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August 22, 2016



Jade Chrome


General Jade Chrome; Lady Chrome


Southern Continent, Super Earth One (Infiniverse Reality); Pre-Hyper-Human War


Human; female


Mental Powers



Energy Projection

Tactical Skill



Power Rating: 1 – 100


Jade Chrome is a master tactician and commander. She is expertly versed in dozens of battle techniques, and has developed a multitude of weapons and armors for use against humans and hyper-beings. Her energy-blade is specifically designed to cut through hardened organic material.


Jade was born on the Southern Continent of Super Earth One. As a young girl, she was a huge fan of the superhero Captain Infinity and his heroic sister, Centuria. She had a desire to serve and protect the people, and was pretty disappointed when she realized she would probably never develop hyper-abilities of her own.

HEIGHT: 6’1″
WEIGHT: 147 lbs.
SKIN: Brown
HAIR: Brown
EYES: Brown

She did not give up on her dream, however, and instead enlisted in the Super Earth Military Corps. While it was up to Captain Infinity to battle the main enemy, CodeName Zero and his Army of Shadows, it was the SEMC’s job to protect the law-abiding citizens against some of the other threats, like mobsters, rebels, gangs and more. At the age of 21 quantics, Jade joined the Corps, and from the moment she stepped onto the base it was clear to see that she was made for war. She blasted through basic training, aced advanced training, and quickly accelerated through commander’s training. Within just 7 quantics, Jade had risen to the rank of General, and taken over as the commander of the SEMC.

She was a very hands-on commander, and led a number of missions to take down criminals, villains, and other potential threats. She even had a few clashes with members of CodeName Zero’s Army of Shadows, and though she had no natural hyper-abilities of her own, her expert use of her battle armor and wide array of high-tech weapons made her a very formidable combatant against anyone.

Jade also had many opportunities to work alongside Captain Infinity and the Infinity Force, and for a while it was like a dream come true for her. However, as the battles between the Infinity Force and the Army of Shadows continued to escalate, Jade found herself leading more and more missions to save humans from the collateral damage caused by the clashes. People began to speak out against all hypers, not just the villains; and in turn, hypers began to join a common chorus of rebuttals against the humans.

Before long, Centuria, along with CodeName Zero and the vast majority of all other hypers on Super Earth One, formed the Hyper-Being Legion. In response, Jade Chrome began to prepare the SEMC by developing weapons and armor that was theoretically more effective against hyper-beings. She began studying their powers and formulating countermeasures, just in case something went down…

It turned out that something did go down, as eventually all of the tension came to a head, and The Hyper-Being Legion and the SEMC declared war against one another. Captain Infinity immediately swooped in and began to mediate. He called a meeting with Centuria and Jade, and demanded they attempt to work out a solution that wouldn’t end in war.

Centuria made numerous demands. After several days of discussions, however, no terms could be reached. All parties left the meetings with even more anger and animosity. It became clear that war was imminent. Over the next few weeks, Centuria gathered all the hyper-beings of Super Earth One, while Jade put out a call to every able-bodied human to join the SEMC.

Then on the 57th day of the 234th quantic, the two massive armies marched out to meet each other on the battlefield. Captain Infinity immediately flew in between the two forces, and demanded that everyone stand down. He appealed to Jade Chrome, and implored her to listen to reason. He tried to tell her that war would not resolve anything. Jade responded with the idea that he should be speaking to his own sister, and the other members of his Infinity Force who had joined her and combined forces with the Army of Shadows.

Captain Infinity did just that. He flew over to the other side and begged his sister to stand down, but Centuria had already made up her mind, and expressed to her brother that the only way the war could be stopped was if he destroyed both sides. Jade agreed with that sentiment, and Captain Infinity was left with the choice to either use his immense powers to end everyone’s existence, or leave the battleground and abstain from participating.

With both sides determined to not back down, Captain Infinity decided to not only leave the battlefield, but leave the planet’s surface. He exiled himself to the planet’s core, near The Source that powered the world.

Moments later the war began, and from the very beginning it was an absolute massacre. Despite the modifications and advancements Jade had made to the SEMC’s gear and weapons, they stood no chance against the wide array of abilities from the members of the Hyper-Being Legion. The humans were annihilated, and within mere hours they were down to their final soldier: General Jade Chrome.

The general fought with every bit of skill and strength she had, and was even able to take down a few hyper-beings. But in the end, she, too, was overwhelmed and defeated. It was Centuria herself who levied the final and fatal blow.

The Hyper-Human Was was over, and Super Earth One had now fully realized its namesake.

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