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September 19, 2016



Michael Xander Hope


Captain Infinity; Defender of the Light


Southern Continent, Super Earth One; Pre-Hyper-Human War (Infiniverse Reality)


Hyper-human; male


Mental Powers



Energy Projection

Tactical Skill



Power Rating: 1 – 100


Captain Infinity has enhanced strength, speed and durability. He can fly and has an extra-sensory ability, which allows him to anticipate danger. He is a tactical genius, and well-versed in dozens of fighting techniques. His primary weapon is the Infinity Sabre, which, if used in tandem with his sister’s Infinity Rings, can produce an effect called the Chronicle Wave, which can speed up or slow down time.


Captain Infinity was born on Super Earth One, an alternate realm world that was discovered by 22nd-century scientist Dr. Jessica Beck, when she and her expedition team attempted to travel back in time. Using the time-traveling powers of Cynthia Quantic, they had only intended to go back about a hundred years, but something went wrong, and they ended up shooting back nearly five hundred, and onto an alternate timeline.

With Cynthia falling into a coma, they were unable to attempt a return to their native time and timeline, so the 97-member team created a new civilization that thrived for a long period of time. Michael Xander Hope was the first new child born on Super Earth One. And when his parents, Danny Brandt and Paloma Vincent, discovered he had powers, they encouraged him to be a hero. After training under the tutelage of Doc Diligence, Michael took on the name Captain Infinity and became Super Earth One’s most mighty and powerful superhero.

HEIGHT: 6’6″
WEIGHT: 317 lbs.
SKIN: White
HAIR: Brown
EYES: Blue

He worked tirelessly to help protect the burgeoning population of Super Earth One from natural disasters, criminals, and alien invasions. Then came the rise of the first supreme supervillain, CodeName Zero, and his Army of Shadows. Captain infinity, along with his sister Centuria, formed the Infinity Force, and set out to stop CodeName Zero.

A series of battles took place between the two sides, and though Captain Infinity succeeded in saving the planet from the hyper-villains time and time again, the collateral damage from the conflicts, as well as the general air of superiority many hypers exhibited, began to wear on the rest of society. Tensions between hypers and humans eventually escalated to the point when they declared war on one another. All hypers (heroes, villains, and normal citizens) united under the banner of the Hyper-Being Legion, led by Centuria and CodeName Zero, while the humans united under the Super Earth Military Corps, led by General Jade Chrome.

Captain Infinity was vehemently against the War, and as the two armies marched to meet each other on the battlefield, he made a last ditch effort to convince the two sides to stand down and work out their differences in a more diplomatic manner. The animosity between them, however, had grown to such a hostile point, that reason and truce was out of the question. The leaders of the respective armies agreed on just one thing: the only way to avoid a fight was if Captain Infinity destroyed them all.

The captain did indeed have the power to do just that. But it was not in his nature to use force in such an extreme way. And so he exiled himself deep beneath the surface, near the planet’s Core Source. The Hyper-Human War ensued, and despite the bravery, tenacity, and advanced technology of the humans, they were defeated, destroyed, and eventually completely wiped off the face of the planet.

The hyper-beings proceeded to rebuild Super Earth One, and for a time it thrived under Centuria’s rule. However, a coup by the dastardly CodeName Zero and the new Army of Shadows ushered in a terrible dictatorship. Centuria led a futile rebellion against Zero’s regime. She finally realized they would need Captain Infinity to succeed, so she traveled to the Core and found him there. She informed her brother of the situation, and asked him to return. He agreed to come back, but before they left the Core, he told her of a prophecy he had received, stating that Super Earth One would one day be destroyed, and all hypers who did not dedicate themselves to following The Light would perish with the planet, while all who did would be migrated to a new world, where they could continue to live out the rest of their lives. Centuria agreed to help him win as many hypers of Super Earth One to The Light as possible. They then returned to the surface, reformed The Infinity Force, and ended CodeName Zero’s regime, eventually destroying him and disbanding the Army of Shadows.

Captain Infinity then led the efforts to restore Super Earth One to its former glory. However, he warned the citizens of the prophecy, and implored them to follow The Light. Many hypers did; others remained undecided. And then came the rise of a new supreme villain – Madam Zero. She had a different message altogether: that Super Earth One could potentially be saved from destruction, if they followed her lead and joined the new Army of Shadows. Behind this message she was able to recruit many hypers to her side and her cause.

The ensuing conflict was called the War for Eternity, and the prophecy indicated that the end of the War would coincide with the end of Super Earth One. The Infinity Force and the Army of Shadows went at each other relentlessly for the next several decades, until finally the appearance of the Eternity Key indicated the end was near, as it would be used to pull all followers of The Light through to the new world. Captain Infinity put Kade the Keeper in charge of guarding the Key, but it was eventually stolen by Madam Zero, and then by Centuria and the Centurians, who each had their own selfish purposes for wanting to use it.

Upon activating the Key, however, the Centurians unwittingly opened a portal to the Shadow Realm, where the dangerous hyper-beings, Madam Infinity and Captain Zero had been sent, after being destroyed by the Infinity Force many quantics (years) before. Madam Infinity entered Super Earth One and kidnapped almost the entire Infinity Force and Army of Shadows (including Captain Infinity, Madam Zero and Centuria), teleporting them to the Shadow Realm. At the same time, Super Earth One and the rest of the Infiniverse began to crumble, as the end of that realm was coming to pass.

It was up to the mighty Infinity Force hero, Spectra to journey into the Shadow Realm and rescue the others, before the destruction of the Infiniverse rendered them trapped for all Eternity. Fortunately she was able to do just that and Captain Infinity, along with all of the members of the Infinity Force and all citizens of Super Earth One, were migrated through the doorway and into the new world: The Core Reality. More specifically, 22nd-century Earth.

Spectra, however, chose to stay behind in the crumbling Infiniverse Reality, as she wanted to take a chance at saving the doomed citizens who had not yet chosen to follow The Light. Captain Infinity was forced to watch as the portal closed behind him, trapping Spectra on Super Earth One. Additionally, his Infinity Sabre and his sister’s Infinity Rings were trapped there with her, effectively stripping the Captain of his ability to use his most powerful ability – the Chronicle Wave. Fortunately, he maintained the rest of his hyper-abilities, which meant he was still a formidable force to be reckoned with.

The Portal had let him out in space about half the distance between Earth and Mars. He’d been taught about Earth – the birthplace of his parents and the origin of humans, the species from which he was a descendant. He suspected that the Eternity Portal had let out all of the refugees of the Infiniverse in different locations on Earth, and he imagined that the sudden appearance of hundreds of random disoriented people was causing a certain degree of chaos. He headed for the Third Rock.

Upon bursting through the atmosphere, he found himself staring down at the most magnificent and complicated megalopolis he’d ever seen. It was Platinum City. He began flying all over the city, hoping to see people he recognized, but the population was too dense for him to pinpoint any individuals. Then suddenly an explosion caught his attention. It was accompanied by screams of horror. It sounded eerily similar to when members of the Army of Shadows launched attacks on citizens of Super Earth One. He flew down to see what was happening.

When he landed, he found himself in the midst of an intense battle! It was the heroic and popular Sista Clique. Kharma Lucky, Cybernetica, Girl Six, Madam Deadhead and Ember Brook were locked in combat with two powerful women who were unleashing sonic blasts from their mouths. The shockwaves were causing earthquakes and crumbling buildings. Cybernetica was flying throughout the sky, catching falling people, while Deadhead was leaping to and fro, catching rocks to keep them from smashing innocent bystanders on the street.

Ember Brook was attempting to blast the women with her fire-water, but they used their voices to create sound waves that morphed into protective shields. Girl Six multiplied herself and attempted to move in from six angles at once, but the two sirens were ready for the attack, and blasted all six of the clones back as well. Finally, it was Kharma Lucky’s precognitive abilities that allowed her to anticipate an opening, dodge a series of concussive vocal blows, and get in close enough to land a series of acrobatic taekwondo kicks that silenced the two women.

As the dust settled, Captain Infinity was finally able to recognize them. It was Harmony Mental and Melody Mental – previously citizens of Super Earth One. The members of the Sista Clique surrounded the Mental sisters, and began to aggressively question them. Kharma Lucky accused them of being members of Edgar Lockhart’s hyper-villain legion. But the women had no idea what they were talking about. That’s when Captain Infinity flew in.

The Clique readied themselves for battle again, but the Captain immediately informed them that he had “come in peace”. Madam Deadhead laughed at the phrasing, and jokingly asked if he was from another planet, to which Captain Infinity said yes. He then informed them that the Mental sisters were also from the same distant planet. He said they also meant no harm – but that they were disoriented and frightened because of the unfamiliar surroundings.

And then he really blew their minds when he revealed that he knew who they all were. He had learned about the Sista Clique from his mother, as well as Minister Deanna Grace. The Fearsome Fivesome wanted to know more, but the police were coming and they needed to get off the streets. Madam Deadhead hit a sequence of buttons on her wristband, and the Clique’s massive mobile battle station – the Pink and Black Attack 18-wheeler – came rolling up. They opened a door and Kharma, along with Captain Infinity and the Mental sisters, got inside. Madam Deadhead jumped in the cab and they rolled away, while Girl Six, Ember Brook and Cybernetica stayed behind to deal with the authorities, and assist in first aid and cleanup.

Inside the truck, Captain Infinity explained to Kharma as much as he could about Super Earth One, The Infinity Force, The Army of Shadows, and the War for Eternity. At the same time, he calmed the Mental sisters and helped them orient themselves to their new surroundings. Kharma was completely awestruck by Captain Infinity’s story. He further suggested that there were hundreds more people from Super Earth One all over the planet, possibly causing the same sort of accidental ruckus the Mental sisters had caused. He needed to act fast, and he would most likely need help.

Kharma Lucky said she and the Sista Clique could be some help, but it would be difficult to fully support him, as the Sista Clique and many of the world’s superheroes were dealing with the global messes caused by mega-villains Edgar Lockhart, Ramses Hondo, and London Omega. Captain Infinity was grateful for whatever assistance the Clique could provide. He then turned to the Mental sisters, and informed them that they were the first recruits of the new Infinity Force.

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