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October 11, 2016

284. UNUS






Born from one of the severed heads of the Leviathan ceature; Planet Friki


Swamp Creature


Mental Powers



Energy Projection

Tactical Skill



Power Rating: 1 – 100


The Unus creature is incredibly strong and durable. It can also spit a powerful acid.

My name was Captain Noble. I was a superhero who worked for the US government, before becoming lost at space. After being consumed by the universe, I am now Cosmic Noble, and this is an excerpt from my new journal.

Year 11, Day 317


Astor and I looked on, as the creature emerged from the giant severed Leviathan head. It oozed out, covered in a slimy substance that looked like a mixture of blood and fish guts. The creature was huge, standing at about the height of a basketball rim, and weighing well over 500 pounds. Its hands and feet were webbed, and its body was solid muscle. It looked like the swamp thing from old horror movies, except this monster carried nature’s perfect design. It was made to kill. It was a well-equipped predator, and as soon as it gathered its bearings and locked eye on us, it attacked.

Astor raised his shield, as the creature swiped at him with its claws. Its nails clashed against the metal with a loud, shrieking, scratching noise. Astor retaliated with a series of swipes with his sword. The monster was too agile, though, jumping out of the way. It was incredibly proficient at combat for just being born. My guess was, all of the experience and knowledge the Leviathan gained over its lifetime, hunting and fighting other creatures, was transferred to the offspring creature.

HEIGHT: 10’1″
WEIGHT: 642 lbs.
SKIN: Green with brown scales
EYES: Yellow with black snake-like pupils

The two of them went back and forth for some time. I could tell Astor was out of practice from being cooped up in his home, and not having had any training in a long time. Though he held the advantage over the creature physically and mentally, he could not execute the way he wanted to. His mind was still sharp, and he knew what he wanted to do, but his body just could not perform the desired maneuvers with the acumen he wished to employ. Yet, he was still impressive. I could tell Astor would make a remarkable warrior if he were 100% healthy and in form.

As Astor battled the bipedal monster, I flew in to help. Taking turns, we struck with our weapons. My bone staff landed a few times, knocking the creature over, but he would bounce back up immediately, reprising its attack mode. I noticed the body of the offspring creature was beyond durable, as was my monster hide cape. It did not damage easily, making it difficult to kill. Combine this fact with the one that Leviathan had emerged further out of the swamp, and closed the gap on us, not allowing us to tag-team the offspring creature, and we were in for quite a battle.

When Leviathan started attacking again, I fended it off, as Astor relocated out of range of the heads once more. The offspring creature followed him, and continued to attack. I dodged and ducked Leviathan while flying, as Astor combated the bipedal monster. He was landing strikes with his blade and effectively defending, but the damage was insignificant, and the offspring creature was relentless. Then, Astor landed a critical blow, cutting open a large gash on its back. The offspring creature roared in anger, before doing something we did not expect at all.

After it was finished screaming in anger, it cocked its head slightly back, and spit a large stream of acidic venom. Astor was caught off-guard, but raised his shield just in time. The venom began withering away the metal, so Astor thought quickly, leapt back towards to the bog, and splashed it in the water. It was a wild guess, but luckily the bog water neutralized the acid. Astor did it again to add one more coat of the semi-slimy water to his shield, and immediately started blocking more venomous spit attacks. I flew in to try and land a surprise blow on the creature, but it used its quickness to evade me, and spit acid in my direction. A splash landed on my arm, so I quickly darted through the air and dipped it in the bog water. With an open wound, I could have infected myself further by doing so, but it was to stave off possible infection or let my arm melt off, and the choice was clear.

I continued to fend off Leviathan, while Astor navigated a combo of acid attacks and melee strikes. It did not matter how many times I belted Leviathan’s heads with my bone staff, it would not stop. I began growing weary of our strategy, and began thinking we may need a new one. That was, until Astor struck the ultimate blow, and cut off the arm of the offspring creature. With it mortally debilitated, all there was left was to finish it. Thus, Astor swiped his sword, and lopped off its head. Upon sight of the small victory, I nodded to Astor. However, Leviathan was attacking again!

Astor screamed for me to move, and as I darted to the side, I witnessed the attacking head fly by me. I immediately pushed forward and whammed it with my bone staff, sending it flying downward. Astor reacted lightning quick, and launched himself into the air. With a twist, he avoided the chomping head, and unleashed a hellacious attack. His sword sliced through the neck of the Leviathan head, and dropped it to the ground. Two heads had been cut off! A moment passed as we looked on, and the massive creature roared in pain. I prayed we severed the right one. Alas, a limb emerged from the head, and we both knew the fight was not over yet.

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