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September 7, 2016

250. Hunter Grey




Hunter Grey, The Crossbow Bandit


Northern Continent, Super Earth One (Infiniverse Reality); Post-Hyper-Human War


Hyper-human; male


Mental Powers



Energy Projection

Tactical Skill



Power Rating: 1 – 100


Hunter Grey is incredibly accurate with bows and arrows, and crossbones. His enhanced strength allows him to handle extremely heavy bows, which means he can shoot at great distances and with immense power. He also has the ability to create illusions of animals, which can be extremely scary for the residents of Super Earth One, since no one living in his time has ever seen any living being outside of a human or hyper-human. Hunter is also a proficient hand-to-hand combatant.


Hunter Grey was born on Super Earth One shortly after the Hyper-Human War, which wiped out all humans, and left the planet populated with only hyper-beings. The hero Michael Xander Hope, aka Captain Infinity leads the Infinity Force against the treacherous Army of Shadows in the War for Eternity, that will last until Super Earth One meets its demise.

HEIGHT: 6’3″
WEIGHT: 216 lbs.
SKIN: White
EYES: Blue

Hunter Grey was a prodigy of the Dark Archer, Arrowhead for a long time, before coming into his own as a formidable member of the Army of Shadows in his own right. His deceptive strength gives him the ability to use extremely heavy bows and large powerful arrows, which makes him the perfect sentry to patrol the perimeter of the Shadow Forest base of operations, at the behest of the cruel and vicious Madam Zero.

Hunter Grey was indeed on patrol, when the Shadow Forest was infiltrated by the Infinity Force’s Crosscheck. The hero had traveled to enemy territory after hearing that Madam Zero had captured Max Galaxy, Decibel and Spectra, and infected them with a mysterious evil energy called the Darklight. His mission was to roam the edge of the forest, and scan for any signs of villains leaving the forest and heading toward The Infinity Fortress. However, after being spotted by Hunter Grey, Crosscheck found himself in quite a bit of trouble, and on the run. Grey’s knowledge of the forest and his accuracy allowed him to strategically funnel Crosscheck deeper and deeper into the region. With his options running low, the hero put out a distress call to the Infinity Force, then decided to go on the offensive.

He pulled out a collection of explosive power-pucks and blanketed the area with bombs, forcing Hunter Grey from his perched position, and into a hand-to-hand confrontation. Crosscheck was strong, but Hunter’s elusiveness made him difficult to pin down. Soon however, they were standing toe to toe exchanging massive blows, and eventually Crosscheck was able to gain the advantage. However, before the hero could finish off his opponent, the Dark Archer Arrowhead appeared, and joined the fray. Crosscheck went on the defensive, using his hockey stick-shaped staff to fend off kicks and punches, and deflect arrows and knives.

Then, in an unexpected move, Crosscheck unleashed an ice blast from his staff, forcing the Dark Archer and the Crossbow Bandit to take cover. The hero continued to keep them at bay for several minutes, until suddenly the Queen Villain herself showed up. Madam Zero brandished her ax and attacked! After a quick exchange she unleashed a blast of Darklight energy, which took the big man down. Before he could recover, Hunter Grey was right on him with an arrow to his neck. Crosscheck was forced to surrender.

Because he was one of the Infinity Force’s top operatives, Madam Zero demanded Crosscheck be kept alive and taken prisoner, so they could question him and find out any weaknesses about Captain Infinity and the Infinity Fortress. Hunter Grey took Crosscheck to the holding cells of the Shadow Forest, and began to aggressively interrogate him. But the hero would spill no secrets.

Hunter Grey decided he would need to take drastic measures, so he revealed his most dangerous hyper-ability – the power to create illusions of incredibly scary creatures. To the people on Earth, these illusions would simply look like bears or hawks, but on Super Earth One, none of its inhabitants at this point had ever seen any kind of animals. So, when Crosscheck saw a pack of wolves nipping at his feet, threatening to tear him to pieces, he was horrified.

A few moments later, he agreed to talk. Hunter Grey spent the whole night collecting information about the heroes and their operations. The Infinity Force was now more vulnerable than ever…

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