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October 6, 2016



Vincent Tiberius




Sometime in the 1st century (Core Reality); Location Unknown


Hyper-human; male


Mental Powers



Energy Projection

Tactical Skill



Power Rating: 1 – 100


Vincent Tiberius can manipulate matter.


Vincent Tiberius has a very mysterious origin. Well, to be honest, he has a very mysterious existence. Those who know of him, know that he is a powerful cosmic entity, with the ability to manipulate matter… which means he can do nearly anything. Fortunately, he is also known to be an extremely benevolent entity, with a desire to change the universe for the better.

It is rumored that he was born sometime in the early 1st century, and as he matured, he became a devout follower of the teachings of Jesus of Nazareth. While Vincent did subscribe to the existence of a supreme being who could save the world from inequity, and offer people salvation, he was much more interested in the miraculous works of The Savior. He was enamored with the idea of touching the lives of others, and changing them in positive and impactful ways. Then, after the crucifixion, resurrection, and ascension of Christ, Vincent set out to follow in his footsteps.

HEIGHT: 6’6″
WEIGHT: 318 lbs.
SKIN: Brown
HAIR: None
EYES: Gray

He began going around to different countries and villages, offering his services as a farmhand or a day worker. And while he did feel good about making small differences, he still had an insatiable desire to do more. It was at that time, when he was about 27 years old, that he discovered his hyper-ability to manipulate matter. He immediately put his power to work, continuing to tour the region. He would no longer simply help out on a farm; instead, he would cause the farm to grow ridiculously lavish crops. He did this in dozens, maybe hundreds of locations, as he saw hunger and poverty as two of the greatest ills in the world.

You see, Vincent did not want to just save the world, he wanted to change it irrevocably for the better. To that end, he would also inject himself into wars and conflicts, and attempt to use his powers to satisfy the needs of both sides. If a warlord wanted more land, Vincent would create more land for him. If two village leaders were fighting over a water source, Vincent would provide enough water sources for both of them ten times over. Mostly, his work succeeding in making the world a better place, however, despite all he did, famine, poverty, war, and greed still existed, for although he possessed near unlimited ability to manipulate the physical world, he still had no definitive way to manipulate the hearts of men and women.

By the time he was nearly 400 years old, he had grown frustrated with Earth, and decided to leave. For the next millennium and a half he traveled throughout the cosmos, making contact with all kinds of different species and aliens on a variety of planets. Using his powers, he helped dozens of worlds develop the agriculture and technology they needed to survive and thrive. He also encountered a few situation where he was tasked with saving populated planets from collapsing stars, and other dangerous cosmic phenomena. And on the very rare occasion, he was forced to engage and destroy evil entities that threatened worlds, planetary systems, and entire galaxies.

In the early 21st century he finally returned to Earth, as he was determined to try again. However, upon his return he found the planet filled with dozens and dozens of heroic humans and hyper-beings. It gave him great joy to see so many people attempting to make a positive impact on society, and the world at large. He was relieved that he did not have to carry the burden alone, but he also wanted to continue to be a part of the change.

After observing the planet for a year or two, he decided his immense hyper-abilities would be a little too much for Earth to handle in a direct way, and so he discovered a more indirect way to make small changes with big implications. It would be through the actions of a young hyper-human named Onyx Haze. Onyx was unique in that everything she did or saw was recorded in a special journal, which came to be known as the Onyx Octavo. Like many of the other heroes and great minds in the world, Vincent saw in her a desire and potential to do great things, however, she needed some guidance. He would provide that guidance.

Vincent ventured to Onyx’s apartment in Platinum City, and took the Onyx Octavo. He then returned to the small enclave he had built for himself among Saturn’s Rings, and began reading. He was enthralled by her heroic adventures – battles against the super-villain Labyrinth; team-ups with the Sista Clique and the supercop Ox; dealings with Sir Vellichor and his Grand Library… there was so much! Vincent, however, thought there could be much, much more!

And that was when he began to write in the journal. Everything he put in the journal became knowledge or a memory to Onyx, and so he used this fact to give her clues that would help her complete missions and assignments, which would be impossible, or perhaps overlooked by the other heroes on the planet. At first, of course, she was reluctant to blindly follow the whims of a mysterious, albeit powerful entity, but Vincent made it clear to her that he had nothing but good intentions, and that she would eventually earn her book back. And so, for the next several years, Vincent and Onyx “worked together”. He never revealed himself to her, but as promised, her did return the Onyx Octavo.

Over the next century, Vincent continued to work from the shadows, on the behalf of the world, and the universe as a whole. There were times of extreme triumph, where he helped good people make things better; and there were dark times, when even his powers were not enough to save the universe from depravity, destruction, or domination.

Then, in the 23rd century, he was approached by one of the greatest superheroes of that time – Magnanimous. Mags found Vincent with the help of the powerful telepath, Francine Fray, aka Placebo. He wanted the three of them to form an alliance, in order to bring down a dangerous hyper-villain called Hydronica, whose actions were literally causing the deaths of thousands in the Pacific Oceanic Region. Among these deaths were that of a previous team of superheroes, who had attempted to stop her. Vincent was initially reluctant to do it, but after realizing the great danger Hydronica posed, he felt he could not work from the shadows in this instant.

Magnanimous, Placebo and Vincent Tiberius set out to confront Hydronica in her aquatic battle station. She, of course, was ready for them, and unleashed the full fury of her hydroelectric hyper-abilities. Furthermore she had a number of weapons and tools, including a flux-inhibitor, which could actually nullify Vincent’s matter-manipulation powers, and a psionic barrier, that made her immune to Placebo’s telepathic attacks. At first, the three of them were at a loss, however, they were able to engineer a strategy that eventually overwhelmed Hydronica. They destroyed her base, and delivered her to the Enclosure Prison Brig for Hyper-Human Offenders.

Magnanimous wanted their team to continue, but neither Placebo, nor Vincent were interested in being full-time superheroes. Placebo went on to open a group home for hyper-human orphans, where she serviced powerful children such as Kina and Masao, while Magnanimous went on to form a new version of his hero squad, The Phenomenals, which included Anamorph, Kaneita Rain, and Peter Philadelphia.

Vincent, meanwhile, left Earth, and traveled to a home he kept in the Andromeda system. He was determined to rest, and take a break from anything stressful. Despite all of his powers and abilities, he was still not immune to fatigue. All he wanted to do was kick his feet up, crack open a good book or two, and chill. His peace and quiet, however, was short lived, as he soon received a visitor in the form of a time-traveling hyper-being called Maximilian Finch. Max immediately explained to him that he was on a very dire mission – he had been traveling across the space-time continuum, fixing a number of fractures in the Core Reality Timeline. He had already fixed nine of them, and there was only one more left. However, he would need Vincent Tiberius to make it happen.

Tiberius, of course, did not want all of existence to stop existing (which is what would happen if the fractures were allowed to persist), but he was confused about how he could help. Maximilian assured him that it was a simple process – much less complicated than what had to be done to fix the other fractures. He simply needed Tiberius to travel with him to a nearby star, and manipulate it into a black hole. Within that black hole would be enough chronokinetic energy for Max to harness, allowing him to fuse the Core Timeline back together. Vincent took a moment to process the fact that over the 2000 years of his own existence, there was literally a guy out there, jumping around the timeline, assuring it was running ontrack, so that he and the rest of time, space, and reality could continue to exist without interruption. Wow!

Max gave it a moment to sink in, then encouraged Tiberius that they had to get moving, for the Core Reality Timeline was quickly approaching the cataclysmic breach. They traveled to the star, and Tiberius did what he was asked – he began to manipulate the star, causing it to implode on itself, creating the black hole. In an instant, the massive blast of chronokinetic energy was unleashed. Maximilian jumped into action, harnessing the energy, and proceeding to pull the timeline together. As these two chunks of timeline were literally the two halves of all time, space, and reality, it took every bit of strength and metaphysical might he had within him. But finally, he was able to do it! The Core Reality Timeline was finally fixed.

They traveled back to Vincent’s enclave in the Andromeda system, and celebrated. Vincent couldn’t believe what he’d just seen, and Max was happy that his long, arduous journey and mission was over, and he could finally return to 22nd-century Earth, report back to Captain Infinity – who had tasked him with the mission – and resume his normal life. But before he quantum-leaped away, Maximilian thanked Tiberius, and apologized for ruining his peaceful book-reading session. Tiberius, of course, was not put out at all. Max, however, did want to show his eternal gratification, and so he opened his satchel, pulled out a thick book, and placed it on Vincent’s table. Then he quantum-leaped away. Vincent eagerly went over to the table, and picked up the book. He sat back in his big, comfy chair, opened it up, and began to read…

“My name was Captain Noble. I was a superhero, who worked for the US government, before becoming lost at space. After being consumed by the universe, I am now Cosmic Noble, and this is an excerpt from my new journal…”

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