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September 4, 2016



Max Galaxy


Captain Galaxy


Northern Continent, Super Earth One (Infiniverse Reality); Post-Hyper-Human War


Hyper-human; male


Mental Powers



Energy Projection

Tactical Skill



Power Rating: 1 – 100


Max Galaxy has enhanced strength and speed, and can also fly and project energy from his hands. He can also use the energy to make a protective shell around his body, allowing him to exist in harsh environments such as space and extreme heat. Additionally, he carries a bo staff, which can be imbued with his energy as well.


Max Galaxy was born on Super Earth One some time after the Hyper-Human War that wiped out all humans, and left the planet populated with only hyper-beings. The hero Michael Xander Hope, aka Captain Infinity, leads the Infinity Force against the Army of Shadows in the War for Eternity, which will last until Super Earth One meets its prophesied demise.

HEIGHT: 6’2″
WEIGHT: 204 lbs.
SKIN: White
HAIR: Black
EYES: Brown

It was several quantics after the destruction of CodeName Zero – the original leader of the Army of Shadows – that super-villains began to come out of hiding, and make their presence felt on Super Earth One again. Dangerous beings like Arrowhead, Night Blitz, Spring Lily and Touchscreen had been spotted throughout the world, causing havoc and recruiting hyper-beings to join the new Army of Shadows. Rumors of their new leader, Madam Zero, and her immense powers had become commonplace. And to make matters more complicated, a second group of hyper-villains had set up a base on a neighboring planet called Marz Zeta.

Led by the deviously cruel War Chess, the villains of Marz Zeta were creating a stockpile of particle missiles that would soon be launched at Super Earth One. The payload would easily destroy the planet and everyone on it. It was imperative that War Chess and his crew be stopped, but Marz Zeta’s atmosphere was harsh, and most members of the Infinity Force would not be able to survive there, so Captain Infinity formed a special group called the Captain’s Corp. Max Galaxy, who had been a dedicated member of the Infinity Force, was his first recruit.

Max was previously responsible for protecting the Northern Continent of Super Earth One, which for a time was the target of a group of deep sea monsters. His numerous battles against the creatures saved hundreds of lives. He was a perfect candidate for the Captain’s Corp and the mission to Marz Zeta. He and Captain Infinity, along with two other heroes – Decibel and Spectra – flew to the foreign planet, and were immediately met by War Chess’s army of minions.

As Captain Infinity, Spectra and Decibel engaged the minions, Max began working on the missiles. There were dozens of them spread all throughout the planet. He zipped from launch site to launch site, using his energy blasts to destroy them. Eventually, he was confronted by War Chess himself. The Incredibly powerful villain unleashed all of his fury on the hero, who was forced to go on the defensive. War Chess continued his attack, and even went so far as to pick up missiles and launch them at Max. Captain Infinity and the others later joined him, and together they were able to force the villain to abandon Marz Zeta. The Captain’s Corp destroyed the rest of the missiles, and returned to Super Earth One.

A few quantics later, as Max was patrolling the further reaches of the Northern Continent, he discovered the new home base of the villains – The Shadow Forest. He immediately put out a call to Spectra and Decibel, and together they flew in and prepared to take down the Army of Shadows. However, when they landed, there was no one to be found. They searched the base for several hours to no avail, until finally they came across someone.

The shadowy figure had her back turned to them, and at first wouldn’t respond to their demands to face them. Max Galaxy took the lead and flew over to the mysterious individual – a move that proved to be a big mistake, as he was suddenly hit with an incredibly powerful blast of energy. Max gathered himself, and turned to see that he was standing in the presence of Madam Zero. She unleashed another attack, as Decibel and Spectra jumped into action. But even with the three of them attacking her simultaneously, she proved to be entirely too powerful.

Before long, she had single-handedly defeated the heroes, and had them at her mercy. Max demanded she either let them go or destroy them. She refused to do either. Instead, she pulled out a small box and opened it, unleashing a mystical red substance that engulfed the trio of heroes. Max Galaxy stood and faced Madam Zero, ready to obey her commands, for he had been infected by The Darklight….

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