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October 13, 2016

286. TRES






Born from one of the severed heads of the Leviathan creature; Planet Friki


Swamp Creature


Mental Powers



Energy Projection

Tactical Skill



Power Rating: 1 – 100


The Tres Monster has incredible strength and durability. Its spikes aretoxic, and cause hallucinations and severe sensory disorientation.

My name was Captain Noble. I was a superhero who worked for the US government, before becoming lost at space. After being consumed by the universe, I am now Cosmic Noble, and this is an excerpt from my new journal.

Year 11, Day 317


The third creature emerged from the severed head, and was much larger than the last. It was also much more muscular. Astor backed up a few steps, as the new monster fully unfurled itself and stretched out. The sheer size of it was massive. I looked down at the difference in stature between the two, and contemplated going to help, but I remembered Astor handily defeated the last two, and was growing stronger in his fighting abilities, so I did not intercede. Besides, Leviathan was still coming for me.

There were 10 heads remaining, and all of them were hell-bent on killing me. They snapped in every direction, and attacked with a sense of urgency. We were winning the battle, and the Leviathan knew it. Therefore, the strikes were much more frequent and emphatic. I continued to use my bone staff to smash the heads, and knock them back. A few times they knocked it from my grasp, but I was able to fly and retrieve it before they could break it. One of the times they disarmed me, I picked up the staff from the ground, and decided to move in on the body. I had not attacked it yet, and figured it would be worth a go, to see if that would make a difference, as it does in boxing. I bludgeoned the Leviathan’s torso with crushing blows. It did not one thing, though. I was beating its chest and abdomen like a drum, and it continued to attack with the heads as ferociously as it did before. So, I flew out of the danger zone and regrouped, for being trapped next to the body was deadly.

HEIGHT: 10’1″
WEIGHT: 1,094 lbs.
SKIN: Red with black accents; small black spikes all over body
EYES: Yellow with black snake-like pupils

Astor, meanwhile, was defending against a powerful onslaught of melee attacks. The third monster was much stronger than the others (Unus and Duo). Each time Astor blocked, he was dropped to a knee, or thrust back into the ground a few feet from the force of the strikes. He was not reeling in any way, but the strength of the creature was unlike anything Astor had come up against in a long time. He needed to adjust, and when he did, he was able to guess which attacks he could block, parry, and had to avoid all together. This enabled him to land strikes of his own. He sliced the new monster, and was able to smash him with his shield as well. It looked as if Astor was about to kill another offspring creature – until something terrible happened.

The new monster ran in to smother Astor, and the vampire sliced him across his torso three times. However, the creature was able to hit the shield to the side, and use his other hand to attack. Astor ducked the strike, and thrust into the monster with a shoulder bump. Alas, in doing so, he came into contact with the black spikes on the new monster’s skin, and immediately fell to the ground. Astor wobbled to his feet again, looking disoriented and out of sorts. He continued to block the creature’s attacks, but I could tell something was wrong. I rushed in while the new monster pressed forward, sensing Astor was fading. It was clubbing his shield into him, as the vampire was collapsing to the ground inch by inch. I swooped down just before it pounded Astor into oblivion, and smacked it with my bone staff. The giant creature fell over, and I stood, guarding my companion.

As I looked down, Astor’s eyes were wide open, and he was shaking uncontrollably. How he was still defending himself under such conditions was incomprehensible. The vampire couldn’t even move. His entire body was in shock, and he was muttering nonsense. That was when I realized the spikes on the new monster must be laced with some kind of poison or hallucinogen. Then, I felt the ground shake from the new monster charging again. Without hesitation, I grabbed Astor’s shield, and turned to defend myself. The creature’s claws clashed against the shield, and I felt as if I were being hit by a car. It had crippling strength. Nevertheless, I had to defeat it quickly. Leviathan was also moving closer.

I used my own super strength and flying ability to launch myself into the new monster. The impact of my upwards-diagonal thrust launched the creature into the air. From there, I threw the sword into the creature’s neck as it ascended. Then, I levitated as fast as I could, and used my bone staff to hit the handle of the lodged weapon. This caused the sword to spin around, cutting the new monster’s head off. All of this was done before the creature hit the ground. At the same time, Leviathan was in range to attack once more. I descended, picked up Astor’s sword again, and rushed towards the massive monster. Knocking heads back one by one, I tried to track all 10, to make sure I knew where potential attacks could come from. Then I noticed one was moving in to kill Astor!

The vampire was paralyzed on the ground, helpless. Fortunately, I was able to ram the head with the shield just in time, and the head slammed into the ground instead. The monster was stunned from the impact, and I did not waste time to capitalize on the situation. I ran forward as fast as I could, and swiped the sword from the back of the monster’s neck, all the way through to the front. Another head was severed. Leviathan roared in pain and stumbled back, while the rest of the heads were raised in the air. Next, I retreated by Astor to protect him. He was still shaking, and his limbs were flailing wildly. I tried to hold him still, while watching the monster’s head. Astor was moving too much, though, and I had to let him go. I then I noticed the severed head began spewing acid slime everywhere. The fight was not over, and it was down to just me now.

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