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September 28, 2016



Harold Magnus


Magnanimous; Mags


Detroit, MI, USA, Earth (Core Reality); Mid-23rd century


Hyper-human; male


Mental Powers



Energy Projection

Tactical Skill



Power Rating: 1 – 100


Magnanimous was born with two hearts, which work in tandem, and enhance his metabolic efficiency, thus allowing him to have super strength, reflexes, and a healing factor. He is trained in boxing, wrestling and grappling.


Magnanimous was born a hero. From the time he was a toddler he wanted to help people, stand up for those who could not stand up for themselves, and generally make the world a better place. It helped that he was born with two hearts. At first, the discovery was thought of as a defect, and the surgeons at the hospital were prepared to perform surgery to fix it. However, after a number of tests and exams, it was determined that not only was young Harold Magnus healthy, his two hearts actually worked in perfect tandem, and increased the efficiency of blood flow in his body exponentially.

As a result his metabolic functions were greatly enhanced, which translated to enhanced physical attributes. By the time Harold was 4 years old, he already possessed the strength of an NFL linebacker. Fortunately for his peers and classmates, he was an extremely loving and caring individual, and used his incredible strength to help as many of them as possible in any way he could – which, in grade school, mostly entailed carrying stuff for them. He knew in his heart(s) that they were taking advantage of him at times, but he really didn’t mind, as making others happy was his primary goal, even if it came at the expense of his own dignity.

HEIGHT: 6’7″
WEIGHT: 346 lbs.
SKIN: Brown
HAIR: Black
EYES: Brown

When he was in 5th grade, his parents enrolled him in a boarding school in the Northwestern region of the US. The school was about 50% hyper, and 50% human. It was also about 25% bully. Magnanimous, of course, despised bullies. But, as some of the bullies were hypers themselves, he could not be the lone defender of the weak. And so he recruited some other students, and formed his first superhero squad – The Phenomenals.

Over the next four years Harold, along with Heater D, Woodie Joseph, Mills Belac, and Mitch Martinez, spent time making their school a safe and comfortable place for all kids to attend. Moving into high school, the crew mostly stayed together and kept up the work, but after graduating they all went their separate ways. Harold was the only one who wanted to continue doing superhero work, and so he skipped college and began training incessantly. He found that his metabolic enhancement allowed him to build muscles and strength at a ridiculous rate.

Before long, he had recruited a new team of Phenomenals, consisting of Red Lynx, The Worker, BoxCar, Rank One, and Connoisseur. They served their communities, the country, and the world for several years, taking down numerous hyper-villains, and stopping several potentially planet-shattering events. However, an incredibly dangerous mission to confront a powerful aquatic villain by the name of Hydronica proved to be too much for the team. Hydronica had laced the Pacific seabed with a number of hydro-bombs, in order to create a hydroelectric wave that would produce enough energy for her new deep sea fortress. The residual effects, however, would cause all types of damage and death on the surfaces of the nearby islands and coastal regions.

The Phenomenals set out to stop the detonations and bring Hydronica down, but over the course of the mission, a number of vile, yet clever maneuvers by the villain led to the deaths of all of the Phenomenals, except Magnanimous. And even he barely escaped with his life. Ultimately, the mission was a failure – the detonations went off, and hundreds of thousands of people perished. Determined to see Hydronica brought to justice, Mags recruited Francine Fray, aka the powerful telepath Placebo, and a mysterious cosmic being called Vincent Tiberius – both of whom were initially reluctant to partake. Placebo, who was over 200 years old at this point, (though she didn’t look it) had wanted to live quietly after several decades of adventures and peril you couldn’t even imagine; while Tiberius felt that getting so directly involved in such a potentially public event would threaten his (up to this point) anonymous existence.

Magnanimous, however, convinced them of the importance of this mission, as Hydronica’s aquatic base was continuing to draw energy from the surface, resulting in a consistent barrage of natural and unnatural phenomena that were wreaking havoc on the citizens of Earth. Finally, they agreed, and Magnanimous now had version 3.0 of the Phenomenals. With the trio’s immense abilities, the mission turned out to be less of a challenge than before. The base was destroyed, Hydronica was imprisoned in the Enclosure prison facility, and millions of lives were saved.

Afterwards, Mags was eager to move to the next mission, but both Placebo and Tiberius decided it was probably best for them to not work as a team. They felt their abilities in tandem could become dangerous if they weren’t careful. Magnanimous had all of the confidence in the world that they could practice the right amount of caution and discipline, but the others were not convinced. He was outvoted, and thus the team was disbanded.

Magnanimous continued to do hero work, and eventually began recruiting another team. However, this time he decided to go for something different. He wanted to recruit only those who were immortal. Fortunately, with the help of Placebo (they were still friends, of course), he was able to track down a few individuals on Earth who were either born with a power that sustained their lives, or had found a way to cheat death.

First was Anamorph, who had a very strange ability. She had a specialized polaroid camera that would take snapshots, and then those snapshots could become reality. To that end, she had taken millions of pictures of herself, so that in the case something happened to her, she would simply revert back to one of those images, and everything would be all good. Her abilities had several other practical and strategic uses as well, but we’ll get to that in her profile a little later on.

The second recruit was a woman named Kaneita Rain. She had a much simpler way of cheating death: she was a ghost orphan – a lost soul that could jump from body to body for eternity, unless slayed by the blade of a Veil hunter or a reaper, both of which were nearly extinct at this point.

The Phenomenals 4.0 were an extremely effective superhero team, and Magnanimous rarely needed to worry about whether or not his teammates’ lives were in danger. Several years and many missions after the formation of this new team, Magnanimous received a call from this old friend Placebo – who was now running a group home for orphaned hyper-human children. She needed the help of the Phenomenals, because a villain called the Queen Immortal was on her way to take a little girl named Kina, and absorb her metaphysical and chronokinetic energy. The process would strengthen the already powerful Queen, and most likely kill Kina.

Mere hours after Magnanimous arrived, the Queen Immortal attacked! Masao, who was a counselor at The Home, and the older brother of Kina, was the first to engage the monster femme fatale, but she easily brushed him aside. She then engaged in a thunderous clash with Magnanimous.

The two behemoths traded ground-shattering blows! Both of Magnanimous’ hearts were pushed to the limit, as he was forced to work his body harder than ever before. He absorbed dozens of blows, and used his grappling and wrestling skills to outmaneuver his constantly charging adversary. But no matter how many times he thrashed the Queen, she kept shaking off the effects and coming back for more. Magnanimous was forced to begin using objects against her. He first grabbed a light post, and swung it like a baseball bat. Then he grabbed a couple of nearbyvehicles, a hurled them at her. And after that, he smashed a portion of concrete on the street, picked up the pieces, and landed several crushing blows. But each time the Queen just shook it off, and kept coming at him.

It was clear that pure brute strength was not going to defeat this woman. And that’s when Anamorph and Kaneita Rain jumped into the mix… The battle was far from over.

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