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August 29, 2016



Miranda Miracle




Southern Continent, Super Earth One (Infiniverse Reality); Pre-Hyper-Human War


Hyper-human; female


Mental Powers



Energy Projection

Tactical Skill



Power Rating: 1 – 100


Miranda Miracle can emit concussive sonic projections from her vocal chords. She can also produce different modulations of sonic projections to create certain effects, like force-fields, energy barriers, and more.


Miranda Miracle was born on Super Earth One just a few quantics before the Hyper-Human War that wiped out all humans on the planet, leaving it populated with only hyper-beings. While the planet was under the control of Centuria, Miranda worked closely with her in the Capital Complex. She was practically second in charge, as she was responsible for the day-to-day operations, and the chief of staff for a staff of over forty other hyper-beings. Her sonic voice-projection ability allowed her to give orders throughout the complex in an efficient and effective way.

HEIGHT: 5’7″
WEIGHT: 139 lbs.
SKIN: White
HAIR: Black
EYES: Blue

In the aftermath of the Hyper-Human War, the entire infrastructure and government of Super Earth One had to be rebuilt. Miranda Miracle spent months meeting with and appointing different hypers to complete a variety of jobs, and take certain offices. Under her steady hand, the capital city of Beckington was resurrected as one of the most magnificent metropolises imaginable.

She was respected by most all hypers on the planet. But she also had a very dangerous secret – she was secretly harboring the last living human on Super Earth One – Minister Deanna Grace. During the War Deanna, like most of the non-warrior humans, had gone into hiding. In the months following the war, the hypers hunted down all remaining humans. CodeName Zero, who was leading the extermination crew, was able to use his zero-energy to detect the whereabouts of humans. There was literally nowhere to hide.

Fortunately, Deanna was found by Miranda in the Quantic Temple before Zero could detect her. Initially, Miranda was prepared to carry out the order that all hypers had – destroy humans on sight. But after recognizing the minster and remembering that she was a huge proponent for hyper-humans before the war, Miranda took mercy on her, and agreed to spare her and hide her from all other hypers.

Miranda took the human back to her home, where she was able to live comfortably, and she modulated a sonic-voice projection from her vocal chords to provide shielding around the house, which would keep CodeName Zero from detecting the human signature. Miranda never told anyone of Deanna’s existence, not even Centuria, who was still a staunch supporter of the Hyper-Human Legion. And for a long time Miranda and Deanna lived peacefully together, until the minister eventually passed away from old age and natural causes.

Miranda continued to perform her duties at the Capitol Complex to the highest of standards, until CodeName Zero and his extermination crew decided to overthrow Centuria, and take over the planet. Many of the insurgents were already in the complex when the coup ensued! Centuria and Miranda Miracle immediately jumped into action to help the hypers who were less able to defend themselves.

Miranda was forced to unleash her most powerful vocal blasts, in an effort to take down as many of the baddies as possible, and help insure the less powerful hypers made it to safety. CodeName Zero and Centuria engaged in an epic showdown, as Miranda soon found herself the focus of the other Army of Shadows members, including Night Blitz and Bombard. She deftly defended herself, while unleashing a number of devastating sonic blasts!

Soon, the lesser-hypers had all evacuated the Complex, but despite the best efforts of Miranda Miracle and Centuria, CodeName Zero and the Army of Shadows were able to take over the Capital, and subsequently their world. Miranda and Centuria, along with Doc Diligence, Winter Rose, Summer Sage, and others, formed a rebel squad in order to take the Capitol back, and restore some light to the world. But without the most powerful hero to ever exist on Super Earth One, Michael Xander Hope, aka Captain Infinity (Centuria’s brother), their efforts proved to be futile.

Centuria decided to go on a journey and find Captain Infinity, but while she was away from the Infinity City Base, CodeName Zero and his minions attacked! After a brutal battle, the heroes were defeated, and the base was blown up and completely destroyed. Many rebel heroes were also destroyed, and it looked like Miranda Miracle was destined to meet the same fate. Then suddenly, the most incredible thing happened.

Captain Infinity returned! Centuria had found him, and convinced him to come back to the planet’s surface, after his self-imposed exile during the Hyper-Human War. Centuria and Captain Infinity joined up with Miranda Miracle, Doc Diligence, and the other remaining heroes, and together they were able to turn back CodeName Zero.

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