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September 9, 2016



Centuria (Leader), Eclipse, Sapphire Shade, Fracture


Created by Centuria on Super Earth One, Post-Hyper-Human War (Infiniverse Reality)


The Centurians are a group of hyper-beings on Super Earth One, led by Centuria, the sister of Michael Xander Hope, aka Captain Infinity. The Centurians primarily work on the side of good, but they stand apart from the Infinity Force, because theire methods are much harsher and less diplomatic, than that of the main group of heroes. As the War for Eternity against Madam Zero and the Army of Shadows wages on, Centuria has decided that all hypers who refuse to turn to The Light must be destroyed.

That idea goes against Captain Infinity’s mission to attempt to bring all hypers out of the shadows, and it has kept the siblings at odds, despite the fact that they fight on the same side of the War. Centuria was able to recruit the former villain Eclipse, and the hero Sapphire Shade (formerly Sapphire Bolt), to join her squad. The three of them then set out to hunt down hypers who had not yet decided which side to join.

They began on the southern portion of the Northern Continent of Super Earth One, where a huge population of undecided hypers lived. The town was called Williamsburg, named after one of the planet’s original settlers, the since deceased Willie Thomas. Centuria, Eclipse and Sapphire Shade entered the town square, and announced that all hypers needed to turn to The Light, and all who did not would be destroyed right then and there.

A few hypers came to them and pledged their allegiance, however, dozens more refused to make the choice. And so, Centuria gave the order to attack! For the next several hours Sapphire Shade and Eclipse ran throughout Williamsburg, blasting hypers and taking them down with extreme prejudice. Yes, all of the residents of the city had powers, but none of their abilities could match those of the Centurians.

All except one… his name was Fracture. The powerful hyper was actually able to hold his own against the deadly trio, as his thunderous blows literally shook the ground they stood on. After several minutes of back-and-forth action, the fight ended in a stalemate. Centuria approached him, and asked why he wouldn’t make a choice one way or another. He told her that he disagreed with Madam Zero and the Army of Shadows, but he felt the Infinity Force was too diplomatic to truly win the war. This was music to Centuria’s ears, and after explaining to him that they believed the same thing, he decided to join The Centurians.

Together, the four of them continued to lay waste to Williamsburg….

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