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October 7, 2016



Shane Williamson


Captain Noble


New York, NY, USA, Earth (Core Reality); Late 21st century


Hyper-human; male


Mental Powers



Energy Projection

Tactical Skill



Power Rating: 1 – 100


Enhanced strength, speed, and durability. He is trained, and well-versed in a multitude of fighting techniques and combat strategies. His skin is resistant to extreme conditions, such as cold, heat, and high pressure. He has an accelerated metabolism, a healing factor, and possesses special glands, which emit regulatory enzymes that keep his bodily systems perfectly balanced at all times. His signature Noble-fist attack is rumored to exert enough force to shatter a planet. Weapons: monster hide cloak, monster bone staff.

My name was Captain Noble. I was a superhero who worked for the US government before becoming lost at space. After being consumed by the universe, I am now Cosmic Noble, and this is an excerpt from my new journal.

Year 11, Day 307


It has been 226 days, since I was separated from Shuttershock while fighting Fata Morgana on some unknown planet. She divided us by creating a split vortex, that sent us in separate directions. I know not if he has fallen to the Wormhole Witch or if he emerged victorious, and if he did win, if he ever was able to return home. I do know that since we were split up, I have been utterly lost in space. It was not until after a little over seven months of suffering, battling, scrapping, hoping, praying, and wishing that I would find a way home, that true hope graced my presence.

I have found the S.S. Prism, a long-lost Earth spacecraft, from what appears to be a secret NASA program. It seems they crash-landed on this planet, but the power core is still intact and operating. I have running water, both cold to drink, and hot to shower with. I have recognizable food and beverages. I have medicine, and medical supplies. I have a bed… sweet baby Jesus, I have a bed! There are movies, music, and books galore. More importantly, though, there are hundreds of files in the system, containing information about their mission, and it appears there may be a way for me to get back home after all.

HEIGHT: 6’6″
WEIGHT: 258 lbs.
SKIN: Tanned
HAIR: Black
EYES: Brown

The ship has strategically traveled, and plotted a trail of dozens of portals, utilizing space/time calculations to navigate their way through parallel dimensions. The files keep mentioning a “source”, which all of their research is based off of, but it does not state the name. Whatever happened, though, their path led them to this planet, and only two more portals remain before I can reach Earth: the one to exit this planet, and one more on another planet, which leads to Earth. Though the entire crew is dead, and they suffered a tremendous tragedy, the S.S. Prism is a MIRACLE for me! I have also found a new recording device. Therefore, I can now log details, surrounding my time lost in space. Allow me to start from the beginning.

At first, I panicked after being separated from Shuttershock. The planet I was on was damp and humid, almost like a rainforest. The heat was immense, and the air was rich with oxygen; more so than Earth. Luckily, there were places where clean water flowed, and wildlife reflecting fruits and vegetables grew. I tried to pick as carefully as I could, sticking to only plants that looked similar to things which grew on Earth. This served me well, but I did fall ill a few times. Eventually, though, I came to know which plantsI could eat, and which I could not. There was a mix of sweet fruit-like plants and filling vegetable plants I could choose from. The best tasting plant, however, made me the most ill, and caused violent vomiting. If it were not for my healing factor and regulatory glands governing my body, I surely would have died.

For the next few weeks, I searched the planet by day, and slept high in the trees at night. I had no clue as to all the creatures lurking below, but the beasts I had come across knew instantly upon seeing me that they wanted to devour my flesh. Then, one day I discovered a cave in the side of a rocky waterfall. It was home to massive lizards; a mother and her eggs. The young were being born just as I entered, and they were the size of full-grown buffaloes. The mother was at least two stories tall herself, and weighed a few tons easily. Normally, I would have flown away and continued my search for a way off the planet. However, a switch in my mind had flipped.

At that moment, no longer did I think about leaving the planet, as much as I did about conquering it. Sleeping in the treetops had sufficed, until a close call while slumbering changed all that. A giant bird-like creature sought to pick me off, and carry me to a mountaintop for dinner one night. In other words, I had been the hunted, and grew tired of it. So, my subconscious switched modes, and it made me become the hunter.

The mother lizard walked forward, shaking the cave walls. I did not budge. Whether it was from being paralyzed with fear or overcome with bravery, I cannot recall. All I know is, I did not move an inch. Then, when the lizard lunged forward with its jaws and attacked, I flew to the side and above its head without a thought. Then I charged down as fast as I could, and punched the lizard in the skull. Normally, bones would have broken, and the lizard’s flesh would have ripped open around my arm as it sank into its brain. This did not happen, though. The lizard’s hide and bones were extremely durable and strong. The force from my punch, however, did seem to cause severe internal damage, as the lizard fell to the cave floor dead. From there, I killed the remaining young. The cave was now mine.

I had a location that was protected from the elements, it was well hidden, and it was difficult to reach, as not many of the planet’s beasts were equipped to handle the climb. I burned the carcasses, and placed the dead bodies of the lizards outside of the cave and around it, which seemed to ward off any other lizards. From there, I skinned some hide off of the mother, using a sharpened bone from one of the dead baby lizards, then I scraped it clean and dried it. I also broke off a bone from her leg, and shaped it into a staff. This task proved extremely difficult, as the mother’s anatomy was much more developed, and it took every ounce of strength I had in me. Eventually, though, I did it. I now had incredibly strong and durable armor, and a weapon.

Next, I hoarded fruits and vegetables. The waterfall provided clean water, and adequately ventilated openings in the cave allowed for me to have enough air and ability to make fires. It was my first alien home, and I stayed there for another month, before coming across a shocking discovery. There was a portal on the planet!

Despite my amazement at the possibility of returning home as the portal appeared before me randomly, I did contemplate staying in my cave. My resolve to march on was still firm, but I would be lying if I said a piece of me had not resigned to living the rest of my days in that foreign rainforest. I was able to sleep comfortably at night. Well, as comfortably as one could as an alien on a foreign planet, where everything wanted to eat you. I had food, water, and shelter, though, three things that emerged as the only necessities that truly matter when it comes to survival. Thus, standing in front of the portal, I contemplated how it is funny that your reality is reformed, once everything has been stripped away from you. Nevertheless, the desire to be home again was greater than living the semi-comfortable life I was leading. So, I flew into the passageway, and prayed it would take me home. It did not.

I immediately was thrust into a planet that was bitterly cold. The wind was blowing at high speeds, and snow was everywhere. I cursed fate for thrusting me into such unforgiving surroundings. I flew as fast as I could, my hide keeping me somewhat warm, and my body working frantically to keep my internal temperature level, by increasing my metabolism to great speeds, creating body heat. The cold and ice were wearing on me, and as I was about to freeze to a halt, I noticed another portal was closing in the distance. It took every ounce of energy in me, but I pushed my anatomy to thelimit, and flew through the portal in the nick of time!

On the other side was a much more hospitable environment. It was a very hot desert, but it was bearable, and after being in subzero conditions, I welcomed the heat against my skin. That faded after about 15 minutes, though, and then I became incredibly hot. Luckily again, I was able to find a cove that allowed me to escape the blaring sun. The days were twice as long on that planet, but eventually the night came, and when it did, the planet came to life.

All sorts of creatures emerged from the sands, and as my luck would have it, those near me immediately picked up my scent. The monstrosities chased me down together, as if they had been waiting on me their whole lives. I was rested by that point, and was able to battle back. I crushed exoskeletons with my bone staff, punched through scales, ripped hides from bones, and kicked monsters to death. For hours, I battled, and ran, battled, and ran. Then, morning returned. I had never welcomed a sunrise with such exuberance, as all the animals began retreating to their hiding places. I also returned to my cove, dragging the dead carcass of a beast that resembled a carnivorous horse with me. I roasted its meat over a fire, and luckily it tasted like chicken. The meal did me well, and I slept like a baby. Then, when I awoke, I waited for dawn, and began flying through the air in search of another portal before the monsters returned. When I found one, I entered it without a second thought.

My life consisted of this type of portal roulette for many more months. I encountered all types of planets and terrains. Some places were not habitable. I entered portals, and immediately lost the ability to breathe in some places, due to there being no oxygen. In others, I would be under water. In some, the heat or cold would be unbearable. I had discovered early on, though, after the desert planet, that once I emerged from a portal, I had about ten seconds to re-enter it, and return to where I came from. This fact, along with my hyper-abilities, saved my life more than a few times; that, and the blind luck of not having been placed in an environment which would have caused my instant death.

On the planets that were hospitable, there were almost always wild, vicious monsters and beasts. If I have learned one thing being lost in space, it is that the universe is brutal and unforgiving. Innumerable battles and fights were engaged in. I was beaten, battered, and bloodied more than I have ever been in my entire life. More than a few times, I truly believed I would die. A part of me almost wished I did, so my nightmare would end. Everyday, though, I woke up. The morning air was on my long hair and beard, my body and bones ached, and my flesh was weary. I continued to fight, and I never gave up. No matter how many portals I had to take, I was going to find my way home. And now that I am on this new planet, which the S.S. Prism database files seem to call “The Stavro Dome”, all of my fighting and suffering over these grueling months of survival are finally going to pay off. Tomorrow, I set out with clear direction, for the first time in what seems like forever. I am going home.

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