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October 3, 2016



Victriana Stenberg


Vicky; The Dragon Slayer; The Wyvern Whisperer


Britannia, Earth (Core Reality); Mid-31st century


Hyper-human; female


Mental Powers



Energy Projection

Tactical Skill



Power Rating: 1 – 100


Victriana emits an aura, which gives her control over the moods and actions of dragons and wyverns. In her time, she is also the only human or hyper-human who can slay dragons and wyverns. She is trained in numerous battle techniques and a number of weapons, most notably swords and whips.

After befriending the black unicorn Sprinivasa, and being allowed to drink its blood, Victriana develops a number of additional hyper-abilities, including enhanced speed, strength, agility and durability, as well as a hyper-human healing factor and a degree of immortality.


Victriana will be the step-daughter to the king of Britannia in the 31st century, who will choose her widowed mother as his new wife, after the death of the queen. Vicky will also gain a step brother, Micky, the Prince. Vicky and Micky will become best friends and end up spending much time together exploring the castle, playing games, and getting into all kinds of mischief.

It will be common knowledge that The King’s choosing of Victriana’s mother was not a coincidence, nor a purely romantically motivated move. Themarriage will, in part, stem from the fact that Victriana is destined to become the next Wyvern Whisperer.

HEIGHT: 5’9″
WEIGHT: 147 lbs.
SKIN: Pale
HAIR: Fiery red
EYES: Silver

You see, in the 31st century dragons and wyverns will return to Earth in droves. The creatures will choose to take up residences in the new technologically advanced castles, which will serve as the most popular commodes for the vast majority of people on Earth in that time. Most people will either be forced from their homes, or forced into a tenuous cohabitation with the beasts, which are, for all intents and purposes, invincible and impossible to slay. But the King’s castle of Britannia will have a unique situation, as the surrounding communities will be famous for producing Wyvern Whisperers – i.e. men and women, who have an innate ability to tame wyverns and dragons.

Hector Kreblinski will have served as the King’s personal Wyvern Whisperer – a fact that will have allowed the King’s castle to exist without malevolent interference from wyverns and dragons for decades. Unfortunately, he will tragically succumb to disease before his best protégé and chosen successor, Victriana has reached the appropriate age to take over. The King and his new Queen will both have reservations about giving the then 16-year-old the official title of Wyvern Whisperer. But Vicky herself will assuage some doubt, when she demonstrates her insanely potent acumen for influencing the moods and actions of the massive beasts.

The matter will be brought before the Grands – the 12 men and women who serve as liaisons between the crown and the community of Britannia, and are responsible for advising for, or against certain courses of action. After a long discussion they will approve the confirmation of Victriana, and she will set out to serve as an ambassador and a peacekeeper between the creatures and the humans of her land. Her step-brother, Micky will remain the staunchest opponent of Vicky traveling alone to dragon dens and wyvern-controlled castles. But she will constantly remind him of the unstable temperaments of the creatures as the reason she must complete her missions alone.

Vicky and Micky will remain extremely close over the next couple of years, as they thrive in their respective positions – she as the Wyvern Whisperer, and he as the heir apparent. Then, one day Micky will go against the wishes of his father, The Grands and Victriana herself, when he sneaks out of the castle, and joins his step-sister and best friend on a journey to the southern tip of Britannia, to quell tensions between a community of hyper-human hydro-electric harvesters and an enclave of wyverns. Vicky will be surprised, when he suddenly rides up beside her on a tiger-stallion of his own a few miles into her trip. After initially refusing to go any further with him, she will reluctantly allow him to accompany her.

That will prove to be a mistake, for when they arrive at their destination, they will find that a violent war has already broken out between the hypers and the wyverns. Victriana will attempt to mediate, but she will fail, and in the ensuing chaos one of the creatures will kill Micky. This act will send Vicky into a age, and she will pull out her sword and slay the beast, which will come as a surprise as wyverns and dragons were thought to be immortal, due to the fact that no human or hyper-human had ever been able penetrate one’s hide, let alone kill one.

The other beasts will attack her in retaliation, but she will realize that she can weaponize the aura that has made her the most effective Wyvern Whisperer of all time, allowing her to easily fight and slay the entire enclave. Victriana will take Micky’s body back to her home castle, and after the funeral she will lock herself in her section of the castle, and mourn him for many months. When she finally emerges from her room, she will inform her parents and the Grands that she is leaving, and will not return until every dragon and wyvern on the planet is dead. They will attempt to stop her, but she will mount her tiger-stallion and leave.

For the next several years she will travel throughout the world, fulfilling her self-appointed call, leaving a trail of corpses in her wake. Then, during a journey into the Mystical Marshlands of the Northern Isles, she will come across a trio of powerful dragons. Unlike most dragons she will have encountered to that point, in addition to spitting fire, these dragons will also have the ability to cast spells. After a brutal battle, Victriana will triumph over the creatures, however, her tiger-stallion will perish, and she will be mortally injured. She will not die, though, as it will become evident that the slaying of the Mystical Marshland monsters resulted in the rescue of a black unicorn. The magnificent animal will repay Victriana by allowing her to drink its blood, which will heal her, and ultimately induce her with a number of enhanced physical abilities, as well as immortality – as long as she continues to drink the blood from time to time.

Victriana will name the beast Sprinivasa, and the two of them will form a tight bond and a potent partnership. Together they will continue traveling throughout the world, slaying dragons and wyverns, and the vast majority of people will celebrate their accomplishments. Then, during a journey through Brazil, Victriana and Sprinivasa will encounter a wyvern called Yulegai. Like all the creatures before him, Yulegai will be slain by the pair. But unlike the other creatures, Yulegai will have a human who loved him dearly. Actually, it will be an extremely powerful hyper-human named Fuchsia, and she will want to avenge the death of her beloved wyvern companion.

Fuchsia will spend some time developing her pyrokinetic powers, before setting out to hunt Victriana down. Fuchsia, who will also have the ability to telepathically communicate with dragons and wyverns, will use this ability to form a partnership with Lusarth, the biggest and strongest wyvern on the planet. Together they will search for Victriana, but for many months they will not be able to find her.

Then, Fuchsia and Lusarth will be approached by a time-traveling hyper-being called Maximilian Finch. He will come to them in the form of a man named Ocasio, and he will not inform them of his true identity, or his true purpose, which is to fix a series of fractures in the Core Timeline, in order to stop reality from “derailing”, and ceasing to exist. He will inform them that he knows how to find Victriana, but he will not make them privy to the fact that the slaying of a specific wyvern is the key to unleashing enough chronokinetic energy for him to fuse the timeline back together. Since he is offering Fuchsia a chance to exact her revenge, she will agree to work with him.

They will recruit an army of additional dragons and wyverns, and Ocasio will lead them to Victriana’s hideout in the Polar Ice Caps. Fuchsia will initiate the attack; the dragon Princess and her mighty mythical steed will leap into action, and counterattack. An epic battle will ensue, with Victriana and Sprinivasa at first easily tearing through the swath of fire-breathing creatures, but eventually finding themselves somewhat overwhelmed by the swarm. Ocasio will wait patiently for the correct dragon to be slain, hoping that out of the dozens of dragons that came along, one of them will hold the key to allowing him to complete his mission.

In time, many of the dragons will have fallen, and Fuchsia will finally come face to face with Victriana, and inform her that Yulegai, the wyvern she killed in Brazil some time ago, was her dear and beloved friend. Victriana will retort that if she loved him so much, she can join him in the afterlife. And with that, the two of them will clash! Fuchsia will unleash incredibly powerful fire-streams, effectively melting large portions of the ice caps, and causing massive tidal waves to crash around them. Victriana will retaliate with blasts of energy from the magical staff she and Sprinivasa retrieved from the Mystical Marsh. Additionally, Victriana will use her whip to intermittently entangle Lusarth, throwing the behometh off guard for extended periods during the battle.

Finally, Victriana will find an opening, and she will ride Sprinivasa straight through the throat of Lusarth. Fuchsia will scream with rage, as her companion’s life begins to ooze from his body. Then, both Fuchsia and Victriana will be taken aback by the blast of blue light that explodes from Lusarth – the chronokinetic release Max will need to complete his mission. He’ll jump into action, and use the energy to access the chrono-anchor back in the 22nd century, then begins to pull the timeline back together. This fusing will strain him more than the previous two reattachments, which included the young orphan, Kina in the 23rd century, and the rebel warrior, Daughter in the 25th century. But after using every ounce of metaphysical power he can muster, Max will successfully fuse the timeline.

Moments later, he’ll come to rest, and the battle between Fuchsia and Victriana will come to an end, as the other dragons retreat, while the Fire Flower mourns the death of Lusarth. Victriana, who took a beating despite her victory, will mount Sprinivasa, and prepare to leave. Fuchsia will promise retribution against the dragonslayer. Victriana will inform her that she will be waiting. And with that, she and Sprinivasa will ride away.

Ocasio (Max) will also discreetly quantum leap away, leaving Fuchsia all alone.

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