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October 8, 2016











Mental Powers



Energy Projection

Tactical Skill



Power Rating: 1 – 100


Pathfinder has the ability to see every path of every portal simultaneously, to help guide travelers from The Stavro Dome. Pathfinder also possesses an array of cosmic enhancements, such as strength, speed, flight, durability, matter manipulation, telepathy, and telekinesis. Pathfinder carries a tall, black wooden staff.

My name was Captain Noble. I was a superhero who worked for the US government, before becoming lost at space. After being consumed by the universe, I am now Cosmic Noble, and this is an excerpt from my new journal.

Year 11, Day 312


It’s been a week since I discovered the S.S. Prism. I’ve been fully absorbing the luxuries it provides, while indulging in things I thought I would never experience again. Real food was in the kitchen area. I went from eating alien fruits and vegetables to chicken pot pie, cornbread, mashed potatoes, and rainbow sherbet for dessert. The feeling is indescribable! Though I did become accustomed to eating mystery meats from a wide array of monsters across the universe, I in no way ever came to favor them. Potato chips, candy bars, ice cream, all are at my disposal, and immediately reestablished themselves as king of the food world. This is not to mention the rations stored on the ship, meant to last the entire crew for their return home. Food is plentiful, for the first time in ages!

Another luxury has been the showers. Running water is by far the greatest underrated amenity to ever exist! I think my first few days on the S.S. Prism, I spent 75% of each day just standing under a steady stream of hot water. It was too bad I couldn’t find any hair clippers or razors to clean up all the way, but at least I had soap. I lathered myself repeatedly, and scrubbed as if all the new scars I acquired during my galactic travels were going to come off. For months, I had to bathe in cold streams, rivers, and lakes, with the utmost haste, not knowing if some predator would swim up and drag me to the depths of the water, or if some parasites would invade my body. Speaking of…

HEIGHT: 8’0″
WEIGHT: 351 lbs.
SKIN: Dark gray
EYES: Black

The medical ward of the S.S. Prism has been a great luxury as well. The advanced healing chamber has enabled me to fully recuperate my body. A part of that was eliminating a parasite I contracted somewhere along the way. It was a symbiote microbe, which integrated itself into my skin, and adapted to my anatomy. My healing factor did not kill it, because the microbe became a harmonious part of my anatomical system, so even though it drained me of energy and nutrients, it never registered as a threat to my body. I watched as the microbe slowly spread across my body like a rash, but there was nothing I could do. The advanced healing chamber, though, was able to target the microbe, using laser technology to send atomic microwaves through my skin that disintegrated it on a molecular level. One night in the chamber, and I was microbe free, thank God.

In addition to the above luxuries, movies and music have helped ease my soul. The crew must have been real old school fans, as the films were all from the late 1900s. I immediately went for the comedies, and though I laughed my ass off, I still didn’t feel satisfied. So, I chose two hardcore action films, that spoke to my very soul: “Predator” and “Aliens”.

Those two movies had me releasing everything pent up inside. I was talking to the screen as if Arnold and Sigourney could hear me. I was relating to them, telling them how I battled this monster on this planet, or another sentient hunter on that planet, as their faces were frozen on the screen after I paused the movies to go get more popcorn and juice. I lost myself in sci-fi classics, and it felt good.

I watched both of the movies on repeat for at least two days straight. Then, I began to realize the experience of watching them was cathartic for me. They helped me release all my rage, stress, sorrow, and even joy, that I was holding inside from having to adapt to the extreme circumstances I endured, while holding my normal, stable self at bay. I had become a savage while lost in the galaxy. The normalcy and comfort of the S.S. Prism was balancing me out, and as this realization overwhelmed me, as I slowly returned to the man I knew, I began sobbing uncontrollably. No person should ever have to endure what I did. Yet, it happened. I understood that I was winning, though; I survived, and I was able to push forward to the finish line stronger than ever. So, after my emotional release and soul cleansing cry, I began planning my venture back into The Stavro Dome.

I went to the bridge, to begin studying the data to formulate my game-plan on getting home, and when I tried to bring the system up online, I saw an icon that said “Captain’s Music”. Curious, I tapped the icon, and pressed play. Apparently, he was a Marvin Gaye fan, as “Let’s Get It On” began playing over the speakers. Looks like someone on the crew was enjoying long nights on the ship’s bridge with their commanding officer. The soothing instrumentals and Marvin’s silky voice was exactly what I needed, as I sang, “Theeeeeere’s nothing wrong with me loving yooooou!”, while reviewing all the files in the S.S. Prism database. It gave me a sense of calm. It also gave me extra motivation to get home. Being lost in space for over 7 months can get quite “lonely”, if you know what I mean.

In any case, as Marvin’s songs played in the background, I committed the path to the exit portal to memory. Then, I calculated my journey to the portal on the next planet, and memorized that as well. Next, I packed enough rations to last me the whole trip in a NASA bag, along with medical supplies, a handheld navigation system, and water. I implanted the recording device in my wrist, like the last one I had, ate one more epic meal, and then I put my monster hide cloak on, grabbed my bone staff, and set out for good, leaving the ship I grew to love behind forever.

As I traveled through The Stavro Dome, I was blown away by the sheer magnitude of it. The terrain was incredibly vast. Red sands and mountains stretched, for as long as the eye could see. The sky above me was pitch black, and absolutely filled to the brim with stars and planets. The most noticeable thing was the complete silence. There was not a soul in sight. The conditions were perfect, as not the slightest breeze occurred. All was still and tranquil. Each step I took in the sand was the only thing I could hear. So, I traveled the course I plotted without interruption. That was, until I came across someone… or something.

What emerged before me was huge. It was about 8 feet in height, and carried some mass to it. The creature wore a hooded robe, and carried a black staff. Only a part of its face was visible. I could see its black eyes peering at me. The being had an ominous aura, it exuded incredible power, and I knew instantly I was in the presence of something unlike anything I had ever experienced.

Its long, slender fingers moved to reveal more of its face. It looked like a man, but it also didn’t. I could not decipher if I was looking at a humanoid species, or something unknown to all mankind. What I would soon learn was it was the latter, as the being spoke in an enchanting voice. He told me his name is Pathfinder, and he was born of the supreme celestial being. Next, he said he is responsible for monitoring all those traveling through space and time, over every dimension in the entire universe. He is able to see each portal, each plane of existence, each dimension, each galaxy, etc., in the entire universe simultaneously. Normally, I would not believe claims of such a nature, but the energy Pathfinder exuded was overwhelming. I had never witnessed a being like him. Thus, I believed what he said, and I showed him the respect a celestial deserves.

After introducing myself in a humbling manner, Pathfinder informed me he had been keeping a keen eye on my excursion through space. With a slow circle of his staff, he manifested crystal clear visions of my journey through every portal on every planet, since I was separated from Shuttershock at the hands of Fata Morgana. He showed me moments of my time in space, exactly how they transpired. Then, Pathfinder pointed to the sky above us. As I looked up, he raised his staff to the heavens, and manipulated the cosmos. He shifted and reorganized the stars and planets, drawing my cosmic quest in the sky. He pointed to the beginning, which was Earth, and showed me exactly where in the universe I had traveled with each portal, as he moved the galaxies before us. Eventually, he brought the sky back to its original form, and explained how I was now at The Stavro Dome, which he called “Stavrodomi”. It is the exact center of the universe. From here, Pathfinder explained, any portal can be accessed, to travel to any place in existence in any dimension. Finally, he showed me the planet that I needed to go to, which housed the portal that can take me back to Earth.

Seeing all of this, and realizing Pathfinder knew I sought my way back to Earth, filled me with joy. I thought about how a celestial in control of travel throughout the universe knew all about my journey and where I wished to go, and that meant he could almost certainly use his powers to send me straight home! However, this was not the case. Pathfinder merely was an overseer and guide. He was not allowed to aid in the interdimensional or intradimensional travels of any being. The only time he was able to act, was in the case of the universe potentially being unbalanced from the transference of cataclysmic cosmic energies through portals. Pathfinder told me, balance in the universe was imperative. His words made me think of the Zhibdean grandmaster, Hosho, and the ancient prophecy he shared with me. He also declared that balance was key. That was when I remembered my mission to defend Earth from the impending doom it could be facing. With a new sense of fervor to get home, I told Pathfinder if he could not send me to Earth, then I needed to be on my way. So, I thanked him, and began departing.

Pathfinder materialized out of thin air in front of me once more. He then said he could not interfere with the interdimensional and intradimensional paths I take, but he could help reduce the amount of traveling I had to do within The Stavro Dome. With another wave of his staff, a portal opened in front of us. He told me it was the same one I had been seeking, and it would take me to the planet with the portal to Earth. I thanked Pathfinder, we bowed to one another, and then I entered the portal, taking me one more step closer to home.

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