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September 30, 2016



Kallisto (first life); Kaneita (most current life)




Kallisto: Ancient Greece, Earth (Core Reality); Kaneita Rain: Bronx, NY, USA, Early 23rd century (Core Reality)


Para-human; female


Mental Powers



Energy Projection

Tactical Skill



Power Rating: 1 – 100


Kaneita Rain has above average speed and agility. She is well-versed in a multitude of combat disciplines, including several forms of martial arts and street-brawling. She is also an expert markswoman and swordswoman.

Kaneita also has astral-projection abilities, which allows a part of the spirit of her first life (Kallisto) to leave her body, and possess other living things for short periods of time. Also, if/when her physical body dies, the spirit of Kallisto will jump to a new host-body (unless if slain by a “living blade”).


In the 23rd century, Kanieta Rain is one of the most dangerous women on the planet with a blade. She is a tactical genius with a vast knowledge of sword techniques, and possesses hundreds of years of knowledge in espionage, stealth, and hyper-morphology. To her allies she is a reliable and useful asset; to her enemies she is an absolute nightmare. But to the people who knew her in her early twenties, she was a mild-mannered preschool teacher. So what happened, you ask? Well,Kallisto, the ghost orphan happened.

Kaneita was living a quiet life in the Bronx, when her body and soul became phantom-fused with a ghost orphan. Ghost orphans are lost souls that wander the Earth, taking refuge in human bodies. They were created thousands of years prior, with the use of a mystical weapon called the ghost-blade. Kallisto, who was a priestess in Ancient Greece, was slain by a ghost-blade, and thus her soul could never find passage to the afterlife. She was one of thousands of people to fall victim to ghost-blades.

HEIGHT: 5’7″
WEIGHT: 129 lbs.
SKIN: Brown
HAIR: Black
EYES: Light brown

A few centuries later, a group of noble swordsmen and swordswomen were brought into the world to hunt down ghost orphans, and send them to Heaven. Meanwhile, a group of hellspawns were also brought to Earth, in an attempt to hunt down ghost orphans and send them to hell. After many years of being hunted, Kallisto led a charge to fight back against their would-be captors. She discovered the process of phantom-fusion, and used the physical bodies she and her cohorts possessed to wage war against the reapers and the Veil hunters.

The war raged on for a long time, and then in the 22nd century it all came to a head. Kallisto had taken the form of a woman named Virginia Ice, and subsequently became an extremely dangerous force on the planet. She built a team of ghost orphan uded the likes of Troy Brothers, Bernadette Brothers and Eddie Valdera, and devised a plan to wipe out the Veil and the reapers once and for all.

The plan involved bringing Legion, the most evil hellspawn in existence, into the world during the culmination of a related event called The Age of Serpents. Mighty Veil hunters such as Disa Philadelphia and Paula Thyatira, as well as the powerful holy warrior Seraph Solomon came together to put a stop to the Age of Serpents, defeat Virginia Ice, and close Legion’s Gate.

The ordeal was long and brutal, but eventually they succeeded. During the battle, the Veil Hunters had a chance to slay Virginia Ice with a living-blade, and thus release Kallisto to Heaven. But there was a complication, as vaunted Veilhunter Peter Philadelphia had previously fallen in love with Virginia Ice, and in an act of ultimate betrayal he allowed the ghost orphan to jump away to a new body and escape eternity.

Kallisto spent the next century laying low, jumping from body to body, in order to avoid detection by the hunters. After some time, the Veil stopped tracking her, and concentrated on wiping out the rest of her marauder squad. Within a couple of decades the vast majority of the malevolent ghost orphans had been captured. The reaper population had also dwindled, and with barely a war left to fight the need for Veil hunters greatly decreased, and their bloodlines also began to dry up.

It was the early 23rd century, when Kallisto decided to go public again. She found Kaneita Rain one sunny morning, and phantom-fused with her body and soul. She began training the body for combat, and eventually reclaimed her status as a living weapon. The world was different now, with the idea of obtaining wealth no longer the number one priority for most people in society. In the form of Virginia Ice, that was Agatha’s primary goal.Now, she had to find a different goal. But after several lifetimes of marauding, killing and war-mongering, she found herself at a loss.

She took a few freelance mercenary jobs, but she found them to be tiresome. It became clear that she was bored. She had been on Earth for nearly 3000 years, and she had finally exhausted its usefulness to her. She did some research, and found that there were still a few hunters with living-blades kicking around in the world. And so, she decided to seek one of them out, and offer herself to the edge of their blade, so she could finally find passage into Heaven.

However, as she was about to make her journey, she received a visit… from a Veil hunter. But not just any hunter – it was Peter Philadelphia! She could not believe her eyes, as it was over a hundred years since she’d last seen him, and by all logic he should be long dead. He explained to her that after his betrayal during the Legion’s Gate battle, he had been exiled by the Veil and forced to live off the grid and on his own. He continued to hunt ghost orphans, but he did it secretly, and sought no support from the others. He watched from afar as his kin began to die off, and he realized that the only seven bloodlines that had the power to wield living-blades would eventually dry up. He made up his mind to see to it that that never happened – by figuring out how to become immortal.

It was the research of 22nd-century Veil hunter Caesar Laodicea that helped him find the breakthrough. Caesar had been attempting to discover a way to take the immortal aspects of ghost orphans, and transfer it over to Veil hunters. His attempts were unsuccessful, and his work was eventually outlawed by the Veil governors. Since Peter was also disavowed, he picked up the research, and took it to the next level. After years of toiling away, Peter was finally able to fuse his own soul with that of a ghost orphan, and thus prolong his life indefinitely.

For the next century, he continued hunting. And then he heard of a dangerous swordswoman who had seemingly come out of nowhere. He began tracking her, and watching her as she went on these mercenary missions and such, and after analyzing her combat techniques, he surmised that Kaneita Rain just had to be Virginia Ice. He, of course, was right.

The two of them embraced, as their once forbidden love had somehow survived the tests of time, space and metaphysics. After a few days of sharing the most extraordinary stories from the past century of their respective lives, Peter asked her if she would help him hunt ghost orphans. She mulled over the implications of what he was asking, and eventually agreed to it. Over the next few years the two of them worked together to catch dozens and dozens of ghost orphans. It was an absolute blast. Then, to their surprise, they were approached by maybe the greatest and most notable superhero of their time, Magnanimous. He wanted them both to join his superhero squad, The Phenomenals. They agreed to do so, as long as they were still permitted to hunt ghost orphans. Mags was perfectly okay with that.

They became extremely valuable members of the team, using their wide array of tactical abilities and combat skills to help defeat many super-villains, and stop plenty of world threatening events. Then one day, Magnanimous received a call from his old friend Francine Fray, aka Placebo. Francine was the governess of a special group home for hyper-human orphans, whose parents had mostly died due to their own accidental displays of powers. A little girl by the name of Kina was being hunted by a new, powerful super-villain named Queen Immortal.

As Peter was away on a ghost-orphan hunt, Kaneita joined Magnanimous and other fellow Phenomenal Anamorph, and traveled to New Orleans to help Placebo against the enemy. The Queen Immortal proved to be an absolute handful, using her incredible strength, combat acumen and energy absorption abilities to first battle through Kina’s older brother, Masao, then Magnanimous, Placebo and Anamorph.

It was looking dire, when Kaneita jumped in with her blades, stabbing the monster queen in her back, and causing her to roar in pain. Using her stealth and agility, Kaneita was able to duck and dodge the barrage of counterattacks coming her way. In addition to her sword skills, Kaneita was also able to harness the power of the ghost orphan inside of her, and move with blinding speed and ridiculous agility. But even with all of Kaneita’s skills and abilities, the Queen was beginning to regain the upper hand again. And that’s when Peter Philadelphia arrived!

He apologized for being late, then he and Kaneita teamed up against the Queen. Anamorph was out of the battle as her hands had been broken, and Placebo and Masao were trying to protect the other residents of The Home from the flying debris, but Magnanimous was able to shake off the dizziness, and jump back into the fight. The three of them now had the Queen on their heels, but there was still no indication that they could ultimately subdue her.

With the situation looking dire, Kaneita unleashed a blast of astral energy. And to everyone’s surprise, the Queen’s armor was penetrated, and she was hurled to the ground. They quickly realized that despite the Queen’s ability to absorb and consume energy, she could NOT absorb astral or spiritual energy. Kaneita took the lead, and came at the villain with a barrage of astral streams. The Queen Immortal attempted to push through, but she just had no answer for it. Finally, she was forced to abandon her mission and retreat.

Kaneita watched with relief as the monster femme fatale fled. The other members of the Phenomenals exhaled as well, but they did not relax, for they were sure the Queen Immortal would eventually return…

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