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October 2, 2016







Above Earth (Core Reality); Late 30th century


Wyvern; male


Mental Powers



Energy Projection

Tactical Skill



Power Rating: 1 – 100


Lusarth is a wyvern – he can fly, breath fire, and has enormous strength. Like all dragons and wyverns of his time, his skin is utterly impenetrable, except for the weapons of the dragon slayer, Victriana.


In the 31st century, dragons and wyverns will return to Earth in droves. After a brief attempt to wage war against the creatures, humans and hyper-humans will realize they cannot be slain, thus the dragons and wyverns will come to be thought of as immortal. In that time, castles will again become the most popular habitats for the rich and powerful, and eventually become pretty standard living spaces for the vast majority of humankind. These will be new, technologically advanced castles. Despite their space-aged veneer, the dragons and wyverns will still desire to take up refuge in the magnificent structures.

Many people will perish as the creatures lay claim to castle clusters all over the world, but eventually, dragons and people will develop a stable – if somewhat uneasy – coexistence. In short: as long as people do not attempt to reclaim their castles, the dragons will not crush, eat, or burn them alive.

HEIGHT: 26 Stories
WEIGHT: 153 Tons
SKIN: Purple with red undertones

Like most wyverns, Lusarth will be birthed from one of the hundreds of strange pod-like structures, that one day mysteriously appear in the sky above Earth. But unlike most other wyverns, Lusarth will have a much different experience with humans than the other members of his species.

He’ll fall to the surface of the planet somewhere in the South American Rain Forest, where he will spend the next few years maturing amongst several other baby dragons. He will grow to become by far the largest and most fearsome wyverns on the planet. And thus, he will fly to the largest castle in the world – Platinum Towers – in the center of the United States, where Platinum City used to be.

It will be one of the very few castles that have been able to stave off dragon occupation, as the use of a powerful artificially intelligent force-field will have kept its 12 million residents safe. Lusarth will attack Platinum Towers, and after a long and arduous ordeal, he will bring the force-field down, smash through the castle’s armies and hyper-militia, and lay claim to it. Because of the size of the campus, a few million people will still be able to live in Platinum Towers, but of course, they’ll have to steer clear of the creature and its primary dwelling areas.

For a decade, Lusarth will live a mostly unextraordinary and uneventful life. Then, he will be visited by a powerful hyper-being named Fuchsia. Lusarth will be startled by the notion that Fuchsia can communicate with him. The wyvern will then learn the story of how Fuchsia was born in the stomach of a wyvern called Yulegai, who was then slain by a female warrior by the name of Victriana. This information will surprise Lusarth, as he’d come to think of him and his kind as immortal. Fuchsia will describe her numerous journeys throughout the world, in which she has found dozens of dragon corpses. This will enrage Lusarth.

Fuchsia will propose a partnership between the two of them, in which they work together to hunt Victriana down, and destroy her. Lusarth will agree. They will leave Platinum Towers together, and crisscross the planet in search of their mortal enemy. However, they will mostly find a trail of dragon and wyvern corpses. Then one day, they will meet a man who claims to know how to find Victriana. He will tell them his name is Ocasio, but he will not reveal to them that he is actually the embodiment of a time-traveling hyper-being from the 22nd century named Maximilian Finch, who is on a mission to fix a series of metaphysical fractures in the timeline, lest the Core Reality comes to a point where it ceases to exist.

Fuchsia and Lusarth will agree to join Ocasio in tracking Victriana. As they set out on their mission, Ocasio will suggest that Fuchsia use her ability to communicate with dragons and wyverns in an effort to recruit and build an army, so that when they meet the dangerous dragonslayer, they will have a better chance at success. Fuchsia will take his advice, and over the next few weeks Lusarth will carry them from castle tocastle, as they recruit dozens of his kind to join them. Before long, Fuchsia and Lusarth will command a vast militia of dragons, and a powerful fleet of wyverns.

With their army complete, Ocasio will reveal that Victriana uses a location in the Polar Ice Caps as refuge, as most dragons and wyverns despise the frigid cold, and thus stay away. Ocasio, however, will reveal an underground series of tunnels that are warmed by the Earth’s core; some of which lead to the Caps. They will be able to use the tunnels to stay warm, and then ambush the dragonslayer.

They gather the dragons and wyverns together in the Rocky Mountain Region of the United States, and Ocasio takes them to a cave that leads to the tunnel systems. With Ocasio, Fuchsia and Lusarth leading the way, they pour into the tunnel and make their way to the Ice Caps. And just as Ocasio said, once they arrive, Victriana is caught totally off guard by the swarm of fire-breathing creatures and their fire-clad mistress.

But being the consummate warrior she is, Victriana will grab her weapons, and immediately leap into action. She’ll whistle for her black unicorn, Sprinavasa, and together the two of them will begin tearing through the army of dragons and wyverns. As the battle rages, Ocasio will patiently wait, for the key to completing his mission of fixing the fracture in the timeline will rest with the death of one of those dragons. Which one, he will not know for sure. But what he will know is that once that certain dragon is slain, a massive burst of chronokinetic energy will be released, which will allow him to reattach the Core Reality timeline, and thus save reality from totally derailing….

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