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August 30, 2016







Southern Continent, Super Earth One (Infiniverse Reality), Pre-Hyper-Human War


Hyper-human; male


Mental Powers



Energy Projection

Tactical Skill



Power Rating: 1 – 100


Crosscheck possesses enhanced strength and durability. He is a proficient brawler, and also carries a powerful hockey stick-shaped staff, which can emit powerful ice blasts.


Crosscheck was born on Super Earth One, a planet on an alternate realm that was discovered by Dr. Jessica Beck, when she and her expedition team attempted to go back in time a hundred years, but instead ended up accidentally going back nearly five hundred, and were bumped off the Core Reality timeline.

HEIGHT: 6’6″
WEIGHT: 301 lbs.
SKIN: White
HAIR: None
EYES: Brown

Before the Hyper-Human War that wiped out all human beings on the planet, Crosscheck lived a pretty average life. His supreme strength and crafty ingenuity made him a perfect construction worker, and he spent much time helping to maintain the beautiful structures of Super Earth One. Eventually he was recruited to join CodeName Zero and his team of hyper-being marauders, however, he was never totally convinced that Zero’s belief of “hypers over humans” was the right way to look at the world.

When the relationship between the hypers and humans devolved into the Hyper-Human War, Crosscheck, like all other hypers (except for Michael Xander Hope, aka Captain Infinity), joined the Hyper-Human Legion. They easily won the war, and Centuria took over as the governor. After a long period of peace, CodeName Zero and a crew of super-villains enacted a coup d’état, and overthrew her. A number of heroes, including Centuria, Doc Diligence, Winter Rose and Miranda Miracle, formed a rebel alliance, but without Captain Infinity the rebellion was crushed.

Captain Infinity, however, did return, and after a series of battles, he and the Infinity Force were able to defeat CodeName Zero and take the Capital back. The Capital was converted into the Infinity Fortress, and it became a refuge for any hyper who wanted to follow “The Light”. Crosscheck remained with the Army of Shadows, as CodeName Zero re-established a tactical home base on the northern continent of the planet, in a region that would come to be known as the Shadow Forest. However, he was still skeptical of CodeName Zero’s message, and in secret he began to seek out information about “The Light”.

That info was not difficult to find, because Captain Infinity was adamant about getting the message out. Crosscheck listened to messages that the supreme hero would send out, speaking of a prophecy he had received while he was in exile near the planet’s core. He told everyone that Super Earth One was destined to end, for the Infiniverse timeline would eventually collide with the Core Reality timeline. At the time of the collision, anyone who was connected to The Source would be migrated into the Core Reality timeline, while anyone who was still connected to the Shadows would perish with Super Earth One.

Many hyper-beings willingly gave themselves over to The Light, and became connected to The Source. CodeName Zero, however, remained resistant to the prophecy, and called it a lie. Many hyper-beings remained in the shadows with him. Crosscheck was torn. He wanted to believe the prophecy, but he also did not want to be made a fool of, so he continued to fight for CodeName Zero.

The ongoing conflict came to be known as the War for Eternity, as Captain Infinity and CodeName Zero continued to battle each other, and over the lives and destinies of the planet’s hyper-beings. It was a back-and-forth affair for a long time, and Crosscheck proved himself a powerful and trustworthy member of the Army of Shadows. So, when CodeName Zero developed a master plan to take down the Infinity Force once and for all, he sent Crosscheck in the first wave.

Crosscheck practically broke down the front doors of the Infinity Fortress, and began laying waste to several heroes. He was finally confronted by Captain Infinity himself, and the two clashed in brutal battle. Additionally, villains showed up and began to overwhelm the hero, but with Centuria’s help, Crosscheck and the other villains were forced to surrender.

Captain Infinity, as was his habit, then offered the villains a chance to come over to the side of good and follow The Light. The other villains vehemently rejected the Captain’s offer, but Crosscheck was open to the possibility, and wanted to hear more. Centuria grew tired of the talking, and demanded that the villains make the decision to follow The Light or be destroyed. As most of them continued to hiss and sneer at her, she prepared her Infinity Rings and took aim. Captain Infinity stopped her from laying the crushing blows, and an argument between the two of them ensued.

This gave an opening for another villain to enter the scene – CodeName Zero’s right hand man, Arrowhead. He unleashed an explosive arrow, and forced everyone to take cover. Captain Infinity and Centuria engaged him, but with the tension growing between them it was difficult to coordinate an effective attack, and they found themselves at a disadvantage. Luckily, Crosscheck had finally made his decision and jumped into the fray – against Arrowhead.

With the help of the powerhouse hyper-being, the heroes were able to get the upper hand. But although the Infinity Force had gained a new powerful member in the Crosscheck, the battle was far from over.

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