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August 18, 2016



Anthony Isaacs




Compton, CA, USA, Earth (Core Reality); Mid-21st century


Human; male


Mental Powers



Energy Projection

Tactical Skill



Power Rating: 1 – 100


Anthony Isaacs is a super intelligent professor of sociology.


Anthony Issacs was one of the original members of Dr. Jessica Beck’s expedition team, which attempted to travel back in time to study a period at the very beginning of the 21st century that had, for some reason, disappeared from the historical archives of the world, and was theorized by Beck to hold some key answers as to why accelerated hyper-human integration into the world at large could be leading to cataclysm.

Along with Willie Thomas, Shay Adama, Cynthia Quantic, Priscilla Jordan, Danny Brandt, and team of nearly a hundred others, they boarded the Interceptor vessel, and set out on the time-traveling journey. However, they shot back past their target point, and landed several hundred years earlier – as well as in an alternate realm on an alternate Earth, which would come to be known as Super Earth One.

HEIGHT: 6’3″
WEIGHT: 174 lbs.
SKIN: Brown
HAIR: Brown with gray
EYES: Brown

After realizing they were stuck on this new planning, the people, under the leadership of Jessica Beck, began a new society, and within 30 quantics (the seven-month period that serves as Super Earth One’s years), the expedition team had quadrupled in population. As the new population grew, Anthony Isaacs, a sociologists during his days on Native Timeline Earth, was tasked with overseeing the creation of a set of societal rules and laws. Anthony, however, had been someone who disparaged many of the self-serving politicians from Native Earth who seemed to mostly make self-serving laws and rules. So instead, he proposed what he believed to be a more simple and straightforward ideal to govern over the people.

It was simply called “The New Way”, and it reductively stated that “You will always put the other before yourself.” The vast majority of the expedition team, and subsequently their children, grasped hold of this single statute, and in turn created a society of cooperation and true empathetic compassion. The idea of monetary gain and financial capitalism was useless to New Earth, as there was more than enough previously untapped resources and materials to sustain them 100 times over.

The notion of greed was eradicated, and not one person was held above any other. Were there disagreements from time to time? Absolutely. Some matters simply cannot be governed, especially those matters that cannot be specifically quantified or judicially qualified, such as matters of the heart. In fact, Anthony’s greatest challenge was navigating the complicated notions of amorous affection filtered through the lens of natural hormonal behavior. In other words: relationship drama. After all, putting the “other before yourself” becomes a little more difficult, when that particular other has hurt you in an irrevocable way. In most other cases, things were quickly, if not easily, resolved.

Anthony’s New Way was fiercely upheld, and before long society on Super Earth One was thriving. Complications, however, did arise, and it began with the birth of the first new child, Michael Xander Hope. His birth also signified the arrival of the first new hyper-being. Because money had no value, it was the idea of power that soon became the new currency. And as more and more hyper-beings were being born, it was clear that the scales of power could potentially tip into some very unbalanced territory.

Anthony worked tireless to keep the New Way relevant and adaptive to how society worked, and luckily Michael, whose immense set of hyper-abilities made him the most powerful individual on Super Earth One, grew up to become an advocate of The New Way. Governor Beck asked Anthony and Michael to make it their top priority to see to it that hypers and human continued to work seamlessly together, and for the most part, that was exactly what happened.

But then came the birth and rise of a man who would come to be known as CodeName Zero. He was the first true hyper-villain, and he began to devise ways to gain more and more influence, and in turn, more and more power. As more humans and hypers began to subscribe to his idea of going against the New Way and putting one’s self above others, CodeName Zero became more and more “wealthy”.

It became Anthony’s job to figure out a way to work with CodeName Zero to find a compromise. But the villain was not interested in compromise, which became clear during their first – and only – meeting. Against the advice of Michael, Anthony traveled to CodeName Zero’s lair, and attempted to negotiate. The villain, however, decided to make an example out of the governor’s advisor, and used his zero-energy to tear Anthony to pieces, effectively destroying him.

Michael Xander Hope, who up to that point had been serving as an officer of the peace, decided it was time to realize himself as the true hero his father Danny Brandt always thought he should be. It was time for him to become Captain Infinity. But before any showdown with the hyper-villain could happen, Anthony Isaacs, the first individual to have his life taken by another resident of Super Earth One, had to be memorialized.

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