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September 2, 2016







Northern Continent, Super Earth One (Infiniverse Reality); Post Hyper-Human War


Hyper-human; male


Mental Powers



Energy Projection

Tactical Skill



Power Rating: 1 – 100


Eclipse can transform the essence of hyper-beings transforming them from heroes to villains or vice versa. He is also a master of numerous martial arts forms.


Eclipse was born on Super Earth One shortly after the Hyper-Human War that wiped out all humans and left the planet populated with only hyper-beings. The hero Michael Xander Hope, aka Captain Infinity leads the Infinity Force and against the treacherous Army of Shadows in the War for Eternity that will last until Super Earth One meets its demise.

This demise was prophesied to Captain Infinity in a vision when he was in a self imposed exile during the Hyper-Human War. The prophecy has also stated that all hypers who turn to The Light will survive the end of Super Earth One and be migrated to the Core Reality Timeline, while any hyper that remains in the darkness will be destroyed along with the planet.

HEIGHT: 5’8″
WEIGHT: 173 lbs.
SKIN: White
HAIR: None
EYES: Brown

Captain Infinity has made it his mission to bring as many hypers to the light as possible and for a long time during the War for Eternity he has had many opportunities to do just that. In fact, the Infinity Fortress had become filled with dozens of hypers who had chosen to follow The Light. However, after convincing Captain Infinity’s sister Centuria to betray him, CodeName Zero was able to take over the Infinity Fortress and corrupt the Infinity Mainframe, forcing Captain Infinity to retreat to a secret part of the base to regroup and plan a way to get it back under his control.

While Captain Infinity along with Miranda Miracle, Sapphire Bolt and Crosscheck prepared for their attack, CodeName Zero and Centuria came up with their next move. Centuria was aware that Captain Infinity would attempt to reactivate the Source, but he would have to travel to the The Source deep beneath the base. She planned to meet him there and stop him from succeeding. Meanwhile, CodeName Zero sent for Eclipse, one of the newest members of the Army of Shadows, and gave him his orders – to use his metaphysical hyper abilities to hunt down every hero in the Infinity Fortress and alter their essence and transform them into villains, thereby bringing them into the darkness and making them a part of the Army of Shadows.

Eclipse, who agreed with CodeName Zero’s stance to doubt the validity of Captain Infinity’s prophecy, carried out the order with absolute perfection. It didn’t take long for him to begin finding heroes; in fact in an effort to defend the Fortress they attacked him! Eclipse however was more than ready, for along with his essence-altering ability he had also been trained in dozens of hand-to-hand fighting techniques and had mastered most of them.

He first encountered Winter Rose and after easily dodging a series of icy blasts, he wrapped her up in his powers and transformed her essence. Autumn Violet then attempted to jump in, but another blast from Eclipse and there was yet another new member of the Army of Shadows. This continued for several hours as Eclipse deftly changed hero after hero into villains. Even Miranda Miracle and Sapphire Bolt who were sent out by Captain infinity to bring more heroes into the secret hiding place were caught by Eclipse and transformed into villains.

But then Eclipse came face to face with Doc Diligence – one of the few hypers on the planet with as much hand-to-hand combat training as he had. They clashed in an incredible back and forth affair with each warrior landing devastating blows. Doc was able to block Eclipse’s essence-altering energy with his own energy shield and eventually he gained the upper hand. Finally Eclipse had been defeated and Doc was prepared to finish him off once and for all when he suddenly realized he was surrounded by a whole squad of recently-turned villains.

They all attacked at the same time and within seconds Doc was overwhelmed and defeated. Eclipse then moved in, wrapped the hero up in his energy, changing his essence and making him into a villain. Eclipse had completed his duty, but the mission was far from over. There was still the case of the The Source. If Captain Infinity could relink the Source to the Mainframe that had been hacked by Touchscreen, he could bring the Light back to the Fortress and potentially reverse the the Eclipse Effect.

When Captain Infinity reached the Source, however, Centuria was waiting. He asked how she could turn to the shadows, and she responded by telling him that she was actually planning to betray CodeName Zero. She informed her brother that she needed his minion Touchscreen to hack Mainframe so that the The Source could be accessed. Then once the mainframe was disabled the Source could be reignited and the unfiltered energy could flow throughout the entire planet forcefully and permanently bringing all hypers to The Light. She then extended a hand and offered Captain Infinity a chance to stand by her side.

Captain Infinity however refused to take the offer. In fact he told her how disappointed he was that she would concoct such a plan. He reminded her that every woman and man had to make their own choice whether or not they should follow The Light and that he would never force anyone to do it. Centuria couldn’t believe her ears. She drew her Infinity Rings and attacked!

Captain Infinity pulled out his Infinity Sabre and defended himself. And after a back and forth battle he was finally able to gain the advantage and defeat her. Centuria surrendered. She then told Captain Infinity that perhaps he should destroy her so that she doesn’t attempt to do something so reckless ever again. But the captain had no desire to take his sister down permanently. Instead he offered her a chance to rejoin the Infinity Force and redeem herself. Again, she could not believe her ears. She apologized for her actions and agreed to help stop CodeName Zero… the right way.

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