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August 27, 2016



Spring Lily




Southern Continent, Super Earth One, (Infiniverse Reality)


Hyper-human; female


Mental Powers



Energy Projection

Tactical Skill



Power Rating: 1 – 100


Spring Lily can control and manipulate plant life.


Spring Lily is a treacherous villain who was born on Super Earth One, a planet in an alternate time realm that was discovered by Jessica Beck and her expedition team, when they attempted to go back in time a hundred years, but instead ended up going back nearly five hundred, and landing on a different timeline altogether.

HEIGHT: 5’9″
WEIGHT: 122 lbs.
SKIN: White
HAIR: Blonde
EYES: Hazel

After learning they would be stuck on this new planet, the expedition team began to build a new society, and for a very long time Super Earth One blossomed into an incredibly wonderful place to live. Then came the Hyper-Human War, which saw all of the hyper-beings (heroic and villainous) unite under Centuria and CodeName Zero to form Hyper-Being Legion, in a conflict against the human military corps led by General Jade Chrome.

The most powerful hero of Super Earth One, Michael Xander Hope, aka Captain Infinity, abstained from fighting in the war, and exiled himself. Spring Lily, who had been the victim of hyper-shaming, vehemently supported the war effort, fought ferociously during the conflict, and then participated in the hunting down, and eventual extermination of all humans on Super Earth One.

Centuria led the effort to re-establish the war-torn planet, and brought it back to its original glory. However, Spring Lily was by the side of CodeName Zero when he led a successful coup to overthrow Centuria, and take over as dictator. Centuria and Doc Diligence led a rebellion against the Army of Shadows, but were easily turned away by the much more numerous and powerful villains, and so they set out to bring Captain Infinity back from exile. But while Centuria was searching for him, CodeName Zero, Night Blitz, and a large squad of villains attacked the Infinity City Base.

It was a slaughter, and Doc Diligence himself was on the verge of being destroyed, when Winter Rose showed up and used her elemental powers to give a little hope to the desperate heroes. Her success was short-lived though as Spring Lily, Winter Rose’s former best friend, entered the fray and engaged her.

Winter Rose and Spring Lily had grown up together in the time before the Hyper-Human War. As teenagers, they initially formed a superheroine squad, along with a pair of sisters named Summer Sage and Autumn Violet, called “Chrysalis,” but after several adventures and battles together, their alliance fractured. It was during a mission they went on to stop CodeName Zero from kidnapping Cynthia Quantic, who had been rendered comatose ever since the initial journey of Dr. Jessica Beck and her expedition team. He was hoping to harness the chronokinetic energy she gave off to augment his own zero-energy.

The battle was intense, as Chrysalis coordinated their attacks with precision and harmony. Spring Lily’s enhanced strength, along with her ability to unleash vines from her hands made her best suited to engage Zero head-on, while the others hit him from various angles. A series of miscommunications, however, threw them off balance, and the situation became chaotic. Zero was able to gain the upper hand using his zero-energy to blast his way through Chrysalis. They pulled themselves together enough to stop him from taking Cynthia, but he did end up being able to harness a portion of the chronokinetic energy into his zero-blade before fleeing.

The defeat left the team in shambles, and the ensuing arguments tore them apart, as Spring Lily became the scapegoat, with others blaming her recklessness. She eventually joined the Army of Shadows, and Autumn Violet soon following suit. Winter Rose went on to become one of the first recruits of Doc Diligence and the Infinity Force, and after some time Summer Sage joined as well. The four of them reunited briefly during the Hyper-Human War, as they all fought on the same side of the conflict. They spoke briefly of giving Chrysalis another try, but then came the Empress Wars, in which Summer Sage and Autumn Violet were transported to the 5th Oblivion by the goddesses Sedah and Nevaeh, to fight on opposite sides.

During the Empress Wars Autumn Violet killed Summer Sage, and though the effects of that conflict were reversed once they were returned to Super Earth One, the memories of the violent encounter stayed with them. Suffice to say, there would be no reunion.

But there would be plenty more war, including the dire battle at Infinity City, in which it seemed the heroes were making their final stand. Spring Lily’s immense strength was able to counteract Winter Rose’s elemental attacks, and she succeeded in rendering her former friend hurt and unable to battle on. Lily then unleashed a series of vines, wrapping up Doc Diligence and any other heroes who were still left standing, including Summer Sage. The Army of Shadows had won, and Spring Lily had gotten her revenge…

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