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September 6, 2016





Sapphire Bolt


Southern Continent, Super Earth One (Infiniverse Reality); Pre-Hyper-Human War


Hyper-human; female


Mental Powers



Energy Projection

Tactical Skill



Power Rating: 1 – 100


Sapphire Bolt can move at extreme speeds.


Sapphire Bolt is a hero on Super Earth One, an alternate realm world that was discovered by 22nd century researcher Dr. Jessica Beck, when she and her expedition team attempted to go back in time. A peaceful planet for a long time, it eventually devolved into war. Sapphire Bolt was one of the original recruits of the heroic Infinity Force, led by Michael Xander Hope, aka Captain Infinity. She is one of the fastest hyper-beings on the entireplanet, and has been a staunch and dedicated defender of The Light.

During the Hyper-Human War she, like all the hyper-beings, joined CodeName Zero and Centuria, as every human was eventually wiped out. After that war ended, the hypers split into two groups, and Sapphire resumed her work as a hero, fighting against the Army of Shadows.

HEIGHT: 5’5″
WEIGHT: 127 lbs.
SKIN: White
HAIR: Black and blue
EYES: Gray

CodeName Zero had led the Army of Shadows before being destroyed by Captain Infinity and Centuria, and now a new villain had taken control – her name was Madam Zero. Madam Zero had spent much time gathering a stronger and more powerful Army of Shadows, and had also harnessed the power of the Darklight – a mysterious, but dangerous type of energy. Infinity Force members Max Galaxy, Decibel and Spectra were the first to discover Madam Zero’s hideout in the Shadow Forest, but were defeated by the supreme villain and subsequently infected by the Darklight, which gave Madam Zero control over their actions.

She sent them to the Infinity Fortress to attack, and they would have surely caught the heroes off guard, if it wasn’t for a warning they received from an unlikely source – the warrior-assassin Eclipse. Sapphire Bolt was on patrol, when she spotted Eclipse approaching the Infinity Fortress. She immediately confronted him, and after a brief battle he managed to express to her that he was not looking for a fight. He then explained to her that he had left the Army of Shadows, and was now on his own. He then told her all about Madam Zero, and that she was ten times worse than CodeName Zero – and she must be destroyed.

Sapphire Bolt agreed that if Madam Zero really was that dangerous, she definitely should be destroyed, however, she knew that Captain Infinity was very reluctant to take such drastic measures. She told Eclipse that the Captain would surely attempt to take mercy on her, and offer her a chance to join the Infinity Force. Eclipse told her that Captain Infinity’s kindness would be her the Infinity Force’s downfall, and then warned her of the Darklight.

She asked what it was, and as if on cue, Max Galaxy, Decibel and Spectra busted through the walls of the Infinity Fortress, and unleashed a vicious attack! Eclipse jumped for cover, as the three of them teamed up on the speedy hero. She attempted to use her bolt-fist, but it had little effect. They took her down and were preparing to take her out, when Captain Infinity showed up!

Recognizing his former friends from the Captain’s Corp, the Captain attempted to reason with them. Eclipse yelled out to him that they were infected by the Darklight, which signified to Captain Infinity that he better get ready to defend himself. Sapphire Bolt made it back to her feet, just as the three infected heroes attacked. Working together, Captain Infinity and Sapphire Bolt were able to stay alive, but only barely. The Darklight was much too powerful. Just when they were about to be overwhelmed, another hero arrived. It was Centuria!

It was now three-on-three. Sapphire Bolt used her speed for a series of hit-and-run attacks, as Captain Infinity and Centuria coordinated with one another to disarm and defeat the infected heroes. The fight was finally over, but the heroes were still infected. It was decided that they should be held in the prisoner cells, until the effects of the Darklight wore off. Centuria escorted them away.

Eclipse then reappeared – causing Captain Infinity to draw his sword again – but Sapphire Bolt quickly informed her leader that the assassin was no longer working with the the Army of Shadows. She relayed Eclipse’s story about Madam Zero, and suggested that his warning to her may have very well saved the Infinity Fortress, since he had given her a chance to send out the distress call. Captain Infinity sheathed his blade and thanked Eclipse, who gave a subtle nod, then warned them again of Madam Zero’s power and ruthlessness, before leaving the Fortress.

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