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September 29, 2016



Ana DeLorean II


Anamorph; Jeneva York


Los Angeles, CA, USA, Earth (Core Reality); Early 23rd century


Hyper-human; female


Mental Powers



Energy Projection

Tactical Skill



Power Rating: 1 – 100


Anamorph has a unique metaphysical ability that allows her to take snapshots of reality, store them on physicalphotographs, then extract the objects or images on the photograph back into reality at will. This also works with herself, giving her the ability to create clones of herself, as well as the ability to resurrect if tragedy strikes.


Ana DeLorean II was born in 23rd-century Los Angeles to Ana Delorean, a film producer, and Orion DeLorean, an A-List actor. She grew up with every amenity she could possibly want, as her family was extremely wealthy. She was an only child, but her parents were very focused on involving her in playgroups and other activities in which she could meet and bond with other kids. She had a naturally outgoing personality, and was very easygoing. By the age of 7 she had become a darling on the Red Carpet, as she would accompany her parents to movie premieres and a gala events all throughout Hollywood and the country.

When she was 10, she discovered she had a strange metaphysical hyper-ability. She was on vacation with her parents in the Bahamas, and as usual, she and her parents took hundreds of digital pictures on their devices. Ana and her parents were also internet celebrities, had millions of followers on social media, and were very candid about sharing their lives with their fans. On the 3rd day of their vacation, Ana was looking out at the sea, when she put her forefingers and thumbs into the shape of a picture frame – you know, that thing you do when you’re trying to see if a certain scene, object or positioning of a person would make a good photo shot.

HEIGHT: 5’8″
WEIGHT: 123 lbs.
SKIN: White
HAIR: Blonde with a blue streak
EYES: Yellow

Anyway, she framed a section of the ocean and the horizon, and mouthed the words “perfect”. She then took the picture with her digital camera, and of course, shared it to all of her social media networks. It got thousands of likes, favorites, thumbs ups and comments. That night Ana and her parents sat in the living room of their beach house, enjoying some dinner, and looking through the pictures they had taken. Suddenly Ana noticed something strange on the table – it was a polaroid picture of the ocean and horizon. They were all extremely confused, because they had not had any of the images printed. Ana picked up the picture and looked at it for a moment, and then it happened – the picture came to life, and the ocean burst off the little square and began gushing throughout the house!

Caught totally off guard, the blast of water hit Orion with such force that his head was smashed against a stone pillar, knocking him unconscious. Ana’s mother screamed for her to swim to safety, as she would attempt to save her husband. Ana did as she was told, and was able to navigate the gushing waters safely and get out onto the beach.

As she looked back at the house, she could not believe what she was seeing – the water was continually and violently rushing out of every window, every door, every crevice; the integrity of the home was beginning to buckle. Others gathered around, and looked on in amazement and horror. Ana screamed for her parents, but there was no sign of either of them. After several more minutes, the gushing waters finally stopped. The authorities soon showed up, and it wasn’t long before the corpses of Ana and Orion were found. Ana II was now an orphan.

The ensuing investigation concluded that their deaths were the result of a hyper-human accident, and Ana seemed to be the cause of it. The little girl, of course, was traumatized by the incident, and the decision was made to take her to a special group home for orphaned hyper-human children in New Orleans. The head of the school was a powerful telepath named Francine Fray, aka Placebo.

As Placebo and her staff began to work with Ana, they quickly discovered that her hyper-ability had nothing to do with controlling water. When she told the story of what had happened, Placebo was able to determine that the photograph was the key. Ana herself was having trouble remembering all the details of the fateful day, but Placebo was able to probe her memories, and eventually found the moment in which the young girl used her fingers to “frame” the ocean.

Placebo hypothesized that Ana had the ability to create “tangible photographic anomalies”, and after a number of tests she found she was right! It didn’t take long for Ana to come to terms with the death of her parents and the manifestation of her new powers, and by the time she was 18 she had become a very well-learned and well adjusted young lady. She left The Home, and traveled back to LA to begin a career in the film industry. Using the alias “Jeneva York”, and changing her hair color from brown to blond, (as she did not want anyone to know she was the daughter of Ana and Orion DeLorean) she was able to land a job working in the warehouse of a major film studio. It was a great place to start, and offered a lot of upward mobility. It also offered her the opportunity to sift through tons and tons of equipment – lighting gear, sound equipment, special effects machines, props, and of course, hundreds and hundreds of cameras. She was in heaven.

She kept her powers hidden from her coworkers, but she dabbled with her abilities every chance she got. Then one day, while working in the warehouse, she stumbled across an old 20th century polaroid camera. It was the first one she had ever seen in person, as most of them were destroyed, or locked away in museums somewhere. She took it home to her apartment, and began tinkering with it. She was determined to get it working, and after a few weeks of research and persistence, she got it to function. There was a problem, however – it was impossible to find the cards needed to produce the pictures. Again, some determination, some research, and a little persistence led her creating the cards herself.

She was ecstatic, as she went outside to take her first polaroid picture. She loaded the camera, took aim, and took a snapshot of a magnificent tree at a park near her apartment. A few seconds later the pic popped out and began to appear on the card. She could not be happier. Then all of a sudden, the massive tree burst out of the picture, just like the ocean did some 10 years ago! It had happened again – but this time with a polaroid camera, and not her fingers. The other thing that was different about this time was that she did not survive the incident. As the tree burst from the picture it smashed her in the face, cracked her skull, and killed her instantly.

A few moments later however, Ana awoke in her bedroom!

It was like waking from a nightmare, but it was very real indeed. She got up from the floor, and looked out the window toward the park. It was chaos, as dozens of people and official personnel were on the scene, looking up at the second massive tree, AND down at her lifeless body laying on the ground beside it. Was she having an out-of-body experience? She didn’t know what to think. And then something came to her – that morning, as she did on most mornings, she had looked in her body-length mirror, and taken a selfie with her finger-frames. And now, that picture had come to life, essentially bringing her back to life. Ana realized that as long as she had a picture of herself with her finger-frames, she was quite literally immortal! At that moment she decided to change her ambitions from being in the film industry to being a world traveler and daredevil. But before that, she had to go retrieve her camera, which was a problem, as there were several dozen police officers and other official people on the scene. She grabbed a hoodie, packed a bag full of her pictures and belongings, then went out to the park, snatched the camera from beside her corpse, and began running.

Of course, the police officers gave chase. She sprinted throughout the neighborhood trying to lose them, but they had cars, and helicopter support, and numbers; they were closing in on her. Then she had an idea – she began taking finger-frame snapshots of the buildings and surroundings, then tossed the instant-pics behind her, allowing them to burst out and form duplicates of the surroundings, thus confusing her pursuers and allowing her to get away.

She spent the next couple of years traveling the world, seeing the sights, trying new crazy things, and resurrecting herself any time one of those crazy things went tragically wrong. She even got into a few situations in which she had to use her abilities to save the day. It was her hero work that eventually caught the attention of the noble hyper-hero Magnanimous. Mags tracked her down, and asked if she wanted to be a part of his hero-squad, The Phenomenals.

At first she was reluctant, but after learning that they both knew Francine Fray very well, she agreed to join. As a part of the Phenomenals, Anamorph, as she was now being called, spent the next couple of years battling hyper-villains, and saving the world from all kinds of threats. Then she finally got her chance to repay Francine for all the ways she had helped her, when Magnanimous received a call, informing him the group home was under attack.

The Phenomenals traveled to The Home in New Orleans, and were confronted by the Queen Immortal, who had come to kidnap a little orphan by the name of Kina, in order to absorb her energy and strengthen herself. Masao, Kina’s brother, had already attempted and failed to stop the powerful Queen, and now Magnanimous was trading thunderous blows with the villainess.

The physical battle, however, was a losing proposition, and so Anamorph entered the fray and confronted the Queen. The indomitable femme fatale at first laughed at the skinny girl standing before her. She did not look like a warrior; she looked like a reality TV star. But then Anamorph pulled out a series of polaroids, and tossed them at the Queen – suddenly, a rush of ocean water absolutely blasted the villain, thrusting her back and throwing her off guard. She, of course, gathered herself and charged.

Anamorph unleashed several more images – lightning strikes, fire blasts, wind gusts! The Queen immortal was taking a beating – but still, she kept attacking. Ana and Mags worked in tandem, with the former pulling out images of certain tools the latter could use, such as bats, bow staffs, firearms, and more. Placebo also joined the battle, using her own combat skills and psionic abilities to help keep the monster lady on the defensive. But alas, they still could not take her down. The Queen unleashed a massive psionic blast of her own, and knocked Placebo back. She then rushed at Magnanimous, and slammed him through the side of another house. And finally, she turned to Anamorph, pushed through a series of obstacles, and grabbed the young woman. Realizing the source of her powers, The Queen ripped the camera from around her neck and crushed it! She then snatched the bag of pictures, and tossed them aside as well. And finally, she took hold of Anamorph’s hands, and crushed her fingers! The young girl screamed in agonizing pain, as the Queen prepared to crush the rest of her.

But just then, another member of the Phenomenals, Kaneita Rain, jumped in with her blades and impaled the villain in her back. The Queen Immortal was forced to drop Anamorph, and engage yet another adversary…

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