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November 4, 2016





Supreme Entity; Supreme Being


Mysteriously formed at the beginning of time




Mental Powers



Energy Projection

Tactical Skill



Power Rating: 1 – 100


Armonia possesses absolute power. She rules over everything past, present and future, as goddess of the universe. She is immortal. She can create life from nothing instantaneously with a mere thought, and she can make anything cease to exist instantaneously with a mere thought. She can manipulate all matter. She can morph into anything in existence. She is omnipotent.


When the universe was first formed, an all-powerful, supreme being was created to rule over all. The goddess’ name was Armonia, and she was to be connected to all things past, present, and future. She was immortal, and her sole purpose was to maintain balance of everything in existence. She was said to be able to appear in numerous forms: as blue crystal air, a humanoid woman, an enormous blue mega star, hot enough to evaporate entire galaxies at once, or any alien species in existence. Alas, if Armonia was engaged by a being, she would always be in doppelganger form, and nobody would ever know her true form. For eons, Armonia roamed the universe creating life and destroying it at will, passing immediate judgment on those creations deemed unbalanced with their purpose and destiny. Then in a single moment, Armonia realized something that would reshape the fate of the cosmos forever.

Intuitively, the supreme being realized it was impossible for one singular entity to be in harmonic balance, and another god or goddess must be created. However, she did not have the power to create anything equal to herself. Thus, she split half of her spirit – the spirit of the universe – into three stars, called the “triplos asteri”. They were then spread out across the universe, and hidden.

HEIGHT: 7’0″ in human form; Exists in various forms
WEIGHT: 265 lbs. in human form; exists in various forms
SKIN: Glistening chrome
HAIR: Black (when in humanoid form)
EYES: Diamond

If a being was able to find them and unlock them by solving an ancient celestial mystery, Armonia would present herself to that being. Next, Armonia would ask the Inquiry of Cosmic Wisdom; a question at the heart of the meaning behind all life. If the being answers incorrectly, they evaporate, and their essence is blended into the universe forever, for no being can see the supreme entity and live. However, if they answer correctly, that meant the being would have fulfilled the “Prophecy of Sympan”, and Armonia would grant the being the right to rule at her side for eternity as her equal, with all the powers of the universe.

As a method of protection of the triplos asteri to ensure they weren’t destroyed by cosmic events, Armonia created celestial creatures called “eternals”. Major General Delilah Fray of the Galaxia Kyklos Force was one of these eternals,and billions of years prior she had been specifically tasked with guarding the star which rested deep beneath the Earth’s surface.

However, after several centuries of living as a human on Earth, Delilah was summoned to the Stavro Dome by fellow celestial Pathfinder, who informed her that the triplos were being sought after by the tyrannical emperor of the Tromkratesian alien race, Emperor Kako. Delilah set out to find and destroy Kako, but after going undercover, infiltrating the planet Tromokrate, and seducing the tyrant into marrying her, Delilah was discovered to be a spy. Kako, who, she discovered, had already obtained two of the triplos asteri, attempted to execute her. But she was able to fight himoff, and barely escaped with her life.

After recovering from her ordeal and informing the rest the GKF of what she had discovered, Delilah led an armada of battleship toward Earth, in order to protect the third triplos – for there was evidence to suggest the Tromokratesians were on their way to retrieve it. During her journey, Delilah came across Captain Noble – the mighty earth-born hero, who had been lost in space. She encountered him on the planet Friki, and after assisting Astor Rathegalia in the overthrow of the evil Lord Asotos Yios, who had become the world’s dictator, Delilah and Captain Noble used a portal on planet Friki to transport back to Earth, as Delilah’s ships continued the journey through space.

Captain Noble had previously been made privy to an impending doom that would befall Earth and the rest of the universe, and after speaking with Delilah, he was sure that the triplos asteri was at the center of his mission as well. Upon arriving on Earth through the portal, the two of them immediately journeyed to the Pentagon in Washington D.C., where Noble could reconnect with his superiors and inform the president, the world’s military meetings, and hopefully a willing contingent of hyper-beings of the imminent threat centered around the triplos asteri, Emperor Kako, and Armonia.

In Washington D.C., everyone was flabbergasted to see Captain Noble. As he had disappeared nearly a year prior, during an encounter with the wormhole witch Fata Dracaena, the world was under the impression the hero of heroes was dead. Yet, there he was, with his long, barbarian hair and grizzly beard. He displayed the wear of a man who had been through a million lifetimes in one. And when they expressed all of this, he replied he was sorry to disappoint the global population, but he was back, and he demanded to speak to President Enid Remington, General Hank Garrison, and all the top officials of the US government at once. The Pentagon employees immediately picked up the phone, and began making calls. Noble and Delilah, meanwhile, were escorted to a situation room.

After a couple of hours, all the key players were present. The POTUS, Vice President Larry Mitchell, the General, the Secretary of Defense, and all other personnel with top level clearance. They shook Captain Noble’s hand, and awed over his return. They also were introduced to Delilah, and she answered a few questions, giving just enough information to let them know she was an extremely important individual and a member of Earth’s ally, the GKF, while not revealing the full extent of her celestial origins.

Then, the Alpha Initiative walked in.

When Lt. Rashard Bonds saw Captain Noble, he called his name out. The returned hero immediately parted the crowd, and went towards Lou. The two embraced firmly, and laughed a joyous laugh. Lou could not believe his eyes, and he told Captain Noble as soon as he heard of the hero’s return, he dropped everything and came immediately. Captain Noble expressed how good it was to see his old buddy. The two had grown close during their trials with Sir Vellichor and his library. And it was Noble who imparted the vision of a super team on Lou. The Captain had also been the first person to fill Lou in on everything concerning the ruthless villains Edgar Lockhart and Ramses Hondo, and their suspected connection.

After their greeting Captain Noble was filled in on everything he’d missed since his disappearance. Lou informed the returned hero all about Edgar Lockhart being exposed as supreme hyper-villain and all-round corrupt individual, thanks to the skills of the Iga Clan ninja, Interface, whom he introduced to the Captain. Lou then introduced Noble to the rest of the Alpha Initiative, rightfully referring to them as the manifestation of the Captain’s vision of a team of diverse heroes, who could come together to battle the most dangerous threats to the planet.

Black Jag, Musashi, Liberty Star and Orenda all shook the Captain’s hand, as Encore gave him a respectful nod from across the room. Lou then made heartfelt mention of their fallen brother-in-arms, Brolic. Captain Noble stepped back and gazed upon his dream come true. They were a powerful unit, and the returned hero could not help but be impressed. He placed his hand on Lou’s shoulder and, in a grateful tone, told the super soldier. A moment of silence came over the room for a moment, then Noble said the world was going to need the Alpha Initiative, and much more, for what was coming.

President Remington spoke up. She was beginning to grow impatient with the rehashing of what had occurred on Earth since Noble’s disappearance, as it included a number of transgressions by her and her administration. She demanded they move on to more important stuff, like who exactly was Armonia. Captain Noble looked at Lou, who simply shook his head, and then the hero commented that from what he just heard, she was the last person he wanted in the room, as actions and decisions over the last year were, at best, gross miscalculations that opened the door for Edgar Lockhart to make the world vulnerable to the impending danger drawing near, and at worst, totally and utterly complicit in a methodically calculated plan to give the world over to hyper-villains. When the POTUS began to chastisehim, Captain Noble spoke loudly, interrupting her to say that he could never trust anyone with such strong suspected ties to Edgar Lockhart. To that end, he refused to speak while she was present in the room.

This caused a mighty uproar, however, Delilah emitted a flash of cosmic light throughout the room, shocking everyone into silence. Those present began to realize she was not just a person with powers, but much, much more. Then, Captain Noble explained what was about to happen to their planet was much bigger than anything in the world. With her permission he revealed that Delilah, the celestial eternal – created at the beginning of time from the spirit of the universe – would explain why, but only once any suspected allies of the enemy left. Remington refused to leave, which was when Delilah said she could either go of her own will, or she could be forcefully removed by a celestial being. The POTUS, realizing even though she was a ghost orphan, she was way outmatched, reluctantly grabbed her things, and left the room with her people. Finally, the meeting started.

Captain Noble elaborated on his time lost in space, and Delilah gave details of her entire past leading up to her meeting Noble on Friki. Upon hearing all of this, General Hank Garrison was curious for her to expand on her mention of the ultimate weapon of mass destruction General Kako was attempting to use. She began to elaborate on the origins of Armonia, and how the goddess, in all of her wisdom, had split a piece of her essence into the triplos asteri, with the mindset of preserving balance in the universe. Now, however, Emperor Kako had collected two of the triplos, and was on the verge of gathering the third, which meant he would gain ultimate power and be virtually unstoppable. Musashi asked why she and other eternals like herself, could not simply combine forces and stop Kako from completing his diabolical plan. Delilah retorted that while eternals had a number of very specific abilities, none of them possessed the sheer levels of destructive cosmic power that Kako had cultivated over the years. Furthermore, Armonia herself, despite her omniscience and omnipotence, did not permit herself to directly interfere in the course of history, and/or the paths of any of the multiverse timelines; she only worked to maintain cosmic balance. And although Kako’s mission was sinister and evil, at this point it did not threaten the overall balance of the multiverse.

Everyone in the room was stunned by what they heard. They never had the slightest notion throughout their lives that anything she told them could have been a reality. At that moment, though, Captain Noble snapped everyone out of deep contemplation, and back into the harsh reality they faced: Kako already had two triplos asteri, and was leading the enormous force of the Tromokratesian empire to Earth to wage war, and take the third.

Delilah said that Emperor Kako was one of the most ruthless, vile, unrelenting beings in the entire universe. She then told them he was possibly the most powerful and skilled. There was a reason why they called him the Father of Death, and Delilah attested to witnessing him in all of his cosmic tyrannical and indomitable glory. Furthermore, the reward of becoming the god of all things in existence with Armonia, the goddess of all things in existence as his soul mate, had made him even more dedicated to his quest.

Lou then asked how there had never been a cosmic resistance created to prevent anyone evil from finding the stars. Delilah then informed them of the “Sympan Treaty of Galaxies”: a society that formed an intergalactic political union to unlock the Prophecy of Sympan, by uniting all the star systems and galaxies under a commitment to unity, peace and protection, in order to not only maintain order throughout the universe, but to also obtain the triplos asteri, and deny any who sought to use them for evil. Nevertheless, no organization or militia has ever been great enough to stop the Tromokratesians from conquering star systems. And when Emperor Kako took the throne, he became obsessed with obtaining the triplos asteri, in order to become a god, and ascend the Tromokratesians to masters of the universe.

Encore then inquired how it was they could be so sure that Emperor Kako knew the answer to the Inquiry of Cosmic Wisdom. She said there could be a chance he answers Armonia incorrectly and evaporates, killing himself. Delilah replied nobody actually knew for sure if Kako knew the answer. However, she said that when one considered the fact the odds of finding three objects hidden throughout the entire universe were next to none, it was reasonable to guess that the being who had obtained two of them and was on the verge of collecting the third, could have uncovered the key to completing the entire process. Gen. Hank Garrison also added that strategically, it would not make sense for Emperor Kako to engage in intergalactic warfare on this scale, if he still needed that answer to finish his mission. The chance of relinquishing the two stars in his possession would be too great, and if he lost, his eternal quest would essentially be over. As a master of strategy, Gen. Garrison said the fact Emperor Kako was moving on Earth with the grandest force he can muster meant he was moving in for checkmate.

Lou asked Captain Noble and Delilah what they were up against, and how to prepare to defend their planet. Delilah answered, in short, they were up against the greatest military force in the universe, and the greatest warrior species. Liberty Star then inquired about the Tromokratesians, and the eternal divulged all the information she had from her years of undercover work. Lou remembered Edgar Lockhart’s space station. The Alpha Initiative had fought three Tromokratesian warriors during their attempt to free London Lockhart from the clutches of her diabolical brother.

The heroes sighed loudly, and realized that if one was a problem for multiple hyper-humans, and three in a row had created a dire situation for them, then a force of millions would most likely mean they were in for the greatest struggle of their lives. Delilah then reminded them the Galaxias Kyklos Force would be there to help them, and their numbers were just as great as the Tromokratesians. The GKF had soldiers from all over the galaxy, including some of the very best the star systems had to offer. This made everyone feel better. Yet, they knew the battle ahead was going to be beyond treacherous.

After a few more moments, everyone began to put their heads together to devise a plan. They deferred to Delilah for her expertise, and the remaining trusted government officials began making calls around the world to organize every country, their militaries, and to have the word put out to anyone with a hyper power that it was time to prepare to defend the world from total annihilation.

It was at that moment that General Garrison pulled Lou and Noble aside, and informed them that a dire situation had arisen that needed immediate attention and a swift resolution. It just so happened that Captain Noble and Lt. Rashard Bonds had reunited at the exact right time, for only the combined skills and knowledge of that particular pair could successfully complete the mission…

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