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August 16, 2016



Priscilla Jordan




El Paso, TX, USA, Earth (Core Reality); Late 21st Century


Human; female


Mental Powers



Energy Projection

Tactical Skill



Power Rating: 1 – 100


Priscilla is a very smart astronomer.


Priscilla Jordan is a brilliant astronomer who was born in El Paso, Texas and worked for NASA for several years before being tapped by Dr. Jessica Beck for an extraordinary expedition back in time to study a period in history that may have directly contributed to a chain of events that were potentially leading to a future cataclysm. Beck’s research and hypothesis centered around the pros and cons of accelerated hyper-human integration in society and beyond.

HEIGHT: 5’7″
WEIGHT: 131 lbs.
SKIN: White
HAIR: Black
EYES: Brown

As someone who studied the stars and cosmos and made it a lifelong goal to reconcile the minuteness of Earth and humanity’s place on the vastness of the spacetime continuum and the massive scale of the multiverse itself. Her primary job at NASA was to map out navigation trajectories for spacecrafts and starships, which meant she had in depth knowledge of how the galaxy was morphing and changing on a near-constant basis.

Though Priscilla was probably one of the more knowledgeable people on the planet when it came to the layout of space, she could never be an astronaut, as she was born with a rare medical condition that prevented her body from properly pressurizing in different atmospheres such as underwater or in high altitudes.

Time-travel, however, did not trigger her condition. So, when she was tapped by Dr. Beck to join her on the Interceptor she happily agreed. Priscilla became part of a team that was comprised of nearly a hundred scientists and historians as well as a a few hyper-beings, most notably Cynthia Quantic who had the ability to pull the ship and its crew back across the space time continuum to the early 21st century where they would conduct their study.

The vessel, however, jumped too far and landed nearly 500 years past their target point. Additionally they were bumped off their native timeline and landed on an alternate earth, that had not yet been inhabited with any living creatures (outside of plants). With Cynthia knocked unconscious by the journey, and not able to be revived, Priscilla and the rest of the expedition team found themselves trapped on this planet that would come to be known as Super Earth One.

They eventually built a brand new society and using the Interceptor’s instruments, as well as her own expertise, Priscilla determined that this new timeline moved faster and that a year was about seven months. She named these seven-month periods “quantics.”

It was 6 quantics before everyone finally accepted their fate, and it was another 3 to 4 quantics before Super Earth started to feel like home. In total it was about 15 quantics before there was a change in Cynthia’s condition. Dr. Shay Adama and Priscilla were sitting near her comatose body when a surge of chronokinetic energy suddenly emanated from her being. For a day or two they thought this consistent flow of energy from Cynthia signified that she would soon be waking from her coma, but alas she did not. There was a positive byproduct, however, as they were able to harness the energy and use it to power a wide variety of machines and tools. The chronokinetic energy proved to be more powerful than electricity and a great resource for the burgeoning community.

As the community continued to grow from a village to a town to a full blown city, Priscilla continued to study the stars and and their current spot on the spacetime continuum. She was discovering some fascinating things, however one night some of her calculations revealed something that was less fascinating and more frightening. She learned that the Super Earth One Reality was in a metaphysical cycle that seemed to be getting smaller and smaller. In other words, the world the were on would eventually end.

She shared this info with Dr. Beck, who was now serving as the governor of the new society. Priscilla also told her that her calculations suggested it would be at least a couple of hundred quantics before the end came. Therefore Dr. Beck decided not to tell the rest of the community, as they would all be gone before that came to past. A few quantics later, however, everything changed.

The first child of the new world was born…

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