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September 27, 2016





Queen Immortal


Created by the energy produced from the cataclysmic collision of the Core Reality and the Infiniverse.


Undetermined; female humanoid form


Mental Powers



Energy Projection

Tactical Skill



Power Rating: 1 – 100


The Queen Immortal is a being of pure kinetic energy, and thus the more energy she absorbs or comes in contact with, the more powerful she becomes. She has enhanced strength and durability, as well as flight, energy projection, and some psionic capabilities. She is a brutal warrior, with instinctively attuned combat skills. She wields a giant sphere, and sometimes uses a sword as well.


The Queen Immortal was created in the midst of a cataclysmic event, when the Infiniverse Reality collided with the Core Reality at the conclusion of the War for Eternity between Captain Infinity and the Infinity Force, and Madam Zero and the Army of Shadows. The collision would lead to the total annihilation of the Infiniverse, however, at the point it was to end, a powerful force called the Chronicle Wave was released by the hero Spectra. She was attempting to use the Wave to manipulate time and save certain inhabitants of the Infiniverse who, on their own, were not able to escape the destruction.

The combination of the two universes colliding, along with the emission of the Chronicle Wave, produce a unique phenomenon – a chronokinetic storm. This storm came to exist in the midst of complete oblivion. After existing for what seemed like an eternity, the elements of the Chronokinetic Storm began to form into a humanoid being – that being was The Queen Immortal. She rested in a chronokinetic cocoon, until another series of events triggered her awakening, and consequently offered her a doorway into a real world.

HEIGHT: 6’3″
WEIGHT: 217 lbs.
SKIN: White
HAIR: Blonde

It was the actions of the time-traveling, quantum-leaping hyper-being Maximilian Finch, who had been conscripted by Captain Infinity in the 22nd century to jump forward in time, and fix a series of timeline fractures that threatened to derail the Core Reality. Max had successfully fused the one fracture in the 25th century, involving the heroic Daughter and the villainous Deathknell; and before that, he had successfully fused a fracture in the 23rd century, which involved an orphan at a group home for hyper-human children, named Kina.

Each instance had involved a massive release of chronokinetic energy into the multiverse, and the Queen Immortal had used the chronokinetic slipstream, created by the burst in the 23rd century, to slide into the Core Reality. She arrived in the world a fully formed adult in New Orleans, not far from where the chronokinetic energy was released. She was immediately aware of her own abilities and powers, and used psionic matter manipulation to clothe herself in armor.

As she was created in the midst of a violent cataclysmic phenomena, the personality and essence that resided inside of her was of pure violence and thirst for more power. She was able to detect numerous energy sources around the world that would be suitable for increasing her power levels, but none were more potent and moreuseful, than the chronokinetic pulses emanating from young Kina. Queen Immortal used her matter-manipulation powers to create for herself a collection of weapons, then made a bee-line for The Home.

The governess of The Home was Francine Fray, aka Placebo. She was a powerful telepath, who eventually sensed the presence and intention of The Queen Immortal. She also sensed the power of the villain, and determined she would need some help if she wanted to protect Kina and the other residents of The Home, of which there were nearly two hundred – mostly children, teenagers, and low-level hyper-beings. So, she put out a call to an old friend of hers, the heroic and incredibly noble Magnanimous.

Magnanimous showed up with two otherhyper-beings, – Anamorph and Kaneita Rain – who were part of a super-squad he’d been running for sometime, called The Phenomenals. Placebo greeted him, briefed him on the situation involving the impending arrival of Queen Immortal, then introduced him to Masao Yumi, a deaf hyper-being who was one of the few current residents of The Home that could prove useful against the enemy.

Later that night, The Queen Immortal attacked the Home. She smashed through the front door and went straight for Kina’s room, the chronokinetic energy already beginning to have a strengthening effect on her. Several kids ran for cover, as the Queen’s incredible power shook The Home to its very foundation. Masao suddenly appeared beforeher, and engaged her with a handotsu combination. The complicated and mystical hand gestures greatly confused the Queen for a few moments, allowing the young man to move in for a series of strikes and chops. The Queen, however, was unaffected by his physicalattacks, and simply swatted the young man away, knocking him against a wall.

It took a minute, but the Queen shook off the confusion and was able to get to Kina’s room. But when she opened the door, Kina was not alone – Magnanimous was standing before her. He raised a fist, and blasted her with a punch that sent her flying back. The massive hero then picked her up and carried her back through the facility and out onto the street, slamming her down so hard, a crater was left in the concrete.

The Queen was surprised by the attack, but quickly gathered herself and retaliated with a series of thunderous blows. Magnanimous was rocked backwards, and forced to go on the defensive. The Queen continued the assault, mixing in energy surges with punches to the face and gut. Magnanimous, however, steadied himself, and eventually the two of them were standing toe-to-toe, landing left hooks, right hooks, uppercuts and body slams!

It was clear this would not be an easy fight for the Queen Immortal, but she was more than willing to take on the challenge, and do everything in her considerable power to get to Kina and absorb her energy. It was about to be a long night…

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