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August 19, 2016



Deanna Grace


Rev. Grace; Minister Grace; Pastor Deanna; Elder Grace


Platinum City, USA, Earth (Core Reality); Mid-21st century


Human; female


Mental Powers



Energy Projection

Tactical Skill



Power Rating: 1 – 100


Deanna is well-versed in numerous religious and holy texts.


Deanna Grace is a minister who believes in the Judeo-Christian Bible, and served many years as an extremely successful pastor and televangelist. She had traveled all over the world preaching the gospel, helping the needy, fighting for social justice, and advocating for those who could not advocate for themselves. She believed wholeheartedly in the divine will and sovereignty of the one true living God, and her faith was absolutely unshakable. Then came the rise of the hyper-beings.

HEIGHT: 5’5″
WEIGHT: 143 lbs.
SKIN: Brown
HAIR: Black
EYES: Brown

For most ministers, and men and women of faith, the arrival and inclusion of beings with extraordinary abilities and godlike powers was frightening. To them, it signified the End of Days, or that the arrival of the Antichrist would soon be at hand. Deanna, however, was one of the few prominent ministers who actually believed the sudden boom of hyper-beings in the world was a sign that God was actually making his presence felt in a tangible way, which hadn’t been seen since Biblical days. These hyper-beings were men and women with the power to do great wonders! There were people who could call on and control the movements and motivations of animals like Noah, or cause oceans to split apart like Moses. There were instances of animals speaking in plain decipherable tongues like Balaam’s donkey, and others prophesying through dreams and visions like Joseph, and so many others from the New and Old Testaments.

There were people healing sicknesses, transforming water to blood or to wine, ascending into the heavens, casting out demons, and more miracles that hadn’t been seen or recorded since the times of Abraham, Elijah, Jesus and Paul. In Minister Grace’s eyes, if there was ever a time to believe in the existence and providence of God, this was it, as there was more evidence than ever.

As you can imagine, there were those who believed she was crazy, and many of her peers tried to dissuade her from endorsing such a radical interpretation of the Holy text. But she was not deterred. In fact, she was emboldened in her beliefs when she learned of the existence of ghost orphans. After the mayor of Platinum City, Gemini DeLisi had given a nationally televised speech, touching on a series of events that had happened throughout the city, including a wild seven-week event at Platinum City University involving Disa Philadelphia and other Veil hunters, and a massacre at a cathedral that was rumored to involve over 200 possessed priests and a group of men and women who liberated them of their evil spirits, it was evident that there was even more to the story than she could imagine.

This was riveting to Deanna, and she sought out members of the Veil to speak to them and learn from them. It was difficult, because many of them had gone into hiding since the Virginia IceLegion’s Gate incident. Fortunately, however, she was able to get in touch with Reagan Smyrna, who just happened to be the most historically versed member of the Veil. They met secretly in a discrete chamber at Minster Grace’s massive Platinum City Church Complex, and for several hours Reagan shared all kinds of stories and information with her. Though short, Deanna was eternally thankful for their time together.

Deanna was also a counselor to Dr. Jessica Beck, who had been studying hyper-anthropology and the effects of accelerated hyper-human integration into the workforce and the world at large. After months of research and prep, Dr. Beck had brought together an expedition team to travel back in time to a period in the early 21st century, which seemed to have been erased from the world’s historical archives. Interestingly enough, this same time period had been missing from Reagan Smyrna’s otherwise exhaustive history of the ghost orphanage. Deanna approached Jessica about joining the expedition, and the good doctor happily agreed.

With the help of time-traveling hyper-human Cynthia Quantic, the expedition team of about a hundred people boarded a craft called the Interceptor, and set off on their journey. However, something went wrong, and they ended up shooting back nearly five hundred years in the past AND onto an alternate timeline altogether. With Cynthia deep in a coma, Beck led the expedition team in an effort to colonize the new and uninhibited world, which would come to be known as Super Earth One.

Over the next 30 to 40 quantics (the seven-month periods that made up a year in this realm), the society grew and blossomed with a half dozen new cities and a booming population, as gestation periods were much shorter on Super Earth One. As the spiritual leader of this new world, Minister Grace was heavily relied upon to comfort, counsel and reassure the others, especially those who believed in God, but had questions as to why a loving Father would take them all away from their world, their homes and their families. She also conducted weekly vigils at the Quantic Temple, where it was a tradition for many to come and pray for the recovery of Cynthia and/or the discovery of a way to get back to their native world and timeline.

It was also Deanna’s job to conduct marriage ceremonies, baby christenings, baptisms, and other events that many of the people associated with a degree of celebration through spiritual affirmation. On the flip side, she was also tasked with being one of the key enforcers of The New Way, which was the governing law of Super Earth One that stated “You Will Always Put The Other Before Yourself”. This meant she had to be an arbiter during disagreements between citizens, and a judge during cases involving estrangement or divorce between some of the very same couples she married.

Her toughest job, however, came after the first violent death to occur on Super Earth One. Sociologist Anthony Isaacs had sought to reason with the powerful and power-hungry super-villain, CodeName Zero, in hopes of halting the reign of terror he had begun to implement. But during their meeting CodeName Zero destroyed Mr. Isaacs, and put the rest of Super Earth One on notice that he was just getting started.

Deanna Grace was tasked with taking the lead on the funeral preparations, conducting the burial ceremony, and again being a voice of reason and comfort for dozens and dozens of confused and frightened people. She also gave counsel to a young man by the name of Michael Xander Hope, whose incredible set of hyper-abilities gave him the best chance of stopping CodeName Zero and the army of super-villains he was building.

After receiving a blessing from Deanna, Michael took on his persona as Young Captain Infinity, and set out to bring the tyrant to justice…

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