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September 3, 2016



Madam Zero (Current Leader), Arrowhead, Eclipse, Touchscreen, Spring Lily, Night Blitz, Hunter Grey, Infrared, Autumn Violet, CodeName Zero (former leader), Bombard


Created by CodeName Zero on Super Earth One, Pre-Hyper-Human War (Infiniverse Reality)


The Army of Shadows is the most powerful group of villains on Super Earth One, a planet in an alternate realm that was discovered by Dr. Jessica Beck, when she and an expedition team from the 22nd century attempted to go back in time. For a while it was a peaceful world, until CodeName Zero decided to use his hyper-abilities for evil. His villainous deeds eventually led first to the Hyper-Human War, in which all humans were eventually wiped out, and then to the War for Eternity, in which the heroic Infinity Force, led by Michael Xander Hope, aka Captain Infinity, and the Army of Shadows constantly battle over the fate of all hypers on the planet.

Captain Infinity had received a prophecy that Super Earth One would eventually end in destruction, and any hyper still living in darkness would be destroyed with it, while anyone who joined the Infinity Force and followed The Light would be migrated to another world, where they could live out the rest of their days as heroes.

The War had been going on for a long time, when CodeName Zero led his Army of Shadows into the Infinity Fortress, and launched a vicious and diabolical attack. It was Centuria, the sister of Captain Infinity, who had betrayed the Infinity Force and allowed the villains to get in. Arrowhead was at the forefront of the attack, while Touchscreen hacked the Infinity Mainframe, and cut off the Infinity Fortress’ link to The Source at the core of Super Earth One. This had weakened the heroes, and made them more susceptible to the attack. Well known members of the Army of Shadows, like Night Blitz, Bombard and Spring Lily, as well as other powerful minions, such as Lady Dilemma, Hunter Grey, Infrared, and many more poured into the Fortress and began to lay waste to the Infinity Force.

But no member of the Army of Shadows was more dangerous than Eclipse, who used his hyper-ability to transform heroes to villains. Before long, the vast majority of Infinity Force members had fallen into the shadows, including Miranda Miracle, Doc Diligence, and Sapphire Bolt. Captain Infinity attempted to reconnect the Infinity Mainframe to the Source, with the hope that its essence would change the heroes back to their original alignment. However, Centuria stood in his way. After battling, Captain Infinity finally convinced his sister to rejoin him, so they could take down the Army of Shadows together.

And it wasn’t a moment too soon, as they found themselves suddenly surrounded by dozens and dozens of dark minions. CodeName Zero taunted the heroes, then gave the order to attack! Captain Infinity and Centuria countered and, working in perfect unity, they were able to keep the stand tall against the swarm. Captain Infinity wielded his sabre with precision and deflected arrows from Hunter Grey and Arrowhead, while using his strength and agility to fend off Touchscreen and Bombard. Centuria’s skill and aggression kept Infrared and Night Blitz at bay, as the zing of her Infinity Rings put Eclipse off balance. But then the former Infinity Force members jumped in, and that’s when Centuria and Captain Infinity found themselves at a great disadvantage. Doc Diligence’s tactical skill was unmatched, and Miranda Miracle’s sonic projections were unavoidable. Captain infinity was hit with a number of concussive blows, as Sapphire Bolt’s blinding speed proved to be too much for Centuria. Before long, the heroes were overwhelmed, and on the brink of being defeated.

That was, until Crosscheck arrived on the scene to assist! His immense strength turned the tide against the Army of Shadows, and together the three of them gained the advantage. Arrowhead soon turned his focus to Crosscheck and fired off a series of explosive arrows that cut him off from Captain Infinity and Centuria, making it impossible for them to coordinate their attacks. The Army of Shadows gained the upper hand again, and a few moments later the heroes had their backs against the wall.

It became clear that the only way to defeat the Army of Shadows was if they were able to regain the allegiance of the Infinity Force members, and the only way to do that was to reset the Mainframe and reconnect The Source. There was only one problem – the horde of villains standing between them and the Source. Captain Infinity and Centuria had no choice but to use their ultimate ability: the Chronicle Wave. They put their weapons together, and unleashed a burst of energy that momentarily stopped time, allowing Centuria to maneuver her way over to the Source and reignite The Light!

As the Source energy was released, all of the heroes who had been affected by Eclipse’s power were transformed back to their original alignment. Moments later the Wave was over, and the Army of Shadows was standing face to face with the Infinity Force. After the few moments it took for everyone to reorient themselves, a massive battle ensued as the two sides clashed!

In the chaos Captain Infinity and CodeName Zero found each other, and crossed blades in an epic showdown. They went back and forth, landing thunderous blow after thunderous blow. CodeName Zero unleashed numerous blasts of zero-energy, forcing the Captain to duck and dodge, before countering with sword strikes of his own. Finally, Captain Infinity was able to gain the advantage and string together a combination of moves that disarmed the supreme super-villain, putting him at the mercy of his mortal enemy.

Seeing their leader defeated, the other members of the Army of Shadows began to retreat and leave the Infinity Fortress. Eventually, CodeName Zero was the only one left. He looked around to see that the entire Infinity Force had him surrounded. Captain Infinity demanded that he surrender, and be taken prisoner. CodeName Zero considered his options, then raised his hands, with the intention to unleash a blast of zero-energy. But before he could let it loose, Captain Infinity and Centuria brandished their weapons, jumped in and landed two powerful blows that caused CodeName Zero to explode in a cloud of zero-energy! The battle was over, the Infinity Fortress had been restored to light, and the leader of Army of Shadows had been destroyed.

The Infinity Force celebrated their victory, but they knew the War was far from over. What they did not know was that there was already a villain ready to take over as the new leader of the Army of Shadows. She would come to be known as Madam Zero, and she would prove to be a hundred times more dangerous than her predecessor. The War for Eternity continues…

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