as Super Earth One.

Dr. Adama would become the chief medical technician of the new society, which bloomed quickly, due to that fact that the 97-member expedition team was filled with intelligent minds, brilliant strategists, and even a couple of hyper-beings. It was only a few years before Shay and the others grew comfortable in their new world. Dr. Adama, however, rarely left the side of her most important patient, Cynthia Quantic, as they all continued to hold on to hope that one day she would come out of her coma, and get them back to the future, and their own timeline.

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