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November 6, 2016



Ioana Gabor


Crampoana; Romanian Rampage


Bucharest, Romania, Earth (Core Reality); Late 21st century


Hyper-human; female


Mental Powers



Energy Projection

Tactical Skill



Power Rating: 1 – 100


Crampoane’s skin is extremely durable, and can protrude tiny spikes on command that are very sharp and deadly. She also has extensive military training.


Ioana was born into a gypsy family in Bucharest, Romania. Growing up, she lived a rough life. Her 9 older brothers constantly messed with her. They fought with each other all the time, as siblings do. However, they also fought with everyone else. They were fiercely loyal and protective of one another, and would destroy anyone who tried to mess with their siblings. As such, Ioana often saw herself in numerous scraps growing up.

This was mostly the case in school, as other kids would pick on them for being gypsies. They were called thieves, dirty, ugly, and liars, amongst other things. Her brothers would mostly talk trash, until physically threatened or attacked. Ioana, however, was a loose cannon. She jumped at the first moment of tension, attacking with reckless abandon first, and asking questions later. And as she grew older, she grew bolder. The size of her opponents did not matter, either. When Ioana decided it was time to throw down, it was time to throw down!

HEIGHT: 5’9″
WEIGHT: 147 lbs.
SKIN: Light beige
HAIR: Black
EYES: Brown

Well, one day she attacked the wrong person. As her and some of her brothers were strolling through the streets of Bucharest, another group of kids saw them, and started pointing and saying all sorts of terrible things. The brothers yelled back, but Ioana immediately jumped into action. She threw herself into the group of kids like a cannonball, and knocked many over. When the rest grabbed her and stood her up, she pushed them off, reached back, and blasted the girl of the group in the face with a vicious punch, square on the nose. Instantly, blood began squirting everywhere. Her nose was shattered, and her cheek bones were broken, too. Everyone on the street, including the antagonistic kids, froze in horror. The girl screamed in pain, and Ioana started yelling that she bet the girl wouldn’t talk trash anymore. That’s when everything went south.

Within moments, a group of men in suits ran up and grabbed Ioana. Her brothers tried to intervene, but when they did, they were told by the suited men that they were security for the Macedonian ambassador. Ioana had assaulted the ambassador’s daughter in broad daylight, and then taunted her. It was not a good situation at all for the wild child.

As punishment, Ioana was forced to leave her family, and enter the military. It was there she thrived, though. Ioana was a natural when it came to combat. She also developed a hyper-ability while in the service. Her skin grew incredibly durable, and she was able to protrude small, sharp spikes from a multitude of places on her body. This made her very deadly during hand-to-hand combat. It also helped her ascend through the ranks, as she soon became a legend. Eventually, people started calling her “Crampoane” because of her gifts. She was also called the Romanian Rampage. Ioana was living the life. But then Cliché came calling.

Sir Vellichor was looking for hyper-humans with different powers, to try and defeat the dark Entity that was destroying the books in his library, and he thought Crampoane would be a great edition to combat the shadowy figures the entity was releasing. And that she was. She battled the shadow figures relentlessly, and was one of only two (out of over two dozen) hyper-beings who had not yet been consumed by the shadowy individuals. The other was a hyper-being from India, named Prati Bimb. The two ofthem, however, had not found each other, as they had been placed into separate books. That was, until Lt. Rashard Bonds and Captain Noble arrived in the Grand Library, and took charge of the situation.

The Entity had begun to meld the books of the library into one mass of darkness, which had the unintentional side effect of allowing the heroes to metaphysically travel between the books seamlessly, giving them a better chance at pinpointing and finding the location of the Entity’s origin. After Noble and Lou connected with Prati, they continued to fight their way through the dark Entity, by eliminating the shadow figures. Noble recalled his time battling alongside King Astor Rathegalia, and how his mastery of shadows through the Rathegalia blood power would have been useful in this their current situation. Unfortunately, the legendary vampire warrior was not available to help.

As the three battled their way through they books, they eventually ran into Crampoane. She was going crazy, slaughtering shadow figures with no regard for her own life – and she was having great success. Though she was getting hit, her skin was so tough that she was barely affected. This allowed her to run through attacks and dominate. Additionally, her spikes provided a naturally brutal offensive weapon.

Lou, Noble and Prati soon joined, taking down the remaining shadow figures, and helping Crampoane clear the area. Then, the Romanian Rampage turned on the heroes, not knowing if they were an additional threat or not. Lou quickly said they were there to help, so Crampoane lowered her guard, and asked them how long they had been there. Noble replied a few days, and Prati replied about 10 years. Crampoane then told Prati it sounded like they arrived the same time, but they actually had only been there about 10 days. Time moved much faster in the books, because the dark Entity was accelerating reality the more it spread. When Lou asked her how she knew, Crampoane answered she beat the info out of one of the shadow figures. Noble, Lou and Prati all looked at one another. They had not thought to try and torture a shadow figure for information. Apparently, Crampoane’s vicious streak paid off.

Then, the Romanian Rampage asked what powers they had, so she could assess their force as a unit. Lou at first began to object to her brash attitude, before realizing that she was clearly trained in tactical strategy. Furthermore, he found a take-charge attitude to be one of his most desired attributes in the people he fought alongside. He and Captain Noble then revealed who they were, causing Crampoane to do a quick double take, as she hadn’t realized she was standing in the presence of two of the mightiest and most celebrated warrior-heroes the world had ever seen. She knew exactly what their powers were.

She then turned to Prati, who mentioned her ability to precisely predict an individual’s movements before they make them. Crampoane then asked about her combat training. Prati said she did not learn to fight, until she was dropped inside a mystical martial arts training book in the Library. Her answer did not please Crampoane, but before she could express her dissatisfaction, Lou interrupted her by saying, Prati essentially received 10 years of training in a matter of 10 days, and that her skills were sufficient. Noble then added, instead of them comparing experience, they needed to figure out how to defeat the dark Entity. Crampoane told them to follow her, and she used the info she learned from the interrogation to point them in the right direction.

The foursome fought aggressively against more shadow figures, as the Romanian Rampage led them to the final book. It was completely dark, the pages were black, and the feeling surrounding them was utterly evil. They felt as if they were at the bottom of Hell. Lou asked where they were, and Crampoane answered, the original book, where the darkness started from. She said she initially tried to fight the shadow figures at the fringe, and push them back. There were too many, though. So, she decided to trace them back to their origin. Then the other three heroes found her. Nevertheless, they did not know what to do, now that they were at the center of the book. Then, a faint voice emerged from the darkness.

It was Aishwarya!

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