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August 28, 2016







Southern Continent, Super Earth One (Infiniverse Reality); Pre-Hyper-Human War


Hyper-human; male


Mental Powers



Energy Projection

Tactical Skill



Power Rating: 1 – 100


Bombard can create explosive bursts from his hands. He can also absorb many forms of energy.


Bombard is a treacherous villain who was born on Super Earth One, a planet in an alternate time realm that was discovered by Jessica Beck and her expedition team, when they attempted to go back in time hundred years, but instead ended up going back nearly five hundred, and landing on a different timeline altogether.

HEIGHT: 5’9″
WEIGHT: 186 lbs.
SKIN: Unknown
HAIR: Unknown
EYES: Unknown

After learning they would be stuck on this new planet, the expedition team began to build a new society, and for a very long time Super Earth One blossomed into an incredibly wonderful place to live. Then came the Hyper-Human War, which saw all of the hyper-beings (heroic and villainous) unite under Centuria and CodeName Zero to form the Hyper-Being Legion, in a conflict against the human military corps led by General Jade Chrome.

The most powerful hero of Super Earth One, Michael Xander Hope, aka Captain Infinity, abstained from fighting in the war and exiled himself, as the hyper-humans proceeded to win the war in devastating fashion. CodeName was then tasked with forming an Extermination Squad, to hunt down and wipe out all humans on Super Earth One.

Bombard was not part of the extermination effort; he was part of the repair and restore effort, as the war left Super Earth One in tatters. He was especially useful, as his ability to unleash explosive bursts of energy made him an effective minesweeper. Leading up to the war, General Jade Chrome had developed a series of adaptive bombs designed to directly counteract the different powers of the hypers. They worked amazingly well, and for a short time gave the humans an advantage. The hypers, however, soon adjusted and exerted their supreme force to handily win the war.

Bombard spent several months sweeping the planet for bombs. He found hundreds, and for the most part defused them with no problem at all. Then came the day he stumbled across a cluster of particle bombs. He proceeded to approach the cluster just like all of the other bombs he’d encountered, but these had a tamper-proof mechanism he had never dealt with before, and when he touched it, a chain reaction of explosions engulfed him! He was able to use his powers to absorb some of the blows, but when the dust cleared, he awoke to find that his arm right arm had been blown off.

CodeName Zero took him in and gave him a new mechanical arm, then invited him to be a part of the Army of Shadows. They would go on to dethrone Centuria as governor and take over Super Earth One. Then with Captain Infinity still in exile and Centuria off looking for him, the Army of Shadows levied a brutal attack against Doc Diligence, Winter Rose, and the other rebels at their base, Infinity City.

After defeating the heroes and taking them prisoner, CodeName ordered Bombard to lace the Infinity City base with explosives. As he was carrying out the orders, Autumn Violet, who was a part of the Army of Shadows, but actually working as a double agent for the hero rebellion, discretely released a toxic aroma that caused everyone to begin choking, and allowed the heroes to break out of their bondage.

All of the heroes and villains were forced to flee Infinity City, except for Bombard, whose mask did a sufficient job of filtering the toxic air. This enabled him to finish his mission; and as the battle concluded, he triggered the detonator, and Infinity City was blown the smithereens!

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