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August 23, 2016



Tori Hope




Southern Continent, Super Earth One (Core Reality); Pre-Hyper-Human War


Hyper-human; female


Mental Powers



Energy Projection

Tactical Skill



Power Rating: 1 – 100


Centuria has enhanced speed, strength and battle acumen. She is trained in a number of fighting techniques, and is an extremely accurate markswoman. She carries the Infinity Rings, which are made of an unbreakable substance and can emit powerful electrical bursts. When she comes in contact with her brother, Captain Infinity, she has limited ability to speed up and slow down time.


Centuria was born on the Southern Continent of Super Earth One, and was the leader of the Hyper-Being Legion that wiped out all humans from the planet during the Hyper-Human War. She is also the sister of noble Michael Xander Hope, aka Captain Infinity. In an effort to abstain from participating in the war, he exiled himself.

After the devastatingly destructive war had ended with Centuria destroying the final member of the human army, General Jade Chrome, the hyper-beings had to rebuild the world, and establish a new society. As expected, Centuria took the lead in this respect, directing the reconstruction of Beckington, and putting together a set of new laws to govern the hyper-human community. CodeName Zero also took on a leadership role in Centuria’s new world. Of course, he was plotting to dethrone her and take over the world himself, but he was patient and bided his time. He happily took on the job of creating a merc squad, whose mission was to hunt down any remaining non-hyper-humans and take them out.

HEIGHT: 5’9″
WEIGHT: 138 lbs.
SKIN: White
HAIR: Black
EYES: Light brown

For a while, Centuria continued to lead the rebirth of Super Earth One, and it was quite glorious. The cities were bigger, the technology was more advanced, and the people seemed happier than ever. Centuria was lauded as an incredible governor. But then, CodeName Zero enacted the next phase of his plan. Secretly, he had continued to recruit more and more members to his merc squad until it was a full-blown army again. He then returned to Centuria’s Capital Complex, and launched an attack! Centuria and her forces were totally caught off-guard, and CodeName Zero successfully took over as the ruler of Super Earth One.

Centuria escaped with her life, but she was forced into exile and had to watch from a distance as CodeName Zero reshaped society in his own image. Luckily for her the image was that of a dictator, and several hyper-beings who had been part of the Infinity Force before the Hyper-Human War soon left Zero’s society and joined her as she began to plan a revolt. Despite the help and talents of Doc Diligence, Miranda Miracle, Sapphire Bolt and others, CodeName Zero’s iron rule and massive army proved to be too much to overcome. Centuria finally conceded that the only way to defeat CodeName Zero was to find Captain Infinity!

Centuria left Doc Diligence in charge of the rebellion, and began her journey toward the center of Super Earth One. It took several weeks, but she finally reached the core and found her brother sitting silently in a deep state of meditation. When he opened his eyes, he was happy to see her and immediately hugged her. They spoke for a while. She recounted the Hyper-Human War and its aftermath, and told him that he was needed in order to overthrow CodeName Zero, who had turned out to be a tyrant.

Captain Infinity agreed to come back and help. But first, he had to tell her what he had learned while in exile. During his period of meditation he had received a vision that Super Earth One would one day come to an end, and that everyone on it would be destroyed, unless they were connected to The Source. Despite the vividness of the vision he was not one to take the prophecy at face value, and so he used his time-manipulation powers to examine the Super Earth One timeline, and to his shock, the vision was true – at some point in the future the Infiniverse Timeline would catch up to and collide with the Core Reality Timeline, and there was nothing he or anyone else could do to stop it.

Captain Infinity said he would only help Centuria if she agreed to assist him in bringing as many heroes and hypers into the Light as possible, in order to get them connected to The Source. It was a deal. And with that, Captain Infinity and Centuria set out to return to the surface.

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