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August 21, 2016





CodeName Zero


Southern Continent, Super Earth One (Infiniverse Reality); Pre-Hyper-Human War


Hyper-human; male


Mental Powers



Energy Projection

Tactical Skill



Power Rating: 1 – 100


CodeName Zero has enhanced strength and durability, as well as the ability to wield a mysterious force called zero-energy. It allows him to fly and emit concussive blasts. Additionally, he carries a powerful sword called the zero-blade. He is a proficient brawler.


CodeName Zero was the very first supervillain of Super Earth One, an alternate reality Earth discovered by Dr. Jessica Beck. After a long period of peace on the burgeoning and thriving world, as well as the birth and rise of the first superhero, Michael Xander Hope – aka Captain Infinity, CodeName Zero recruited an army of supervillains, and began his reign of terror.

HEIGHT: 6’7″
WEIGHT: 359 lbs.
SKIN: White
HAIR: Brown
EYES: Unknown

He wasn’t born an evil man. In fact, as a child he was a sweet, if a little awkward, boy. But as he grew, he began to lust for power. And once he discovered that he had hyper-abilities – specifically the ability to wield zero-energy, which could counteract the time-manipulation powers of Captain Infinity – he set out to take over Super Earth One.

His first recruits to the Army of Shadows were Arrowhead and Spring Lily, who quickly became his most powerful and loyal minions. They clashed with Captain Infinity and the Infinity Force on many occasions, and for a long time the battles were very even across the board. CodeName Zero, however, gained an advantage when he discovered The Source, an orb that gave power to all of the hyper-beings on Super Earth One. Once Zero figured out a way to sustain hyper-abilities with his zero-energy he broke away from The Source, then set his sights on destroying it. The battles between The Army of Shadows and The Infinity Force over The Source were epic, but they also caused tons of collateral damage to the cities of Super Earth One.

People began to speak out against hyper-beings, and while Captain infinity attempted to quell the conflict, CodeName Zero made concerted efforts to fan the flames. In turn, many more hypers began to join the Army of Shadows. This put Captain Infinity and his Infinity Force at a great disadvantage. CodeName Zero began to cast himself and other hypers as victims and slaves to the humans. He pointed out how the hypers had used their powers and done so much to help build Super Earth One into the incredible society it was, yet not a single hyper-being had ever been chosen to be a part of the governing body. The message hit home, and Zero’s army became more and more powerful.

Even Captain Infinity’s sister, Centuria began to agree with CodeName Zero’s message. And although she did not turn from the Source and join the Army of Shadows, she did become a staunch advocate for hyper-human rights. This, of course, put her at odds with her brother, which indicated to CodeName Zero that his plan was working even better than he could have expected.

The mastermind hyper-villain, however, was ready to take his scheme to the next level, and so he directed his army to turn their focus away from the Infinity Force, and launch an attack on the Capitol Building of Beckington. Of course, Captain Infinity and his team was on hand to defend it. After another epic showdown, the Army of Shadows was turned away, but the Capitol Building was destroyed, and several innocent humans perished.

CodeName Zero had lost the battle, but he had taken the final step in inciting a new war. Hyper-Human tensions soon reached a boiling point, and despite Captain Infinity’s tireless liaison work, he could not successfully mediate between the two sides. Then in an incredible turn of events, Centuria, Captain Infinity’s own sister, became one of the leading advocates for hyper-human rights. Many of the heroes who refused to join CodeName Zero, had no problem at all supporting Centuria, who was considered by most to be the second greatest hero on Super Earth One.

Within weeks, CodeName Zero came to Centuria and pledged his allegiance to her cause, making her the undisputed leader of the Hyper-Being Legion. There was only one step left in the the supervillain’s master plan: incite the Hyper-Human War…

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