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September 21, 2016



Harmony Mental




Beckington, Southern Continent, Super Earth One (Infiniverse Reality); Post-Hyper-Human War


Hyper-human; female


Mental Powers



Energy Projection

Tactical Skill



Power Rating: 1 – 100


Harmony can emit a nearly infinite variety of frequencies and hyper-psionic energies from her vocal chords. These emissions can become concussive blows and different types of sound waves, among other manifestations, and they can even morph into force-fields, energy fields, psionic barriers and more. When her voice is combined with her sister’s, the variety of potential vocal emissions increases exponentially.


Harmony Mental was born on Super Earth One in the Infiniverse, shortly before its destruction. The planet was initially discovered by Dr. Jessica Beck – a 22nd-century professor and scientist, who attempted to travel back in time for research purposes.

Harmony and her sister, Melody were born with powerful voices that were as dangerous as they were beautiful. As little girls, Miranda Miracle, a member of the Infinity Force, was brought in to help them control and harness the concussive power of their voices. At the time, the War for Eternity between Captain Infinity and the Infinity Force, and Madam Zero and the Army of Shadows was in its final stages. And as they matured, Miranda encouraged them to dedicate their lives to The Light, and add their considerable talents to the ranks of the Infinity Force. They both made the choice to follow the The Light, but Melody had no interest in joining the Infinity Force as a warrior, instead opting to take up a career as a pop artist.

HEIGHT: 5’11”
WEIGHT: 143 lbs.
SKIN: Brown
HAIR: Dark brown
EYES: Blue

Harmony, however, did accept a position with the heroic militia, and for a time was one of the most dependable new members of the Infinity Force. She, along with other young warriors, like Diamond Dust, Cool Breeze, and Klick Klack, formed a potent group, affectionately referred to as Young Infinity. They primarily dedicated themselves to spreading the message of The Light, and convincing others to join Captain Infinity’s cause, but they also found themselves in plenty of battles against the Army of Shadows, including run-ins with Arrowhead, Hunter Grey, and the flamethrower himself, Infrared.

After just a few months on the team, Harmony began to become suspicious of some rather peculiar behavior by long-time Infinity Force member, Summer Sage. She often volunteered for missions deep beneath the surface, near the planet’s Core Source, and usually preferred to go alone. Summer’s energy absorption powers made her one of the more viable candidates for those types of journeys. On one occasion, Captain Infinity thought it suitable for Harmony to go along, as her vocal projections would be useful in excavating some high-frequency energy sources the Infinity Mainframe computer had detected.

As the time for the mission neared, Summer Sage came to Harmony, and told her she wasn’t needed for the mission. But Harmony was insistent on going along, and Summer begrudgingly agreed. During the mission, however, Summer was nervous and overly cautious, as if she knew a dangerous presence or individual was watching them. As they got deeper and deeper beneath the ground, her behavior became stranger and stranger, until finally Summer abruptly aborted the mission.

A few days later the same mission was assigned, but this time, Harmony told Summer that she would stay behind in the Infinity Fortress, and allow her to go solo. However, Harmony went to veteran Infinity Force member Winter Rose, and asked her to come along to follow Ms. Sage. As they journeyed down beneath the surface, Harmony emitted a vocal wave that created an invisibility field around herself and Winter Rose. That way, they could follow right behind her without being detected.

After about an hour’s journey Summer came to her destination, and harvested the energy source. But instead of turning and heading back, she kept going deeper. After another hour, she came to a hollowed-out cave, and stopped. A few minutes later, Spring Lily, an extremely dangerous member of the Army of Shadows showed up. Harmony produced a sonic sound funnel, which allowed her to hear what they were saying to each other, and what she heard was shocking – Summer Sage was giving away important tactical information about the Infinity Force. Summer Sage was a spy!

Harmony and Winter Rose revealed themselves, and attacked! Summer Sage harnessed the energy from the molten lava flowing nearby, and unleashed insanely powerful fire-blasts, forcing the heroes to take cover. Harmony was able to retaliate with a series of concussive screams, but Winter Rose’s effectiveness was limited, as the dryness in the air muted her powers significantly. Luckily, she had packed a number of dry-ice darts, which she used with expert precision.

Spring Lily had also come prepared with a bamboo stick that could be used in tandem with her hyper-ability to control plants, while also being fire-resistant. Harmony and Winter fought valiantly, but the bottom line is that the experience and strength of Summer and Spring were just too much for them. Lily moved in and was able to land a devastating blow to Harmony’s chest, rendering her vocal emissions weakened to the point of ineffectiveness. They were on the verge of losing and, quite possibly, being destroyed.

Then, as if things couldn’t get any more dire, another hyper-villain appeared. It was the long-time member of the Army of Shadows, and the sister of Summer Sage, Autumn Violet! With Harmony down, there was no way Winter Rose could compete with three villains. It’s a good thing she didn’t have to, as Autumn Violet revealed that she had been working as a spy on behalf of The Infinity Force! She then joined Winter Rose, and an epic tag-team battle royale ensued, as Autumn’s shape-shifting hyper-ability was an absolute nightmare to deal with.

It was a DOUBLE double-cross! And Harmony could only watch, as the four women attempted to tear each other limb from limb. Particularly striking to her was how ferociously the sisters Autumn Violet and Summer Sage fought one another. The whole affair was terrifying. Despite Autumn’s arrival, Summer’s abilities proved entirely too powerful with the magma flowing beside them, and the heroes were forced to retreat.

They made it back to the surface and to the Infinity Fortress, where they met with Captain Infinity, and briefed him on everything. Autumn was congratulated on the spy work she had been doing for the past couple of decades, and accepted back into the Infinity Force. Harmony, however, was traumatized by the experience, and decided to resign from the team. She suddenly had a renewed affection for her own sister.

She hung up her superhero tights, and picked up a microphone. Within a couple of weeks, the Mental Sister Duo had released a series of new amazing tunes. As big a hit as Melody was on her own, the two of them together became twice as popular. They were only allowed to enjoy that popularity for a short time, though, as the prophesied destruction of Super Earth One and the Infiniverse soon took place.

Because they were both followers of The Light, Harmony and Melody were able to avoid sharing the doomed fate of the planet, and were instead transported to 22nd-century Earth. Harmony was dropped in the middle of Platinum City, where she and her sister came face to face with the superheroine crew, The Sista Clique.

After a misunderstanding and a brief battle, Captain Infinity arrived, and explained to the heroines that he and the Mental Sisters were from the recently destroyed Super Earth One, and that they needed to find the other refugees of the planet and help them acclimate to this new world. After resting up a bit, Harmony, along with her sister and Captain Infinity, began flying throughout the planet, locating their fellow former SEO citizens.

Within a few days they had found several members of the Infinity Force, including Crosscheck, Radiance, Winter Rose, Autumn Violet, Miranda Miracle and Kade the Keeper, as well as several other Super Earth One refugees. While they were all happy to be rebuilding the Infinity Force and reconnecting with SEO citizens, the Sista Clique penthouse in Platinum City they were borrowing was beginning to become overcrowded.

Miranda Miracle then remembered something she had learned while spending time with Deanna Grace, whom she had protected from the Human Extermination Squads on Super Earth One, following the Hyper-Human War. Deanna was the head of a massive christian congregation in Platinum City. Her church had a central complex in northern Platinum City, that had been taken over by her moral and upstanding Executive Pastor, Chadwick Gilliam, after she did not return from Jessica Beck’s time-traveling expedition. But there were also satellite campuses all throughout the city. And the oldest of the satellite facilities had not been in use for several years. Deanna had such a fondness for that building that she personally purchased it from her church organization, and kept it in her name. She hadn’t had a chance to renovate it before leaving on the expedition, so at this point it was a large, empty edifice with lots of halls and rooms. It was perfect.

Miranda was able to lead Captain Infinity, the Mental Sisters, and the others to the facility, and they began renovating it into a refugee camp for SEO citizens. Melody and Harmony continued to search for more people from the Infiniverse, but within a few days they realized that their method of flying around the planet, searching or waiting to hear about incidents involving strange hyper-beings was just not efficient and effective enough. It was Melody who came up with an idea to try a different approach.

She suggested that she and her sister use their voices to create a subsonic emission encoded with a hidden message tuned to a frequency that only people from Super Earth One could hear. The message would tell them that there was a safe place where they could receive shelter, food, and education about the new world they were living in.

It took a few days for them to tune their voices to the proper emission, but finally, they did it. They went to the top of the building – which was now being referred to as the New Infinity Fortress – and began to emit the sound wave. Before long, the subsonic frequency had covered the Earth, and within minutes Super Earth One refugees began showing up. Over the next several days, hundreds of them poured into the facility, and the acclimation process began to take place.

Then, on the seventh day of the message going out to the world, Captain Infinity’s sister Centuria showed up along with her Centurian teammates. Melody looked to Harmony and nodded: their mission was complete. They went down to the main hall of the facility, which was filled with hundreds of hyper-beings. It was an amazing sight. Captain Infinity called the Mental Sisters over to where he and Centuria were speaking. Centuria had wild tales of the evil hyper-villains she had encountered and battled, as well as the heroic men and women she had fought alongside with. She explained that not only was Earth dealing with a number of current threats, but several heroes throughout the world were preparing for war against an ominous presence that seemed to be looming somewhere in the future.

Captain Infinity asked what she thought they should do. It was Harmony Mental who answered: “We should fight!” Centuria locked eyes with her brother for a long moment – excitement rose within them. The Captain then looked to Harmony, and told her to make the announcement. She stepped up, and called for everyone’s attention – then welcomed them all to the New Infinity Force.

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