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November 9, 2016



Edgar Lockhart


Edgar Omega


Platinum City, USA, Earth (Core Reality); Late 21st century


Hyper-human; male


Mental Powers



Energy Projection

Tactical Skill



Power Rating: 1 – 100


Edgar Omega has incredibly potent telepathic, telekinetic and psionic powers. He is also insanely intelligent.


Edgar Lockhart and London Lockhart were twins born in Platinum City. As their telepathic powers developed, they did all they could to help provide for their family financially by hustling and running con games. However, this caused local mafia members take notice of them, and before long the bosses were asking questions. Scared, their parents sent the kids away to go live with their grandparents on the other side of the city. Yet, Edgar was not one to live the strict lifestyle his grandparents insisted on, so he ran away as a teenager and began hustling on his own, using his powers to make money. Over time, he was able to scheme his way into a lucrative life of crime, and secretly rise to the top of the criminal world as its most powerful and wealthy individual. Simultaneously, he funneled his money through legitimate businesses, also becoming the foremost wealthy and influential businessman in the world. His combined criminal mastermind and global business guru personae made him untouchable.

Meanwhile, London survived what can best be described as a familial homicide spree, and for a time led a normal life. Edgar, not wanting to have anything people could use as leverage against him, had his parents and grandparents killed. London, however, he couldn’t bring to the same fate. She was the only person he loved and the only person who understood him; the two were always there for each other. So he had her kidnapped and developed an elaborate system to imprison her, which included Tromokratesian technology and multiple locations, including a space station she could be transported to in case anyone ever came close to finding her.

HEIGHT: 6’0″
WEIGHT: 180 lbs.
SKIN: Beige white
HAIR: Black
EYES: Green

When damning information leaked exposing Edgar, though, the world was turned on its head as they realized the most powerful, wealthy and influential man on the planet was also the planet’s worst enemy. This caused the superhero group, the Alpha Initiative, to set out to take him down. Edgar went on the run to evade capture, while also setting all of his complicated and elaborate contingency plans into motion. This caused countries’ economies to crash, innumerable businesses to go under, and several world leaders and politicians to be assassinated by his elite team of sharpshooters – the Lockhart Force. Several world leaders and politicians were also arrested or forced to resign, due to having fostered close ties with Edgar. Meanwhile, the Alpha Initiative continued to pursue him. Yet, they were not after his money or businesses. They were after London. Their plan was to use her as leverage against Edgar.

A wild quest took the superheroes and a contingent of SEALs all over the planet, and then to the space station. In the ensuing battles, many on both sides were lost, and in the aftermath the Alpha Initiative unknowingly unleashed London Omega – a supreme hyper-cog with incredible telepathic, telekinetic and psionic powers. She eventually was able to evade the Alpha Initiative, and when she returned to Earth she reigned terror on people across the globe. That was, until Edgar was able to track her down along with the master mercenary and arms dealer Ramses “The Pharaoh” Hondo. After trapping London once more, they set off in their alien-hybrid plane and headed for their secret base of operations.

While in the plane, London was contained inside an Ebb-field, which muted her powers. She was enraged, demanding she be released as she would never go back into another containment unit to be held captive. Edgar then finally apologized to her, for the first time since he had ran away from home, telling London he could never undo what he had done, but he wanted to begin to do right by her by bringing her in on the grand master plan he and Ramses had been working on for years. Curious, London decided to listen.

Ramses explained that many years ago he had discovered a device in his native country of Egypt, which enabled him to come into contact with an advanced, superior race called the Tromokratesians. It was then he met their leader, Emperor Kako, and learned of his plans to travel to Earth to obtain the third triplos asteri – three stars, housing half of the universe’s spirit in them. The emperor had already obtained two and learned how to unlock them, and he was closing in on discovering the answer to the Inquiry of Cosmic Wisdom that would be presented to him by the goddess Armonia, before he could take the position of god alongside her.

In the interim, he wanted Ramses to use every resource he had to begin the process of digging out the triplos asteri, which was located in the core of the planet. Emperor Kako imbued Ramses with great power by splicing his human DNA with that of his own Tromokratesian genome – the greatest of all Tromokratesians in existence. He then showed Ramses all the secrets of Tromokratesian technology, equipped him with the means to create hybrid tech back on Earth, as well as sending an emissary named Ligselzus to help him along the way and act as an intermediary, in case Ramses needed anything from him or their intergalactic empire. Emperor Kako also gave Ramses Tromokratesian DNA to upgrade a handful of his soldiers.

Ramses continued to explain that when he returned, he spliced the DNA of his most trusted, loyal soldiers with the Tromokratesian DNA. Then, he began manufacturing alien-hybrid weapons to sell on the black market. With the billions he was piling up, he next recruited all the mercenary groups and top soldiers-for-hire across the globe. From there, he formed a partnership with the wealthiest, most powerful and influential man in the world, Edgar Lockhart. After the two secretly combined forces, they became unstoppable. They had the money, infrastructures, muscle, and technology to achieve Emperor Kako’s plan. Soon after, Edgar used his global political connections to purchase the entire North Pole in a massive under-the-table deal. He told everyone he was looking to mine a new, rare mineral that could power the planet and make everyone insanely rich in the process. Driven by greed, the world leaders pushed Edgar’s request through right away.

After the deal was complete, The Pharaoh moved significant forces into the area, while Edgar allocated massive amounts of drilling and excavating equipment, along with personnel, to begin opening up the planet. The technology used was a combination of that of Tromokratesian, and the advanced artificial intelligence from Universal Intelligence that was powered by telepathic, telekinetic, and psionic brain cells harvested from the world’s most powerful hypercogs. This enabled them to safely open a massive hole in Earth, in an effort to obtain the final triplos asteri. After many years, the advanced equipment eventually reached the core, and the hypercog-based AI used the telekinetic and psionic energy to power a force-field system that absorbed all the friction,tremors, and quakes caused by the drilling, as well as helping hold the planet together. This kept the global community in the dark about their activity.

Edgar then revealed that Emperor Kako was on his way, and would be arriving very soon. He had solved the Inquiry of Cosmic Wisdom, and it was time for him to be imbued with the power of the universe and become a god to reign over all in existence alongside Armonia, the supreme being who currently ruled solo. London asked why they were telling her everything, and Edgar explained that after Emperor Kako became a god, Ramses would be named emperor of Earth. That meant Edgar would be able to do whatever he wanted, and what he wanted to do more than anything was to rule the world alongside his sister. London, who was also driven by the desire to conquer everything, became intrigued. A few hours later, the plane landed. As they all exited, London was moved in the Ebb-field, and they all stood over a magnificent sight that blew London’s mind. They were looking down at the exposed core of the Earth. The fiery molten scene was breathtaking, and in the middle of the core was a small, bright star. It was the triplos asteri.

London said she had never seen anything so beautiful. Edgar agreed, and then told her all they needed to do was extract it. However, while their tech helped keep the planet intact and the core in place, there was a celestial energy engulfing the star that they were not able to penetrate. The hypercog-based AI tech they used during the entire process to power the drills and force-field systems was not powerful enough to break through.

London then closed her eyes and zoned out. Edgar and Ramses looked pensive as they tried to decipher what she was doing. Then, she opened her eyes and said to them that her powers could penetrate the celestial energy, but the process would take some time and would most likely not be finished before the arrival of Emperor Kako.

However, she said if there were another like her, the two of them could get it done in half the time. Ramses looked at Edgar, as did London. She then told them to release her so she could increase Edgar’s powers to equal hers, and together they could extract the star. He was her twin; an exact meta-genetic match with the same potential. Edgar was hesitant, and expressed that London could just kill him and everyone there, if they let her out. Ramses replied that if they did not have the triplos asteri by the time Emperor Kako arrived, his disappointment could possibly lead to their deaths anyway. The two had nothing to lose, so Edgar commanded to have the Ebb-field turned off.

When London was free, she slowly walked towards Edgar. He stepped back a bit, but she pulled him in closer. Ramses stepped back as well, preparing to flee if London decided to turn on them. However, she did not attack. She merely stared into Edgar’s eyes and told her brother how much she was going to enjoy what was to follow, as the process of increasing his powers was going to be excruciatingly painful for him.

Then, she unleashed waves of telepathic, telekinetic, and psionic energy into his brain, shifting it and changing it to be identical to hers and increasing his power levels. What took over a decade for her to achieve incrementally, she forced Edgar to endure in minutes. He screamed in pain – the blood curdling noise of his agony terrified Ramses. At one moment, The Pharaoh was sure London was killing Edgar, as he witnessed his partner’s entire appearance change. But that was not the case, as she soon released him from her hold. Edgar fell to his knees, clutching his head and writhing in pain. London looked down on him with a sinister smile. For many more minutes, Edgar lay on the ground, yelling out. Eventually his cries subsided, and when they did London told him to rise.

Edgar slowly stood to his feet, and he exuded an aura of massive power, as London did in the space station labyrinth when she first displayed her new power level. He looked around at the surroundings as if he had been asleep for ages. Then he locked eyes with London, and the two of them linked telepathically. Their entire lives flashed before their eyes in unison as their streams of consciousness were intertwined. Edgar, seeing and feeling the trauma he caused London all those years she was held prisoner, apologized again to her. She placed her hand on his face and sincerely forgave him, and then she said he could make it up to her by helping extract the star, so she could rule the world alongside him and Ramses. The Pharaoh chuckled slightly in an evil tone before expressing how much he loved family reunions.

At that moment, Edgar Omega was born!

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