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August 17, 2016



Daniel Brandt




Syracuse, NY, USA, Earth (Core Reality); Late 21st century


Human; male


Mental Powers



Energy Projection

Tactical Skill



Power Rating: 1 – 100


Danny is a brilliant engineer.


Danny Brandt is a successful civil engineer from Platinum City. He worked for the Platinum City Engineers Corps for several years, before being tapped by Dr. Jessica Beck to join her special expedition team. Along with Willie Thomas, Shay Adama, Cynthia Quantic, Priscilla Jordan, and nearly one hundred other extraordinary scientists, historians, and hyper-beings, he would board a special vessel called the Interceptor, and using Cynthia’s hyper-ability, they would jump back to a period in time that seemed to be missing from all the history archives. They would study this time period – near the beginning of the 21st century – and learn everything they could about how hyper-human integration began, both an amazing boost to humanity, as well as a pattern of events that could lead to humanity’s demise.

HEIGHT: 5’7″
WEIGHT: 158 lbs.
SKIN: White
HAIR: Black
EYES: Gray

There was a problem, however, as Cynthia’s powers – after being boosted by Carlos “Flow” Valenzuela – shot them back past their target time period by five hundred years. Furthermore, the Interceptor was knocked off the Core Reality timeline, and they ended up on an alternate, uninhabited planet that would come to be known as Super Earth One. The journey had also rendered Cynthia unconscious.

The medical team worked continuously for weeks trying to revive Cynthia, while some of the scientists worked equally as hard in an effort to replicate her powers. Both initiatives failed to yield any positive results. And even if they could replicate her powers, without her conscious participation in the continuum jump, they would not be able to gain access to her chrono-anchor, which meant there was no telling whether they’d be able to jump back to their own native timeline at all.

With members of the exhibition team growing more desperate and despondent, it was Danny who suggested to Dr. Beck that she shift the team’s focus from the seemingly impossible task of getting home to a new mission – a mission to build a brand new society; a brand new home. The announcement was made at a meeting that came to be known as the Interceptor Summit, as it was held atop the vessel, and included all members of the expedition team – well, all except Cynthia Quantic. Danny stood beside Dr. Beck as she presented the idea. She was careful not to offer a plan of compromise and surrender in the face of Cynthia’s condition; but instead appealed to the innovative nature of the team members; their curiosity, their pioneer spirits. She did not present a plan; she presented a vision of revolution and re-evolution. She presented an opportunity to do something that very few groups of people in the history of time and space ever get to do: create a brand new world.

The Interceptor Summit was a huge success! A small number of dissenters led by WIllie Thomas aside, they set their minds to building the future of a New Earth. Danny was tasked with leading a team to plan out what the community would look like. He worked out extensive blueprints, and they set out to begin the building process. With the number of brilliant minds on hand, as well as the advanced technology of the Interceptor, coming up with all of the needed structures, roads and utilities was easy. And with the presence of Bernard Gilgamesh, a hyper-being with enhanced strength, and Frenetic, a telekinetic hyper-being, the construction of said needs wasn’t to difficult, either.

It wasn’t long before Danny and his team had created a small town on the Southern Continent of the Super Earth One, called Beckington. At the behest of Willie Thomas and some of the other dissenters, Danny’s team also built a town on the Northern Continent, which came to be called Damascus. Over the next 15 quantics (the equivalent of years on Super Earth One) several more towns, and eventually cities were built.

And then, Danny Brandt and one of the assistant mechanical engineers by name of Paloma Vincent became romantically involved, and had a son. The child was celebrated throughout Beckington, and he signified that the Super Earth One was now their permanent home. They named the child Michael Xander Hope, and when he was twelve days old, they took him to visit the Quantic Temple. During the visit, however, something extraordinary happened: a portion of Cynthia’s chronokinetic cocoon rose from her body, and engulfed the infant. It was astonishing! At first it seemed the aura was dancing around him; almost inspecting him. It swirled above his head, wisped around his tiny body, and encircled his hands and feet. They were sure that Cynthia’s aura had imprinted on the child. But they were wrong, for Michael’s mother, Priscilla, began to notice a different relationship between her son and the chronokinetic energy – it was not analyzing him; it was obeying him! He was controlling it!

Danny and Paloma had not only given birth to the first child on Super Earth One, but they’d given birth to the first new hyper-human. Michael was able to manipulate time – and all of a sudden, the people of Super Earth One had a new sense of hope. But they would need to have patience, for it would be nearly 21 quantics before Michael was able to truly understand and control his powers. In that time, many more humans and hyper-humans were born, and Super Earth One became more and more populated.

This concerned Danny. He reminded Jessica Beck, Shay Adama and the other leaders that the initial expedition team was barely a hundred people, and wondered if the fact that the population at that point had already quadrupled would make it more difficult, or even impossible for his son to pull them all back to their native timeline. Danny felt Jessica should institute a policy that would slow down population growth. Dr. Adama told him that his idea would be difficult to implement, especially with the fact that the metaphysics of Super Earth One made everyone extremely fertile, in addition to the fact that gestation periods were much shorter – 13 weeks, as opposed to 40.

Jessica then told Danny that he should not pin such lofty hopes to his son, and that he should accept the fact that Super Earth One is their new home and, Michael should be allowed to exist as his own man, not as a savior to everyone else. Danny left the meeting disappointed and angry, but with new a sense of resolve. He went home, and continued training his son to be the hero he knew he was and could be…

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