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September 8, 2016





Sapphire Bolt; Sapphire Shade


Southern Continent, Super Earth One (Infiniverse Reality); Pre-Hyper-Human War


Hyper-human; female


Mental Powers



Energy Projection

Tactical Skill



Power Rating: 1 – 100


Sapphire Shade can move at extreme speeds.


Formerly known as Sapphire Bolt, she took on the persona of Sapphire Shade after a mission that made her doubt the purpose and plan of the heroic Infinity Force and its leader, Michael Xander Hope, aka Captain Infinity. Sapphire was born on Super Earth One before the Hyper-Human War, which wiped out all humans on the planet (a planet that was discovered by Dr. Jessica Beck). Sapphire was one of the original heroes fighting for good, against the likes of CodeName Zero, Night Blitz, and the rest of the Army of Shadows.

HEIGHT: 5’5″
WEIGHT: 127 lbs.
SKIN: White
HAIR: Purple
EYES: Gray

She became a founding member of the Infinity Force, and as the War for Eternity ensued she was one of the staunchest defenders of The Light. She also believed in the prophecy Captain Infinity had received, that stated the War for Eternity would end with the destruction of Super Earth One, and that all hypers who followed The Light would be saved and taken to a new world, while those who stayed in the shadows would meet their demise, along with Super Earth One.

With the rise of a new supreme hyper-villain, however, Sapphire began to have her doubts about the methods by which Captain Infinity led the Infinity Force. Madam Zero was the most ruthless and vicious enemy the heroes had ever faced. Additionally, she proposed a counter-argument to the world, claiming that if they all worked together, they could find a way to save Super Earth One. This message was attractive to many hypers, and several of them began to follow Madam Zero into the shadows.

Sapphire eventually became intrigued by the idea of joining Zero. But it wasn’t something that just popped into her head on a whim. It was during a mission to rescue Crosscheck from the clutches of the Army of Shadows, that the seeds of doubt began to be sown. Centuria, Captain Infinity’s sister, was commanding the communication station of the Infinity Fortress, when she received a distress call from Crosscheck. He was deep in the Shadow Forest, and on the run from Hunter Grey and Arrowhead. Centuria called a meeting with Captain Infinity and the other key members of the Force, including Sapphire, Miranda Miracle, Winter Rose, and Doc Diligence.

Centuria suggested they launch a full-scale assault on the Shadow Forest, and destroy any and all members of Madam Zero’s crew they came across. Captain Infinity disagreed with that plan, suggesting that recent reports of the Army of Shadow’s growing numbers could put the heroes at a disadvantage. Sapphire then reminded the others that they had some extra fire-power they had not considered: Max Galaxy, Decibel, and Spectra. Those three cosmic-powered heroes were being held captive in the Infinity Cells because they had been infected by Madam Zero’s Darklight powers, and were behaving as if they were villains.

Sapphire suggested they recruit the former Army of Shadows soldier, Eclipse to use his essence-manipulation power to reverse the effects of the Darklight, and change Max Galaxy, Decibel and Spectra from villains back to heroes. Centuria agreed with this idea, but Captain Infinity disagreed, and the other heroes followed his lead. The Captain instead ordered Sapphire and Winter Rose to accompany him on a covert operation to rescue Crosscheck, while the others stayed behind, and prepared for the next move.

Sapphire begrudgingly agreed to the plan, and the three of them traveled to the Shadow Forest. When they arrived, Winter Rose was sent to the far end of the enemy base to cause a diversion, while Sapphire and Captain Infinity searched for Crosscheck. Winter Rose’s diversion worked, as several members of the Army of Shadows flooded that area and attempted to track her down. One member of the Army, however, did not fall for the ruse, and decided to introduce herself to Captain Infinity. Jumping out of the shadows and coming face-to-face with him was Madam Zero. After several months of hearing about one another, they had much to talk about. Captain Infinity demanded to know what the Darklight was, but of course, she refused to give him any straight answers. She then told him that her minions were in the process of extracting info from Crosscheck, and that soon, The Army of Shadows would have enough intel to bring the Infinity Force down once and for all.

Speaking of Crosscheck, while Winter Rose was creating the diversion and Captain Infinity was talking shop with Madam Zero, Sapphire was zipping throughout the Shadow Forest, looking for the Infinity Force powerhouse warrior. Finally she found the prisoner, but he was not alone, as Hunter Grey was still interrogating him, with Arrowhead standing guard. She revved up and zoomed in, landing a series of bolt-fists, before the two villains even had a chance to react! Then, she unshackled Crosscheck, and they bolted out of there.

Moments later, Sapphire and Crosscheck were by Captain Infinity’s side. And just a bit after that, Winter Rose joined as well. Realizing she was outnumbered, Madam Zero unleashed a diabolical laugh, then told the Infinity Force members she would see them soon, and disappeared into the shadows. Sapphire was preparing to go after her, but Captain Infinity told her to stand down. He explained that it was prudent for them to get back to the Infinity Fortress and regroup, before attempting to attack the Shadow Forest. Winter Rose and Crosscheck agreed, but Sapphire became more and more frustrated with the fact that they didn’t rush in, and destroy every member of the Army of Shadows they possibly could.

Upon returning to the fortress, her frustration did not subside. In fact, she expressed her anger to the only member of the Infinity Force who agreed with her – Centuria. The sister of Captain Infinity listened, as Sapphire expressed her desire to be more drastic and more forceful in the War against the Army of Shadows. Centuria then revealed that she had been feeling that way for a long time, and to that end, she had decided to form a new team, which would operate apart from the Infinity Force. She then introduced Sapphire Bolt to her first recruit: Eclipse.

It took little convincing for Sapphire to join as well. That night, she got rid of her Infinity Force uniform and donned a new, slightly darker persona. Her transformation was complete – she was no longer Sapphire Bolt. She was now Sapphire Shade.

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